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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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To Anon | 5:19

I'm glad to hear you're not singling out the Church.

So, I guess you must be planning some hate-filled demonstrations at the Cathedral of the Madeleine, the First Baptist Church, and the offices of the NAACP and LULAC. After all, there were many more Catholics, Evangelicals, Blacks, and Hispanics, than there were Mormons that voted against Prop 8.

Robert R. Weedon

As a native Californian, I too wish to express our gratitude to the many Saints of the LDS Church who gave treasure and time to uphold the rational and sacred institution of marriage. Sadly, for most gays and lesbians, "marriage" will not solve their problem, just as equality of a "civil union" did not satisfy their desire to be like the norm of society.One more note, if you look at the prop 8 results, it was the afro-american voter, turning out out in record numbers to vote for Obama.These folks voted, almost as a block, in favor of prop 8 to put it over the top.

As a resident of mid-town Sacramento, I can say folks, we have two very different cultures in our land, a land where "pop culture" now even elects presidents as the office is marketed as a product such as "Rockstar"!

Is this the start

of the lds being the most hated people ..well something has to start it ..only they do have the rigth to vote and that is what is at issue here. not counter hate! Don't give up the right to vote..many lds service people died for it! And I'm for the right of all!!


Thank you all Californians who supported Proposition 8! While opponents of Proposition 8 are accusing the LDS church as a villain, exit polls showed that 84% of all people who attend church on a weekly basis voted for Proposition 8. Think about it. Regularly attending church members of all faiths voted to pass Proposition 8 to restore the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Demonstrators may have forgotten all that. The people of California have voted and they voted their faith rather than politics. The opposition has the moral responsibility to uphold the law.


Just a note to you that support Prop 8 from a religious perspective. In the United States of America we have a constitution that keeps government out of the business of churches and churches out of the business of government (except in Utah). This ensures religious freedom and freedom from religion. Religious involvement in this matter is unconsitutional and unAmerican. This is a civil matter and it has absolutely nothing to do with religion. If any church/religion believes that marriage is between a man and a women it is your religious right to believe as such within a church but it is not the right of churches to make laws based on religious beliefs. That would be a Theocracy not a Democracy that is America.

Let's oppose tyranny

To: I would also support the,

"church tonight in SLC if I could. Let's show the world that right has prevailed."

We must defend our rights and stand up for ourselves and if they think they can get away with this they are wrong because there will be members there to see who speaks and next week we will be having a similar march around their places of work, their Church and their homes.

The article states that Representatives Scott McCoy, Christine Johnson and Jackie Biskupski will attend and speak at the rally.

If they do decide to take a public position on this issue we should plan an event for next week where we march around their homes on Friday. If the Church is protested for taking a stand as our representatives on religious and moral matters than the legislators are fair game to be protested for taking as stand as political representatives of those who disagree with us.

Let's show our solidarity and defend our rights against those who would oppress and impose tyranny upon us.


Isn't it the gay community and their supporters picking on the minority in this case. I think there are a lot more of them than there are Mormons in this country.


I think the argument that, "the church should use their money on better thing like starving children in Africa, poverty...etc" is absolutely ridiculous. The church does just as much, if not more, as any humanitarian organization world wide.

I feel that they have every right to make a stance on issues like this that affect the world because they are one of the only organizations that produces results when it comes to making the world a better place. They are the only ones who back up what they preach.

America should be greatful that there is an organization like the LDS church that actually has a backbone and stands up for what they believe.


Maybe if they had put in this kind of effort during the campaign, they might have won. Now they are just Johnny-come-lately. A little too late to complain.

Follow the money

Strangely enough, people keep screaming about the money, the money. The LA times tracked the money that was donated both in support and opposition of Prop. 8. Opponents gathered more money, 2.3 million dollars more, yet still lost the vote. Maybe this isn't all about who spends the most money?


I think its funny they are blaming the church for the outcome. There are not enough members in the state of California to pass something that huge.It proves that not only do the church members think that it should no become legal, but also a majority of people in California. All I have to say is have fun protesting. Its just a waste of time!!


