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Published: Thursday, Oct. 30 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: RE: Boise State Fan

I don't know when he made those up, but I think the Big East and the ACC are the two weakest BCS conferences. I think both the MWC and WAC are better conferences this year.


Ok the dude's rankings have SEC as 4th. That is just stupid.

Also loved the comments from real stats. MWC 8-4 vs BCS schools WAC 3-11. End of story.

Anyone who even tries to make and argument about Hawaii last year is grasping at straws. They were awful and did damage for all non-BCS conference teams. What an embarassment. BSU is way over rated.

Ute Fan & BSU

As a Ute fan I hated the way way BSU has slapped us around over the last 10 years.

But I honestly don't begrudge them any of their success this year. In fact, I wish them continued success. The non-BCS conference schools aren't the enemies in all this. They're allies, of a sort.

Maybe I'm able to be so generously-minded because if Utah wins out and Boise State wins out, we'll get the better bowl game.

Boise State @ 3:06

With all due respect--did you read what I wrote? No, I think I understand reasonably well what Sagarin's trying to do with his rankings.

What I want YOU to explain is WHAT THOSE POINTS MEAN in real-world terms. The SEC is 76.54--OF WHAT? The MWC is 70.27--OF WHAT? What's Sagarin's score mean--conference coach IQ, average player yards per game, dollars spent per pre-game meal, or what? Or might it be, as I suspect, an INDEX SCORE, merely used to determine the conference rank but meaningless in and of itself?

So based on WHAT that score means, what are we--or I might say, YOU--supposed to make of the 6.27 difference? Or does it really mean anything at all?

Important point: YOU are the one doing the math and making the argument about the large/small gaps between conferences based on that math, not me. So please, feel both free and highly encouraged to explain yourself (including the meaning of that score) and defend your argument. Just keep in mind: You might need a fairly strong defense.

That's it!

RE: Anonymous @ 11:03 p.m.

No--not even TCU or Utah (won't even mention a certain other team in blue), in all likelihood, wouldn't beat USC this season. They wouldn't beat the Trojans in any other within the past 20 years or so, either. (See BYU's 2004 schedule--in LES--enough said, don't care who the coach was.) Not saying it's impossible--but I AM most definitely saying it's not LIKELY. So let's get real on that, OK?

As for the rest of the Pac-10, as said earlier, BYU, Utah, TCU, and Boise State would all be strong contenders for 2nd place this year. They'd lose a game or two here and there, and playing each other would give some a few more losses, but they'd all contend well. I'd have to give the overall edge to TCU at this point and say BYU would finish the lowest, though if the Cougs ever found their UCLA-sharp focus again, that'd change.

So there you have it.


RE: Anonymous @ 11:03 p.m. Utah beat USC the first year Carroll became head coach. I believe that was the 2001 season.

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