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Spokesman says patrons wouldn't like 'Zack and Miri'

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 29 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Private Business

"This just in, Joe's Crabshack will no longer be serving Herring"

Who cares?

Thank you

Thanks to Mr. Miller and his fine company for drawing the line somewhere. Its funny that this is controversial to some. These are the same people that want there to be no standards of decency in this world.


Good on them. It's their theater, they can show or not show what they want. If people want to see it there's plenty other theaters to go to.

New Yorker

This is not a story that is worth writing about. Must be a slow news day.


Good for Larry.....you want to watch porn movies, move to San Francisco!

typical hypocrisy

Accidentally showed some of the movie 'Sex Drive' for a 'High School Musical' audience? LOL!! That is too funny! I bet that audience is still washing their eyes and ears out! I will, however, never go to a movie at one of these theaters due to their complete hypocrisy as far as what to show and what not to show. I can't wait to see this movie!


Thank you: Taking Miller at his word, he has not drawn a line for decency but for profitability. According to Miller's expressed standard, he would show the rankest porn imaginable if it would make him a buck.

(Of course, I don't take Miller at his word and it sounds like you do not either)

Robert Johnson

I find it rather interesting that Larry Miller has decided that he is the new "morality czar" for the Wasatch Front.

Without Mr. Miller deciding what are appropriate and not appropriate films for us to see how could be possibly as adults make that decision ourselves?

Without Mr. Miller I might have made the mistake of believing that Zack and Miri was ok for me to see and missed out on a masterpiece like "Sex Drive" that Mr. Miller has decided is appropriate for our community.


My question is why do the "critics" care. Get a life and worry about something that has some value. I applaud anyone who will stand up for a good cause, it takes courage. This critic just wants the media attention. Get a life.


Glad to hear someone is standing up to the mainstream entertainment world...

Ultraviolence Forever!

Well, his spokesperson claims it's because the film wouldn't be popular enough, not because he finds it morally unacceptable. But if Miller does in fact think he's showing some sort of "moral fortitude" with this decision, well... He's really just revealing his own hypocrisy.

Remember back in 2006 when he refused to show "Brokeback Mountain" - but deemed the juvenile, R-rated drug comedy "Grandma's Boy" and the ultra-violent torture porn "Hostel" acceptable to be shown in his theaters? Well, this time you can take a look at his website and find that his theaters are currently playing yet another ultra-violent torture porn - "Saw V". Not to mention "Sex Drive". Apparently there is enough of an audience for those films.

Anyways - anyone wanting to see the film can drive an extra few miles to find a theater that is showing it. And Miller absolutely has the right to do this - but to hold this up as some sort of display of protecting our standards and "drawing the line" is foolishly ignorant, since he's had no problem, in the past, and now, showing films that are at least as corrupt as this one.


While Miller is at it, could he not show Saw 5 or movies like it?


Is this story really newsworthy?


I think Mr. Miller, and the officers of his corporation(s) should be thanked and congratulated for exercising their constitutional rights to show they movies they like to show at their own theaters. I almost hate to write this post because posters at on-line newspapers are generally whiners and complainers. I hope the whiners and complainers stay over at the Tribune, and those who wish to make positive statements join us here at the Deseret News.


Good for Mr. Miller!

nothing new

this behavior was news . . . two years ago. everybody knows the LHM group allows certain offensive material while filtering out other equally offensive material. they lose some profits, people see the movie somewhere else. nobody cares.


This is great... Now if Miller's car dealerships could dig into their souls and find some values they would probably be worth doing business with.


Porn is porn whether its called "Sex Drive" or whether its called "Zach and Miri make a porno". Larry Miller needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Lets call a spade a spade here. After exposing young kids to "Sex Drive" last weekend enough is enough! According to Screenit.com the opening sequence in "Sex Drive" shows a girl performing oral sex on a boy in his bedroom. Just the kind of stuff I want my young or ever older kids to see. If you are going to show porn in your theatre you better make sure it is on the right screen. Somebody needs to pay the price for this. And we wonder why sex/porn addiction is becoming the norm in this country. Of course it doesn't hurt anybody. There are no victims from porn. Just ask Ted Bundy, John Gacy, Jeffery Dahmer or Richard Ramirez and about 30 other serial killers in this country. They all had 2 things in common. They were murderers and they were all ADDICTED TO PORN!


I don't understand why Miller's decision to show some films but not others should be an issue. A private theatre business has the right to show the films it decides to show, so long as there is no law against showing the filem. It is not required, by government or any other authority, to show what it decides, in its own discretion, not to show.


I applaud his decision to draw a line somewhere, but I think it should have a more universal application, so he doesn't set a double standard. I have to agree with the article that I think it's somewhat hypocritical to bar this movie and yet show "Sex Drive" which sounds just about as raunchy.

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