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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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To 7:25 p.m.:

Utah values stay in Utah; California values stay in California.....California money goes somewhere outside of Utah....Branding of Utah as very intolerant and with a busybody obsession with what others do.....Make Utah very unhip and uncool....Go to Vail, stay in California....

Just a matter of time

Pro-gay judges will fill the courts of our land and they will rule against your Church for "discrimination". You "religious nuts" will lose your freedom of religion! Doesn't matter what the voters say with their intitiatives. Judges who legislate from the benches are running this country now and in the future.You will be forced to preform same sex marriages or go extinct! Other more "enlightend" churches have already caught on. When will you?

Maria Sanchez

I'm a Mormon and grateful that my Church would stand up for marriage as a sacred institution between a man and a woman. It strikes me funny that the gay community are beating their chests trying to make a lot of noise. I was proud to have people of all faiths join in on this issue. It wasn't just Mormons. Anyway, the protests really weren't that substantive. I saw the LA protests. The news reported anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000. Laughable. By my own estimate they had about 800 at the height of their protest. I would think they could do better than that. I actually like the attention the church is getting. I think it unifies the decent people of the world. So a message to the California and Utah protesters - can you get more people out please so our church will get more media attention. Our young missionaries could use the help.

If our Church

is made up of such bigotry, I wonder if it really is the true church? My testimony has always been about how God loves each of us and how we are all part of His family. As our Church as shown such disdane for part of Gods creation, I am sure that many believers are going to move on and worship somewhere else. I for one will be asking for my name and my families names to be taken off of the official records, because I want nothing to do with an organization who deals in hate.


Please read the Proclamation on the Family. We believe it IS from JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF.


MaKayla, would you marry me?

Re: aaron

go down to watch the protestors a while, you will see who the real haters are!


So much is said about "rights". Aren't people with same-gender attraction entitled to marry someone of the opposite gender? Aren't people with opposite-gender attraction prohibited from legally marrying someone of the same gender? Of course, the argument that people with same-gender attraction should be granted civil rights class status has been repeated so often that many believe it's true. But that is still a stretch for most people. We expect people with other compulsions (tendency toward pedophilia, for example) to control their urges. Why shouldn't people with same-gender attraction be expected to exercise restraint? I believe that what this really boils down to is that some people want to somehow legitimize wrong behavior by forcing the rest of us to enshrine it into (marriage) law. Even if that happens, such behavior will still be wrong. As President Kimball once said (paraphrasing), "Even if the whole world believed that homosexual relations were right, it would still be wrong."

Will defend my freedom

Robert Johnson,

"The mormon church help fund a campaign based on lies and deceit."

Kind of like the video of Mormon missionaries going into a gay couples house, confiscating their rings and tearing up their marriage certificate. Give me one single incident that this occurred or prove to everyone that those who support same-sex marriage are liars.

"I hope all the mormons who contributed are proud that their money promulgated blatant lies. I know that Christ would be proud that a people who claim to take his name engaged in such a deceptive and despicable campaign."

I'm sure he would be proud of you calling us liars for voting and for taking part in the political arena. I'm sure that is exactly what he would do. I'm also sure he would to to places of worship and terrorize those who want to worship in peace like the tyrants did tonight in Salt Lake City and the other day in Los Angeles.

I hope you are happy with yourself because its obvious that you don't know any shame and don't have a problem using Christ as a weapon against all who defy your tyranny. Give us liberty or give us death.



The more you hate and persecute us for doing what is right and legal under the Constitution, the more we're going to grow in numbers and strength and LOVE towards you!

You oppose yourselves and know it not.

John Pack Lambert

To the 7:20 poster,
You seem to be ignorant of Sonia Johnson and the pro-ERA protestors, as well as the protests for Thomas Murphy.
There is nothing new here, there are many past protests. The rhetoric of the people attacking the church on Prop 8 can be traced through a long history of vitriol in anti-Mormon website.
I wish we would be more civil in our statements. However, when saying "homosexuality is a sin" gets you denounced as uncivil, it becomes hard to speak the truth and still be civil.


Hate = Mormon + Ignorance / False Teachings




I Want My Rights Too:

They're not special rights. They're equal rights. Read a book.

Boycotting Utah? from TX

Let's see- we are having a economic downturn. Most people will stay home or in their community instead of traveling. Oh man oh man! Utahans, you have the slopes, the restauarants, the concerts, games, and all of the beauty of the Rockies! Oh Baby Cakes, are you going to have a banner year of money making and enjoyment like no where else. I am sooo envious. And the public areas will be filled with good people of sound values. Oh please- please can I come and partake of your miserable existance without the gay pride and elistist boycotting you. We will "suffer" together on the slopes in white soft powder.

Clark Roger Larsen

I'm looking at Aaron's comment and wondering to myself, "Has he ever met me? Has he ever met my wife or my parents or my siblings?"

Isn't tolerance and understanding supposed to be a two-way street? Or is that not politically correct? Isn't ignorance something any person can be guilty of, or is it okay for some people to be ignorant, based on what is and isn't politcally correct?

Aaron, If you were my co-worker or neighbor, I would want to go to know you. I would want to be your friend, and even if you didn't think much of my religion, that's okay. Because true understanding and love comes from reaching out to those different from yourself.

We may disagree about same-sex marriage, Aaron. But I think we can agree that mutual respect and understanding is something everyone must strive towards, while ignorance must ALWAYS be shunned.

I pray that all protests, either for or against Prop 8, can be preaceful, orderly, and give people the chance to ask themselves, "What can I do to better reach out, in love and understanding, to those who diagree with me?"

Law of Chastity

Do you know that if people would live the law of chastity, there would be no STD's, almost no poverty, and very little crime? Why don't we all just obey God and save ourselves and others so much misery? If I(the weakest of all who can be called saints) can do it, so can you! Our real enemy is disobedience, not each other.

To protesters and LDS members

To those protesting and supporting gay marriage: The LDS church and other religious entities are speaking out according to their beliefs in what they feel is moral and just for society and before God. They are not targeting the value or worth of a human life, as was the case during the civil right movement. They have repeatedly stated that we are to love and honor every person as a human being. They are speaking out against an issue that they feel is based on morality, not on humanity.

To the members (not leaders) of the LDS church (of which I am a supporting member): We can support our leaders and stand up for our beliefs without slinging scriptural references directed at those opposing our beliefs. We can civilly respect the gay community's beliefs and offer them the same decency that we are hoping for, even if we differ in the content of those beliefs. Nobody likes to be preached to or told they are evil. Although I oppose the practice, I know of many gay people who are good, decent people in this world. We can extend great love and still follow our convictions.

Anti-PC Infidel

>stand up for our rights

What? You have the right to change the meaning of a word that billions of people have used in a specific way for thousands of years? WOW! You're pretty special!

No Worries

This will bring far more people to the LDS faith. If gays were marching on the Catholic Church I would be for the Catholics.

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