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Published: Thursday, Nov. 6 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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jazz fan

why isn't CJ MIles firing yet?


I'm just glad we have someone like Brevin Knight to close games for us when Deron is not there. Price is still inexperienced in those situations whereas Knight's veteran leadership gives us the best chance to win. Props to Knight for coming in and handling the ball well. Another great trade.


I think the Jazz are looking good so far...I can't imagine how good they will look when D-Will is back!

Re: Jazz4Life

Whoa there.... temper those expectations just a little bit. Realize that so far the Jazz have played some of the worst teams in the league. Portland will be good in the coming years, but not yet. And after a couple not so bad years, the Clippers have taken a major step backwards this year and are by far the worst team in the league. The Jazz are good, but so far they have been feasting on the cream puffs of the league.


My man Paul Millsap came through again. He was on the floor at the end of the game and scored 4 points down the stretch. Great Job jazz. You are a fun team to watch this year. Let's get D-Will back so we can continue to improve!


Did you watch CJ last night. Spectacular!!!


Why don't we get rid of Boozer? Maybe because he is one the best 4's in the game. All you stupid fans who want him out, will be complaining when Millsap can't fill the void. I find it interesting that the team chemistry is good with the rotation that Sloan has going, but you all still want CJ out of the starting lineup. Last time I looked he is 4 - 0 as a starter.

kitty Litter

And we welcomed karl Malone last night, glad the fans gave him a good cheer

Re: re Jazz4LIfe

I know that these aren't the elite teams of the league, but if you look at the Jazz losses last year, we were beating elite teams, and losing to the "cream puffs." We should be estatic to be four and 0 right now without the services of DWILL, because when he is back healthy the rest of the league will need to watch out.


CJ is the worst player in the league. Finally I have realized how bad he really is at shooting and passing the ball. The Jazz need to cut him now.


Hitting free throws! If that hadn't happened, the final score would likely have been reversed. I'm amazed more emphasis isn't put on making free throws throughout the year. These guys are talented enough to hit quick, contested jumpers, but can't consistently hit uncontested free throws. No excuse for that at this level.

Brevin is another great pickup (Korver the other). These two fill holes the Jazz have had, making the Jazz a bona fide contender for the title. Now, if they can only get some useful big guy in a trade for Almond. The Jazz aren't deep enough up front to absorb injuries to even one big guy.

Sure, we've only beaten weak teams (although Portland isn't that weak, but was missing some key players), but that's being done without D-Will. The experience and confidence that Knight and Price are getting with so much meaningful playing time will pay dividends down the road this season. And, it appears Sloan is learning which is the better choice in crunch time.

Miles will become a bench-warmer again IF Harpring ever gets healthy.

4-0 is

tough to accomplish in the NBA, even against "cream-puffs." Now, if only we could move Mr. Korver along to his next team; then I'd feel better about the Jazz' chances of actually competing at the highest level. Streaky shooter + defensive liability = not an asset.


First those team might be the cream puff of the league, but any given team can beat any given team any time. Give credit where credit is due. Jazz look great and i hope they continue to do so. For Knight, I think he won the starting postions over price at this time. Knight knows how to pass and get everytbody in the right positions. price is too eratic and confused? he better then hart but not knight


On NBA.com they had the Jazz behind the Celtics, Lakers, Hornets, and Cavs how could you rank the Jazz behind the Hornets or the Cavs??? If the Cavs were in the West they would not even make playoffs the East is a terrible conference if the Jazz were in the East it would be them and the Celtics personally i think the Celtics are overrated they won the Title last year due to the Lakers being beat up because every series the Lakers played was a battle Celtics had a cake walk

Layfe Boyington

The Jazz are the deepest team in the league. When Harps & D'will get back they will have 11 guys that can play in the last two minutes of a close game. That is saying CJ can and Collins can not. There is not and may never have been another team like that.


Did anyoneelse see the Jazz Bear and the Portland Beer Man.
That was great!
And when Bear came back out, that was even funnier!
Great Win Jazz! Hard tough nosed game, to grind out! I don't think we played very well on Defense. Too many break downs with penetration, and finally Sloan started doubling down on Boozers guy. It was loud last night. I took my 7year old son, and he loved every minute of it. Those things are precious. And it only cost me $5 for two tickets. Jazz personel are the best to work with. Thanks Larry for building such a great and respected Organization. You've built something wonderful!


I can't stand sitting on the bench and watching miles play. He is horrible. Actually, I need to get back in before Brewer takes up all the minutes. Saying Miles is 4-0 is as a starter is a stupid comment when he is only playing 14-16 minutes a game and usually the Jazz are just treading water until the 2nd unit with all the experience comes in....Miles impact on the game is so minimal that even Almond could do the same thing. I'm almost thinking we should trade Miles to the Thunder....then Korver and Brewer can take up those minutes!!

Donny Christiansen

Sap and Brew looked good in crunch time. Jerry Sloan did a better job of coaching and substituting than I have ever seen him do before. Maybe it helped him to watch Phil do it the right way. (sub according to what is happening and not by a pre arranged schedule). GOOD JOB JERRY! After 999 wins in Utah, I think you are still learning. Keep it up ol' boy. You may be coach of the Year or even better win a TITLE. JAZZ look GREAT in 08!

Ivan Peterson

Linky Boy is better off the bench. He gets to score the situation out and then control the ball more with the second unit. He also seem ta find Sappy more n' others besides just Money & Booz. I don't know who thought er up but it was a brilliant move. Linky could be 6th boy of the year. Jerry could be coach of the year and the Jazz could bring a big trophy er sumthin back to Utah all because of this bold & brilliant move. I reckon it musta been Phil or Jerry or one a them ol' boys. I dowt it were O'conelly


Why would we move Korver? He is a great asset to the team. If you look at last night when Brewer was in down the stretch the blazers just crowded the middle. Kover is able to keep the defense honest. Don't get me wrong i love brewer and think he'll have a break out year, and his shooting is even improved, but other defenses don't respect his shot enough. We need someone to keep the defense honest, that is why we need Kover

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