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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Could it be SATAN. But true.

Re: Economic boycott

That is funny! You lost the election initiative and you think there are people who will not come to Utah to ski because of it! Probably just the opposite will happen.

To Bodymek | 6:26

How DARE YOU discriminate against me because I'm not an adult. Or of sound mind. How DARE YOU! It's NONE of your business who anyone marries. So don't try to use your religion on me and my goat.


Rights cannot be granted/denied

All in,

"Yeah, I need my rights to. I believe I should be able to legally marry more than one woman. Not only that, I believe I should be able to marry underage girls too. You are denying my rights if you don't let me!"

They want to redefine marriage to include one person and another regardless of gender but they also would not re-define it to include others who aren't gay or lesbian. As it now stands anyone regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation can enter into a legal marriage as its currently defined by those who are responsible for its creation, the majority.

"Oh and why don't we legalize my cocaine habit too. So quit discriminating against me."

This is a different issue. If we chose to make their relationships illegal we would violate their rights. Refusing to recognize their choice and permit them to enter into the legal institution of marriage when they don't meet the definition isn't discrimination because they can always choose to marry a person of the opposite sex and we wouldn't care whether they are gay or not.

Let's simplify to freedom of speech. Does government have to publish their speech?


Money talks....

More than half the Yes on Prop 8 money came from LDS people--at the direction of Salt Lake City.

So, boycott the Sundance Film Festival and the ski resorts....That is a lawful response consistent with the First Amendment....

Re: True ignorance

It is funny that when people have a difference in oppinion or if they call something out as confusing, they are all of a sudden...IGNORANT. Homosexuals rights as CITIZENS of our country is being infringed upon by a small group of people who believe they have SPIRITUAL PRIVILEGES.

"Marriage is not a right since rights can't be granted or taken away by Government and marriage was granted by government." I like this quote alot. Marriage was granted by government and it cannot therefore be taken away...is what you are saying. The courts that overturned this ruling previously were established from.....guess what our government. Our government said that not allowing gays to get married whas against their GOD given rights. This why YES on 8 really doesn't matter in the long run, because the Supreme Court will eventually rule in favor of gay marriage. What would of happened if courts left the rights of blacks in the hands of the majority? They would still be eating in black only diners and walking on the other side of the street. Sometimes it takes someone wiser than the majority to do what is right.

Not true

State recognition of same-sex marriage in no way requires a church or religious institution to recognize or even perform such ceremonies. Legalizing same-sex marriage in California never would never require the LDS church to perform same-sex marriages in its temples against its religious principals - just as Catholic priests never have been required to marry persons who are divorced and Orthodox rabbis have never been compelled to perform interfaith marriages.

Right on

When the voice of the people speaks, let's by all means ignore and try to silence it. Voice of the people? What is this? A friggin' democracy!


It's great to be LDS!!

"We the People" have spoken


"We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government, whereby one religious society is fostered and another proscribed in its spiritual privileges, and the individual rights of its members, as citizens, denied.
(Doctrine and Covenants 134:9)

Sad day for the Church to be so hypocritical."

See my post at 6:21 pm for a response to this false claim. This scripture does not say what you want it to. It isn't hypocritical since the scripture simply doesn't apply here. Marriage is not a right and can not be granted or denied by the government.

The government grants legal marriage and can define it as they see fit. The majority, as the government, does not have to recognize your marriage nor does it have to recognize or publish your personal opinions in any official government document.

It doesn't violate your freedom of speech for the government to publish some over others. A majority of Congress even has the authority to expel members of Congress. Because the majority wants to protect the right of minorities it imposed a 2/3rd's vote on itself.

You cross the line. The majority agreed not to harm you if we get to govern.

