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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: Common Sense

"Do you know how they handle problems like this in Europe? Most of the time these kinds of things AREN'T problems over there because they actually take a common sense approach to sexuality rather than America's generally pre-puritan-esque stance on it today."

I actually just moved back to the United States after living in Europe, where, over the course of time I lived there, I had about 30 roommates from five different European countries, and spent time with people from many others. Do you know what I found out?

Most of those people with a "common sense approach to sexuality" had absolutely zero morals in regards to sexuality. They saw absolutely nothing wrong with committing the most disgusting sexual acts you could think of, with watching movies full of full frontal nudity or even pornograhy, or with anything the Bible actively preaches against - and each of them considered themselves to be religious people.

If that's the kind of common sense attitude you're talking about, I'll HAPPILY take America's generally pre-puritan-esque stance.


sex drive is hilaaarious!

no one

This is false outrage. A one second flash of a male tush /four minutes/ into the film? Come on, people. They wanted to see what was coming. A sex scene under a sheet? Hello? Is that what they thought HSM was going to show? Shame, shame on them. They had /plenty/ of time to crawl under the seats so they wouldn't be polluted with this awful, awful smut. I call foul. Comparison/contrast. "They're bad" ergo, "I'm good/perfect/worthy/cool". The stupidest thing of it all is that the coming attractions of any movie are keyed to the movie. They should have known something was up just from the movie previews. But the previews didn't seem to bother anyone [nota bene]... maybe they just had to wait until Mommy #1 got offended and then follow suit. ie, "I don't want to be seen as a prude/intolerant/uncool/square -- but I shore nuff don't want to be seen as "unworthy" so I'll join the general outrage club."


It was a mistake! An honest mistake! If free movie and popcorn passes aren't enough, what would you like them to do? What could they possibly do that would be considered just restitution? Yes it is sad this happened. But forgive and move on.

My parents were too prude to have a birds and bees discussion with me so maybe an incident like this will help some parents actually confront the reality.

Nude Man

There is a difference between sexually charged imagery and nudity. Had the film only shown nudity without the explicit sexual detail than this would be a different story completely.

Bob McBeverhousen

That is interesting, I went to see Sex Drive, but was forced to endure the first few minutes of High School Musical 3. Can I file a lawsuit also?

JK - Love HS 1&2. Can't wait to take the kids to 3.


Ok, wouldn't the opening credits have been a clue that they weren't at the right movie??? These people must be complete morons or just too lazy to get up and go tell the theater personnel that something is not right. I mean, c'mon!!! And that one post about their kids being scarred for life, give me a break! It's only sex.....oh wait! That's a dirty word in America. Silly me....


No one was hurt. None died. Not a soul has been converted to some sort of dark lifestyle. Much ado about nothing.


I think it's a fantastic mistake--I am now going to go see SEX DRIVE. I'm all about R rated or better.

bite your tongue

re: Parents should be punished | 5:04 a.m. Oct. 29, 2008

Disney put out something not accurate? I'm shocked & hurt.

John Winger

re: LightenUpFrancis | 6:00 a.m. Oct. 29, 2008

>>Um... if you couldn't figure out VERY quickly this wasn't HSM, then it's genetically likely your kids aren't smart enough to be 'traumatized'. (Though you making a huge deal out of it might scar them).<<

Too funny & true.

Hey moral majority; Was the tank was out of Gas and nowhere Czechoslovakia?

Bender Rodriguez

re: Utah_is_a_weird_place | 6:37 a.m. Oct. 29, 2008

>>Be good parents. talk to your kids openly and honestly about what happened...and move on.<<

Too simple a solution. Its much easier to act like the Mel Brooks' yes men in Blazing Saddles.

re: uuu | 6:46 a.m. Oct. 29, 2008

Amen. This has 2B the pithiest thing coming out of Provo this football season.

Bender Rodriguez

re: jon | 7:06 a.m. Oct. 29, 2008

>> "...it can even lead to future addictions and fetishes."
What's wrong with a fetish? Lots of normal, healthy people have them.<<

Yes. Look @ all of us still discussing this non-issue. I wonder if this what staff meetings @ Republican Nat'l Committee are like?


Gotta ask the projection people - was the print in film or in digital?

Who was sleeping at the switch when this all happened?

Old Projectionist

Whether the show was in digital or 35mm film, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to start the correct show. With the booth-clowns that work in projection booths these days, I'm not surprised that this hasn't happened before. I'm sure it has, but hasn't got this much press because of the shows that were involved. These theatres need to make sure that the people they put in the projection booths know what they're doing and pay attention as well. They need to know more than just "press the start button".

I agree with the parents that went to this theatre to see HSM3; which is rated G; and got a very offensive show rated R. Adults may not be offended by "Sex Drive", but when you take children to see a G-rated movie and get anything else, you'd be offended too. Heck I'd be talking to a lawyer too.


...And the Children were Screaming!!!!


hahahaha! hahahahahahahahaha!! STORY OF THE YEAR! I can't stop laughing. HAHAHAHA!

Hollywood Anonymous

The Megaplexes are digital locations. There have been reports that some digital management systems have a bug that may actually refer to an incorrect composition playlist. Because Sex Drive was originally set up to play in this theatre, it may be possible that the artifact still referred to that feature even after the move. It could also account for the G slate of trailers playing because digital playlists are not physically attached as in film. So, it is entirely possible that the theatre made the correct changes and that the software bug accounted for G trailers playing but an artifact for the R movie superceded and was played. If I would Larry Miller's team, I would at least check into this possibility.


Im an active member of the LDS church and i find this hilarious.. lets face the facts. Our kids are going to see nudity eventually, why not with their parents? The most awkward it could get for a kid is seeing sex with their parent... now that that's over, its smooth sailing from here! :)

don't look

People say, its just nudity. Ok, well you people who say that, take your clothes off right now and go to the mall and shop for a new toaster.

All of you liberals, we wear clothes for specific reasons, more than being sanitary or to hide our hairy backs.

Movies and media in general try to confuse people into thinking that sexual liberality is good, when in reality it leads to broken homes and families. Who in their right minds wants their kids exposed to home-wrecking activities and behaviors?

Case closed.

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