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Published: Thursday, Nov. 6 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mathis isn't a striker

To all the soccer folks:

Mathis isn't playing striker in a traditional 4-4-2. If you watch where he is on the feild and where he goes, he is playing as a freelance attackig mid in a 4-5-1 or a 4-4-1-1. He isn't playing centermid like Javi or an outside mid. He is actually playing diagonal from Javi and makes a lot of combination plays with Javi, beckerman and the outside mids. If you watch what he does, he backtracks toward the mids when we are in possession and holds the ball up until the outside mids and/or wingbacks get far enough up the feild to help with possession. He is playing an important position for a team built to play at RES, which is now playing on wider fields. He isn't a stiker, and he isn't being asked to score goals. He is being asked to play a positional and possesion game, and he is doing a great job. He caused problems for CRapids and Chivas. BTW- his pass to Wingert lead to the Will-J volley goal. So, even if not credited with an assist, assist he did. Directly.
@Crapids: Mathis won header on corners, header


Mathis is the purest American born "soccer" player ever. Just ask Donovan. There are a lot of players in this league that run at 100mph with 50mph skills and 10mph vision. Mathis runs at 50mph with 80mph skills and 90mph vision. I take the later anytime and let the other idiots do the running for him.


When Mathis first came back to RSL, I was shocked. I could not stand Mathis. I was glad when he left the team and thought we'd be done with him forever. Having said that, I am glad he's on this team. It's no secret that RSL is a young team. With players like Findley, Movsisyan, Espindola, and Johnson, who are all very talented strikers, yet are also very young, it's nice to have an older player like Mathis, who may not be as productive or fast, but has a much broader and deeper understanding of the game to support these younger players. If I were a young striker, I'd love having someone like Mathis on my team, knowing that he would be there to support me. He may not be productive (scoring goals, assists), but I think his presence helps lift the players around him. Same can be said for Williams, and that effect was obvious in the Colorado game.

I say we start Mathis this weekend, and sub in Espindola at about the 60th minute. I don't think Espy is ready for a full 90, and I'd rather have him in at the end if we need him.

my thoughts

Matthis is awful. He was good 10 year ago, but not now. In 10 games or more games, he hasn't scored one goal or one assist. Pathetic


I have been negative at Williams for a long time, but his play of late has been pretty positive. The play at the end of the Colorado Game to get Real into the playoff was brilliant

Not worth 100k

end of story.

I hope he doesnt get close to that next year. (if we keep him)


Careful what you guys ask for. RSL hasn't lost since Mathis has been starting. WE haven't been scoring, but our possession has kept us in games (and dumb luck, in Colorado), and you've got to credit some of that to Mathis.

Tractor Boy

Matthis's goal during the South Korea-USA World Cup 2002 match was good enough for me. A lot of RSL fans don't understand the game enough to understand the role Matthis is playing for the team this season. Get the win/draw Saturday RSL and keep moving on in the playoffs!

re: my thoughts

What a dumb comment. That is good grammar you got going on there? 10 years ago? - Mathis starred for the US in the '02 World Cup and was a big contributor during the cycle leading up to the '06 World Cup so it definitely hasn't been 10 years. He has definitely earned his playing time the last couple of games - vs. New York: was very active and helped lead the attack - vs. FC Dallas had some great service and created multiple scoring chances for other players. - vs. Colorado was extremely active in winning corners - vs. Chivas he had at least 2 passes to Findley who should have scored.
Especially in the playoffs it is critical to have veterans on the team - Mathis and Williams are helping to provide that stability. Mathis clearly deserves playing time and is responding to help RSL!
Let's get it done this weekend vs. Chivas!

Soccer for Dummies

Mathis is providing RSL with steadiness in the midfield it lacks without him...The borish fake RSL fans who cannot see his true value and quality are just as whinish and tired as the "anti-soccer, stadium" crowd. He's part of the 11 for good reason! Go RSL!

Before that, Tractor Boy

Did Clint Mathis take Jorge Campos out to dinner and a movie before that 2001 Qualifier? That was an epic goal.

The Kinder Gentler Balder Mathis is a lot like the guy who may end up marking him this weekend, Emperador Suarez. They both do their jobs quietly & effectively. Well, Cletus isn't so quiet.

The Old School is in session

-Notice how the only recent World Cup within the last decade in which the US did not embarrass itself was the one with Cletus in it.

-Notice how the US has pwned Mexico at sea level since Emperador Suarez was injured.


I think Mathis is doing great and I enjoy watching him play.


I have been extremely frustrated with Mathis in a starting role and need to vent about it. There is NO way in my mind that he deserves a starting role as a withdrawn striker. He has good moments with possession and recuperation, hell I will admit that he had played a good pass or two, but has been very poor when it comes to moment of definition. I believe that Jason Kreis is strating him for his experience, but I feel like we have better attacking options on the bench, namley Kenny Deuchar and Fabian Espindola. Much of the attack comes from our wing play with Wingert and Joy pumping crossing into a box where we have very little aerial presence. When it comes to attacking through the middle of the park Espindola has shown a much better ability to link with Morales than Mathis. I agree that Mathis had a better game against Chivas but do not believe that he deserves to start or to play the minutes that he is getting. PLEASE reduce his role!

Go RSL!!!

Bowing Down to the Soccer Gods

All wise ones. Thanks for telling us that we don't understand the nuances of this sport if we think Mathis should be scoring goals. You say he isn't playing a "true forward" position which, I assume, allows him to never put the ball in the net and still get worshiped by "real Real fans." Maybe we should be playing a formation that the rest of the world plays cause the rest of the world seems to have no problem scoring a goal every full moon.
Besides not scoring goals Mathis has other major problems. He is a red card waiting to happen at every game. And he steps all over Beckerman's toes as captain (at practice, at games and in the locker room). Jason likes him cause he props Jason up. Wouldn't you if you were getting paid more than you were worth by your best friend? Yes he has national experience. Yes he played well in one World Cup. But if he is such an experienced, smart player, he would have goals to point to. Or, assists.


We all may not agree on Mathis! but it great to see so much thought being shared by Utah's true soccer fans. Anyone notice the lack of anti soccer bull???

I say Mathis may prove many wrong this weekend and may come up with something special. I would give him say 60 minutes and then please "jason" give us Espindola because we know he can score.


I would like to see Espindola start alongside Yura with Mathis subbing in for Williams or vice versa. I keep expecting Mathis to explode with an incredible game, and I think he has it in him, so I think he has been a good addition to the team.

slcc soccer

Mathis is a very hard worker but that is about all he is.. He doesn't produce at all, not one goal or assist since coming back to rsl.
they are undefeated with him in the starting lineup so why not start him, right?




clint doesn't have too many fans in his corner, but i think his work ethic in his recent stint with rsl has been impressive. i think one of the reasons we've seen yura come alive is because clint has been there working hard. he played an incredible game last week and every team needs a guy who will get in the refs face and compain.

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