Ezra Brown

The comments here are caustic, cynical and rude. So much nastiness expressed by supposed Christians. Its embarrassing to know that fellow Mormons think and express such deeply hate filled rhetoric toward Gods children who dont think like them. Its like all the Mormons in Salt Lake have been listening to Rush Limbaugh and have become little robots who mimic his foul tone. You sound just like him. What has happened to our church? Where is the Christ-like love toward your brothers and sisters in the community, gay or straight? Im not for gay marriages either, but this outpouring of hatred is embarrassing. Utah Mormons, you keep getting more and more isolated and weird.

to get a grip:

There needs to be one clarification of your statement: "Give an inch to gays and they will take a mile" should be stated: "Give an inch to gays and they will take the circumference of the earth and destroy her in the process."

DJ Mills

Doesn't it sound just like when the legions of hell appeared to Heber C. Kimball's missionary group in England? What else would anybody expect to happen?

Glad to be me

I'm just curious how these lovers of their own kind in the rainbow world would feel about the 98% of the adults in the United States having Heterosexual Pride Day and Month and maybe we too could go flaunt our ungayness and show our love for our partners the same way. Maybe we could all go parade around their places of meeting and worship and prevent them from having their privacy and being able to worship or be themselves. What do think?
All you hypocrites in the G/L communities, keep it indoors, private and out of my society! Go contribute to society by ending poverty and starvation, spreading the words of hope and opportunity, but for the love of God, stop playing the victim! You are gay. Ok, we get it, But at least 52% of Californians don't think you need to ever show you gayness in public or have rights to the sanctity and blessings of marriage like those who can procreate naturally and not distort their progeny.
Thank goodness for the LDS Church, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Muslims and all others who get it. Prop 8 passed. MOVE ON!

I'm Betting on the Fat Lady

Forget what your prophet and your Jesus say. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. And that fat lady is a lesbian who is just starting to clear her throat.


Um I believe it was the California voters who turned down propisition 8 for the second time!!! I think the thousands would be better off protesting against those pesky california voters who turn down gay marriage every time.

If you continue its a Revolution

Sad news for prop 8 supporters,

"It's not over folks. The ACLU and others contend that California's ballot cannot be used to undermine one group's access to rights enjoyed by other citizens."

A revision is different from an amendment in that it would revise the entire constitution and restructure its government. A revision must change, not add to, the Constitution which means that gay marriage must be explicitly granted in the Constitution.

"They argue that initiatives that make "fundamental" changes to core principles of the state constitution must first be approved by the state Legislature, then sent to voters for passage."

Who decides what is a core principle? It seems to me that their argument is that they decide. Marriage is not independent of the majority. It is a institution that the majority created. It is not the same as our other rights.

You have no more right to enter into legal marriage and compel the government to grant you a license to get married than you do to make the majority publish your opinion in official government documents.

"It's too early to begin celebrating your victory for Proposition 8."

I doubt the tyrants will stop trying to make laws.

Wrong Place

Should be protesting the NAACP, and democrat HQ. A huge number of blacks showed up to vote for obama in California, and exit polls show 70% of them voted for the ban. Hispanic catholics also helped push the vote over the top. These are pretty traditional values groups of people still. Unintended consequences they call it. Why is it the left only like democracy when they win? Lose and it's straight to the courts, judges via the ACLU. To hell with the people's vote!


Mr. Whipple--When and where will you be protesting the Catholic church and their involvement in support of Prop 8? As the smoke clears, it is clear that the gay/lesbian community does indeed have an agenda. To all of you LDS members, keep in mind that it was over 10 years ago that the prophet, his counselors and the apostles issued a proclamation to the world on marriage and fmaily. How many of you have received a testimony of the church, made your covenants, raised your hand in support/sustaining the leadership of the church, take the sacrament each week and now claim that the church is wrong? We know who is being deceived, don't we? We are also blessed to know what the outcome will eventually be. Choose your side.


"It is NONE of your business who anyone marries but theirs. As long as those being married are two adults of sound mind you have no business whatsoever telling them what they may do"
Who are you to say that marriage has to be between TWO adults...
Polygamy never hurt anyone (I'm playing devil's advocate here...)
That being said...who are you to tell me I can't do meth, cocaine, or heroin...Why can't young adults drink alcohol until they are 21...why can I only drive 65 (or in Utah that's 76) miles per hour...
WHY HAVE ANY RULES AT ALL? Who are you to tell me what to do?

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