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'Change has come to America'

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 5 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I am a Republican who is pleased to see Obama's outreach to all americans to solve the problems we face. I hope he lives up to his pledge and that my fellow republicans can unite behind our new leader.

It's time to put differences behind us, bring our best ideas to the table, keep the pressure on for what we believe is right to do, and work together.

Obama Won Because....

1 - First and foremost, foolishness on the part of many voters, whites, blacks, etc alike, who still do not have any clue as to what this guy stands for. "Change!" they shout zombie-like, but you have no idea as to how that change will come about or, more importantly, what the consequences of those changes will be. The biggest negative consequences will be Americans dying while they wait for socialized medical help to arrive, just like occurs in Canada. And, just as bad, if not worse, will be the death of initiative, desire, dreams and effort from those who sit on their couches and wait for their government checks to arrive. What a colossal waste of talent and personal growth.

2 - Guilt. Guilt on the part of those who wanted to assauge their conscience for past mis-deeds of all kinds, who got sucked into the Obama-mania hype the liberal mainstream media relentlessly pushed, and voted for a black American to show their willingess to restore past wrongs.

3 - Racial pride from black Americans. How many polls, interviews, etc have you observed in which black Americans said they were overwhelmingly NOT going to vote for Obama?


He has likely signed the death certificate for our country as we know it simply because of his haste to be the first in history to do this thing which so manyu have wanted. The U.S. is the first nation in history to completely outlaw slavery, although it didnt happen in northern states for some years after the Civil War, followed by giving full citizen rights and voting rights as well as the right to even run for office. We have provided the path for change and no, it wasn't all made possible by one man but a lot of decent and well meaning people along the way who were not blacks at all. He and his wife are America haters and will be good allies to those who attacked us on 9/11 and he has even said he will meet unconditionally with these people, some of whom do things like behead journalists to simply make a statement or get publicity. The president of Iran is one of the hostage takers that held our fellow Americans captive in the 70's. Obama wishes to sit down for a tea with him. when Joe the plumber made him show his immaturityonTV, weshouldhavetakennote.

Liberal Mainstream Media

How did Obama win?

Good grief!, how could he NOT win with the country's entire mainstream liberal media sleeping with him long before he became the Dem's nominee?

Can ANYONE honestly tell me that the media's coverage of this Presidential race was NOT heavily slanted towards Obama?

Scott Card hit the nail on the head....


yeah, I love socialism, I don't have to work now, Obama now will take from the hard working rich people and give to the poor. why work because now uncle Bill G will be helping me.


I was touched by the speeches of both McCain and Obama. McCain was so gracious and rose above party politics. As a teacher educator who cares about social justice issues in K-12 schools,

I am thrilled by the grace, intelligence, and kindness of Obama's speech. He has demonstrated the beacon of hope so important for immigrant children. I love the image for the world to see of a strong, loving Black family in the White House.

I appreciate "Happy's" post....willing to look ahead rather than continue anger and cultural wars. Thank you for beginning the healing.

Obam Won Because

He inspires hope- campaigned on hope- Mccain played on peoples fear- that's the CHANGE we wanted!


to that last comment your post reminds us (americans) that a landslide victory is not because people actually came together and wanted to change their country and that the fact that we could all strive for a common purpose and actually make this happen and overcome hardships, INSTEAD you try to give a logical reason a racially mixed man won the white house? (dispicable!) because blacks got together and turned out in record numbers? because OBAMA is just so popular with young voters? and you assert that people voted for obama so that they wouldnt seem racist? your ignorance amazes me! I cannot believe you would try to speak for those and claim that people who voted for obama are "zombie-like" that we did it as part of a fad? and that we dont know anybetter to who this man is? you dont speak for me nor many of the americans that voted this year. Our dreams are alive and just as strong as ever and its about time we all got together an stop clinging to negative excuses such as yours.


Eat your hearts out Utah.


Our problems are just beginning, sorry!

RE: Obama Won Because....

sore loser

D Shields

Hello. Obama won because he resonated with the most people who made it to the polls.

I didn't vote for him, but I hope the slogan all of us as citizens get behind is "Yes We Can!" Doesn't matter who the president is if we the people go back to our couches and tvs. If we want real change, if we want laws that protect our freedoms and reflect our personal responsibility and restore the Constitution, if we want to be better off with lower debt, disease, and unrest, with increased savings, innovation, and jobs in the coming years WE THE PEOPLE MUST GET OFF OUR BACKSIDES AND CREATE SOLUTIONS.

Yes. We can.

Obama Won Because...

More Americans Chose to vote for a leader who represents a new era of American Prosperity and Leadership than Chose to listen to the insane rantings of the bitter like that person up there ^

Happy Day For America

It's quite safe to say most Americans are not better than they were 8 years ago. Obama will be a positive influence on the economy, foreign policy, and the debacle in the Middle East. He may be tested by some, but will have a stronger backing by others. It's time for a change and this is a great day in American history. If it were not for progress we would still be living in caves.

Actually, Obama won because...

...his message of change resonates with a majority of Americans. It has been a rough eight years under George Bush, and the country needs to head in a drastically different direction, one that fosters (rather than tramples on) the principles that make our country great. That is the promise of an Obama administration, and I think the man can make it happen.

The fear-mongering that apparently still continues among Obama opponents never ceases to amaze me. Give Obama a chance to share his vision and to try to put this country back on course.

Obama makes me barf

Does anyone else feel like throwing up?


Finally, the McBush nightmare is over!


To 'Obama won because ...' you might also consider the reason he won was because the majority of Americans were sick and tired of the past eight years under the rule of a buffoon masquerading as president. Thank goodness you now have someone who can put a sensible sentence together and will think before he acts. America can be great once more and not the laughing stock it became under Bush Junior. Great credit to your country for voting in a black president. It says a lot about the people as a whole. I hope he can deliver what he's promised. To McCain, I think he's a good guy but was hampered by the Bush legacy. I'm sure he'll continue to make a valuable contribution. As for Palin - (the person who put the Alas into Alaska), what can I say? Romney would have been a more sensible and timely choice with his business background. I guess the Americans were ready for a black president but not a Mormon. Now that is quite sad. You have still work to do.


We are about to enter the darkest chapter in American history. No racist pun intended.


sour grapes, my Utah friends, sour grapes!

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