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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 5 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Curious George

What happens if TCU shows up in all black? Is that even possible?


I used to work in the Equipment Room at the University of Utah. The home team dictates the color and the visitor knows what color to bring. There is no possible chance of this happening.

As for the idea, I never thought Utah would go for it. Chris Hill did not want black in any uniform. But, I think it will make a fun environment for the game! Utah 17 TCU 14.

Black & Blue

If Utah's football team has underestimated TCU as much as Utah's fans have, it'll be black & blue night for Utah's BCS and MWC championship hopes.

Re: Curious George

No. Since they're the road team, they'll be wearing their light uniforms.

Ute Fan

It will be fun to have black jerseys. The only way to know who they are is by their helmets. So all you'll be looking at is the helmets all night long. It should still be a tough game whether we wear black, red, or white. It doesn't make a difference. Go Utes!

How bout White?

Why didnt we fo for the opposite and actually use one of our traditional colors, White? I mean we are a state known for our incredible snow conditions and this is the holiest place on earth right? Well maybe we can do it against the holiest team on earth when the little boys from down south come to town.


TCU's colors are Black and Purple. Good idea Utes to use one of their colors. It will be like practice for them as they dominate Ute football in every aspect of the game.

Good plan

Good plan to deck out in mourning colors for this game. May be needed.
C'mon Curious George, what rock did you crawl out from under?


Blackouts are awesome!


The Georgia Bulldogs

Red and Black

Red - as in "We'll fight for dear old crimson for a Utah Man am I!"

Black - the color of despair!

Should've stuck with Red.

Black Out

Yeah out much did the blackout work for Georgia, oh well!


"Some have wondered if the Ute players might get confused with black home jerseys, instead of the usual red."

That's awesome! I knew ute players were, should we say, academically challenged, but I didn't know it was this bad.

Good luck utes...just take things slow and try not to get too confused.


The black uniforms look terrible in my opinion. Why are the Utes dressing in a uniform that isn't even a team color. At best black is an outline for the Utes logo.

Alternate unis are just ploys to get more money off jersey sales.


The blackout gimmick will be nothing but a distraction. If the players insisted on doing it, Whittingham should have scheduled it for the Weber State game.

Ugliest Uni's

The ugliest uniforms I've seen are San Diego State's black uniforms. Let's hope Utah's black uniforms don't drop SDSU to 2nd most ugly.


How many teams have changed uniforms for one game and lost? More times than not, I believe.


Way too big a deal is being made of this. It's a promotion. However, for those of you citing the Georgia blackout this year, actually Georgia did it before this year and won, and Texas Tech did it last week and it worked out pretty well.

Utes win no matter what color they wear.

go #77

it will be you guys 35-21 for sure!

Just a thought

If it goes bad in the first half can we come back out in RED at halftime? LOL Utes win by 10. Go UTES! I'm hoping for snow!!


Distraction to team. May work for first 5 minutes. I'm worried but excited. This will be the true test for Whittingham to see if he is an elite coach.

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