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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I was there cont . . .

Now I expected to answer all of the questions with my daughter some day but not that night not a night I expected my daughter to enjoy one of her most anticipated movie High School Musical 3. Even after the movie was over she asked the questions again, so you know this made an impression on her and she probably thought about throughout the entire movie. I am very disappointed in The district and there should be some laws preventing this mistake, they should be fined something and have to pay more than popcorn. How is it that a company can show out rite porn to children and not be fined anything?

This is news?

I used to be a projectionist. Sometimes two movies share a theater, and if you're not careful, you can get mixed up. One time I was running late and I showed a bunch of kids waiting for "Over the Hedge" the first few minutes of a teen horror movie. Whoops. The kids were cool, and so were the moms. How come I didn't get in the paper?

Dr. Botkin

Let's hope there is a lawsuit coming. If the theater didn't have such filth in the building there wouldn't have been a problem.

Macon Hardy

They should take this to the American Center for Law and Justice and sue. This was a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate folks who don't want to see trash and filth. This is why I never go to the movies anymore.
If someone showed a racist film or a film against Islam everyone would be up in arms. But they show indecent trash instead. It is time to stand up and be counted. Sue them and make an example to them.


Not seeing the film, I am just going by the story and assuming that it is accurate.

I guess my grasp of language is not too great because the story said that "nudity was shown". Well I guess to some the nude body is obscene and it is Utah.

Yes it sounds like a mistake which could have been avoided but perhaps some parents should reconsider their parenting skill also. Perhaps the mere sight of God's greatest creation, without man's puritan coverings, should not condemn one to a life of lust and debauchery. Perhaps if our children would be taught the naked truth about humans and our God given sexuality, there would not be such demand for smut.

There certainly is a large difference between porn and nudity, just as there is between good judgment and over reaction. I would suggest that all involved step back and eith take a deep breath or cold shower.


I find it disturbing that so many think nothing of exposing young children to sexual situations. Where would they draw the line? Nowhere, they seek boundless societies where anything goes. They sure encourage the public display of sexual acts and content without limits. Perhaps they also "see nothing wrong" with having sex with children?


"These poor children. This is the worst thing that could have possibly happened to them."

Jeez, I'm glad that if these kids had ran out of the theatre and got hit by a bus it really wouldn't have been all THAT bad. The worst would have already been over!


People make mistakes - and it happens to us all. Mistake made, acknowledged by the staff - issued apologies and free stuff? What's next? Sue 'em, I suppose.

Give 'em a break...


thats gr8! As already stated, ANYTHING would be better than another High School musical movie! haha! thats just super...now if only we can get Obama to lose, life will be grand


With the way the media is now we really don't have the choice anymore of if we want to see explicit material or not. Flipping through channels, magazine racks, and countless other venues on the internet will push the limits of what we are comfortable viewing or having or children exposed to. Rather our thinking needs to be changed to how we will respond to it. If you are deeply offended by the material you need to only hold tight to your beliefs and "touch not the unclean thing".

Get Real

Wah! Wah! Wah! My child saw nudity!!! Wah! Wah! Wah! I've been bathing my kids in their clothes to avoid such a discussion and now the theater forces me to talk about it. Wah! Wah!



There was nothing wrong with either print. They played the wrong movie. Very few theatres are reel-to-reel theatres. Just about every current theatre assembles all of the reels into 1 big movie. They moved HSM3 to a larger auditorium to get more seats. They forgot to move the actual print. So instead of threading the projector with HSM3, the projectionist threaded Sex Drive. Having a manager screen this print would not have prevented the problem. Also it would be extremely difficult, most likely intentional, for someone to buildup a print of a movie with Reels from more than 1 movie. Although I do know from seeing it personally, that mistakes such as putting the reels together in the wrong order or putting a reel on backwards can happen.

Is that a sentence?

For future movies.

G Franke

I ran a theater for a friend while he was in the hospital 26 years ago. I learned three things. One there is really no way to tell one film from another while they are on the reels unless you run them. The booking distributor sent the wrong movies on reels twice and I had to run the movies after assembling it on the big three foot reels to find out. Two there are people who will be offended regardless of what you do to avoid it. Rocky Horror Picture Show is Rated R and run at mid-night but people will buy tickets and complain about the cursing in the film. Three NC-17 is milk toast to some of the most respectable members of the American population. Their Great Grand mothers were the Miss Kitty of the old west and their grand mothers Sally Rand.


I live in Indiana, and I thought THIS was a conservative state until I started reading all these comments from outraged parents. But you people take the cake. Geez, folks, lighten up. Those of you who think this is the worst thing that could happen to a child or that they will be scarred forever need to get a life. Your kids can find -- and are finding -- much worse on the Internet with a click of a mouse. If they aren't doing it in your home they are doing it in someone else's.

Roddy Piper

re: Latter Day Saint | 12:10 p.m. Oct. 28, 2008

How do you know? Are you their Bishop or Stake Pres? If so, Have they even talked to you.

I love Utah where common sense & reality are not required or encouraged.

good advice

Philippians 2:12

Common Sense

Everyone in here calling for a lawsuit or claiming that this media was forced on the kids in the theater by 'liberals' as one commenter stated, should not be allowed to walk the streets, participate in democracy, or for that matter raise a child.

Do you know how they handle problems like this in Europe? Most of the time these kinds of things AREN'T problems over there because they actually take a common sense approach to sexuality rather than America's generally pre-puritan-esque stance on it today.

I'm not saying that we should force feed our children a steady diet of hard core pornography with their eyes taped open, I'm saying that when a MINOR incident such as this happens people need to take a chill pill and realize that sexuality cannot just be magically expunged from their minds, especially for children who need to UNDERSTAND what they see rather than be 'protected' from it by ignoring the issue.

My guess? A lot of these kids will grow up secretly lamenting their parents because they are so strict that they keep their children from doing ANYTHING fun.

what a bunch of whiners

Grow up people. It's an honest mistake, and nothing to get upset about or plan a lawsuit, boycott or anything like that. It's not going to damage anyone's psyche or anything. It's just a movie!

Oh the irony

No Zack and Miri? No Brokeback Mountain? But Sexdrive to 8 year olds is ok for LHM.

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