Mosiah 29: 25-27
27 "And if the time comes that the voice of the people doth choose iniquity, then is the time that the judgments of God will come upon you; yea, then is the time he will visit you with great destruction even as he has hitherto visited this land."

I certainly believe that the church should encourage its members to uplift and support what is good for the society as a whole, encouraging memebers to up hold these values, and share them with others. The same values that have blessed our nation our families and the world for years. Is surely not wrong.
The acceptance of "such (just one example gay marriage) in society will surely lead to grave consequences that would hurt our family and society as a whole.
Of course this all depends on the veracity of the Book Of Mormon. So those of you who can't believe this and are losing your testimony of the church I would encourage you to read it. It will help stay on the right path in these perilous times.

Re: Blue

Sounds like you should know better but are rationalizing your actions. It doesn't matter how loud you speak, what's right is right and what's true is true. Someday you'll meet you maker and have to explain. Re-focus on the big picture instead of a few short years here in this mortal life.

Outside Lookin In

If the comments on this board are typical of LDS membership in general, I am even more afraid of them than I was before. This kind of ignorance is downright scary in the 21st century.

Tax exempt status

I get sick of hearing folks say that the church should lose it's tax exempt status. IT'S A CHURCH!!! Churches are SUPPOSED to give direction to their members on moral issues. That's right, I said MORAL issues. If you are going to tell me that gay marriages are a "right" then the gay community is arguing that pedophiles and people who are into bestiality have the same "right". I would love for a gay person to write in here and say that I'm correct on that. Gays are saying they are born this way. Should we establish "rights" for rapists and killers? Aren't they born with the same tendencies towards their actions? It IS a moral issue. Churches are MORAL teachers, although apparently some churches encourage their members to "put their money where their mouth is." If my church loses it's tax status for fighting this gross practice, then I'm ALL FOR IT! I would be happy to pay more in donations and contributions to fight against these kind of issues to keep my children away from them. They are thrown into my kids faces at their young age as it is. I give thanks to a church with standards.

All in

Yeah, I need my rights to. I believe I should be able to legally marry more than one woman. Not only that, I believe I should be able to marry underage girls too. You are denying my rights if you don't let me! Oh and why don't we legalize my cocaine habit too. So quit discriminating against me.

Freedom of speech not a statute


"You can't vote on minority rights! This is a Supreme Court issue not a ballot issue!

James Madison, a Founding Father, said:

1) "The will of the nation being omnipotent for right, is so for wrong also; and the will of the nation being in the majority, the minority must submit to that danger of oppression as an evil infinitely less than the danger to the whole nation from a will independent of it."

Thomas Jefferson said,

1) "[Bear] always in mind that a nation ceases to be republican only when the will of the majority ceases to be the law."

2) "We are sensible of the duty and expediency of submitting our opinions to the will of the majority, and can wait with patience till they get right if they happen to be at any time wrong."

3) "If the measures which have been pursued are approved by the majority, it is the duty of the minority to acquiesce and conform."

This isn't a Supreme Court issue nor are your rights violated. Rights aren't granted or taken away by the government. Freedom of speech isn't a statute passed by majority unlike marriage so the latter isn't a right.


Someone said a while ago: "The moral majority is neither. . ." This makes you wonder - pretty soon, will we be the minority? Then what kind of protection could we count on from on high. . ?


I find it interesting that there are some 750,000 LDS members in California and some 35 million non mormons in California. The LDS church does not have enough people to have pushed prop 8 through just by themselves, it seems clear to me that more than just the LDS church members had a hand in getting prop 8 passed. I feel that if the people of California had wanted to defeat prop 8 they had more than enough money and votes to do so, but they did not defeat it, they passed it instead. I think that is is clear that the majority have spoken and that the Supreme Court of California should simply let stand the "will of the people" and let it now become law. I am sad that the LDS church has become a target of those who have decided to protest the peoples vote.
Shaun Williams


This looks like a test to sort the wheat from the tares from inside the church.

Those familiar with scriptural precedence will know there are many scenarios just like this. Things will get dark for a time but the other side always loses if we stay faithful.

Look up the Israeli 6-day war. Faithful should not fear being outnumbered.

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