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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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People are outraged at a theater that makes an honest mistake but don't even bat an eye when it comes to "Gay Day" or "Gender Bender Day" in our schools. How pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!


When I was about 10 years old my parents dropped me off at our small town theater to see a movie but the schedule had changed because the ownership of the theater had changed. Instead of watching some Disney movie I got to watch a soft core biker sex flick. I enjoyed it.

Get over it

I like how nudity = smut for you folks complaining. No wonder kids become sex-crazed teenagers because they've never been taught by their parents how to properly deal with the inevitable exposure they will get to nudity in everyday life.

The theater made a mistake. Get over it.


Something similar happened to us once. We went to see a Disney movie with out 2, 4 and 6 year old. The trailers were a little "off" for a Disney movie, and I remember thinking that it didn't feel right and was going to complain after the movie. When the movie was started it was Stigmata which opened with a very violent scene. We got out as quick as we could, and were given free tickets. I was upset and felt it was traumatizing to little kids. THere is no excuse to say that kids see this in mags and tv anyway. Many parents protect their kids from this. My then 4 and 6 year old still remember the incident almost 10 years later. Theaters should be held accountable. The corner store selling smut would be.

Parent with sense

Uh, John? The mention of suing came from a parent in these very same comments.

Please, let me help you down off your high horse.


"It's actually illegal to show sexually explicit material to children, which is why the whole rating system started in the first place. Depending on the nature of the material (I haven't seen the movie) the theater could have opened itself up to criminal prosecution."
Don't be dense. Kids can get in to see R-rated movies, so long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

"...it can even lead to future addictions and fetishes."
What's wrong with a fetish? Lots of normal, healthy people have them.

"I've had to learn about these studies repeatedly over the course of my college education"
Oh, a college student! You must be very wise.

"Strange how pornography is more addictive than any substance in existence."
That's even funnier than the article. Does that mean people have withdrawal symptoms when coming down off porn? Seriously, that's the dumbest thing I've seen all week, and I've watched two Sarah Palin speeches!

And as for the people who suggested boycotting smut, please do. Start with theaters and move down to retailers like Target who sell the DVDs. That way, I should be able to avoid having contact with people like you.

Parent of 3

It is regrettable that it happened, but it was a MISTAKE. Get over it. If you find out that the theater manager intentionally shown the film knowing what it contained, then you have a right to make a big deal of it. Since they corrected the mistake when they were made aware of it, then cut them some slack. Put yourself in this position... if you made that mistake how would you feel, and would you want others to react. Find the problem, fix the problem.

Be a parent and explain to the kids that it was a mistake. If the parents don't make a big deal of it neither will the kids. Then again this is the lawsuit happy generation. The courts don't have enough guts to say that things have gotten out of hand and that frivalous suits should penalize the lawyer as well as the people filing it.


its a mistake that shouldn;t have happened & could have long range probs for the kids


Any parent in that theater that could not figure out the movie they were about to see was not HSM3 by looking at the previews being shown is to blame. I work projection, and if prints get moved or are sharing theatres, this can happen. I've known people to start by mistake an R-rated film instead of a kids movie, but the parents were smart enough to figure it out during the FIRST preview. The parents in the case are a bunch of moron/idiots. The projectionist made a mistake and those of you calling for a lawsuit are fools and should be ashamed of yourselves. I guess you have never made a mistake in your life.


The theater I go to has a manager or assistant manager watch all new movies a few days before it opens, after the theater is closed, to be sure there's nothing wrong with the film, right reels etc.
Might have been a prank to get the election off the front page.

Brian Fellow

FOR SHAME! If you were a good parent, you would sit down and talk with your kids about what you just saw, rather than making a fuss over it. No one did that on purpose to upset you, just get over it and have some family time with your kids. I'm sure they forgot all about it anyway when HSM 3 came on, unless you dragged them out first.


Yes, I'm sure all those kids are now completely scarred for life. Whatever will become of them? In other news: all the complaining mothers returned home and plopped their kids down in front of late-night TV while they called their congressman to complain.

James R. Maynard III (Tron Guy)

This is truely terrible. It is most likely NOT a mistake this happened. The horrible smut that children are being exposed to these days! The liberals (most likely the theatre owner and manager are liberals) are trying everything to sex-up and dumb down our children! I just can't stand for this!

Ima 15 yr old kid

People are you serious? come on one mistke and you are jumping on them like hyenes to the kill.... The mistake was aviodable but with the refund AND free poopcorn AND change of procedure you should feel that they have everything in their power to not allow this mistake to happen again... just recently i took my younger sister one of the worst movies in have ever seen(HSM3) and what people said about the trailers was completely true compltely different from even just some random pg-13 garbage my friends took me too last week besides the fact do parents now not know what the disney symbol is here? i feel that if the parents feel so offended live in a cave... i hear some of the nastiest thing in my life just on my way to school, how will explain that if they can not handle a glimpse of nudity? Oh and by the way i would be thankful they gave you free movie tickets once i went to harry potter and had to wtc the hole movie upside down and got nothuin back

I was there

I was there; I took my 8 year old daughter to see High school Musical 3. I would love to answer a few questions that everyone seems to have.
The trailers did seem to be not of the same content that a Disney movie would have, but the seemed to have children actors in them and I assumed that they were trying to hit a high school aged audience which all of these films seemed to hit. No once did it say that the previews were R or anything. So the preview began me to wonder but never having heard of such an accident I did not necessarily run out of the theaters at that time.
Then the showed started with no credits and it appeared to me that it was another preview and if it was not it started with a high school student IM a girl that he was a football player. Then it went wrong and at that point I took my 8 year old out of the movie. It portrayed this high school student having a girl perform sex acts on him then turned to masturbation and then the title started and the credits thereafter.


hahAHA ha! Boobies!

Cornhusker Father

There is no excuse for exposing a minor to "R-rated" movie material, whether that material be nudity, profanity, or gore and violence. This theatre is legally liable for this unfortunate incident; all it takes is for one parent to contact the local District Attorney, as well as a local, private attorney to get the ball rolling. Based on my very limited knowledge of how our legal system works (although this varies based on jurisdiction), the patrons of this theatre who were exposed to the R-rated movie could possibly have criminal (because of minors being exposed to R-rated material without the parents' consent), as well as a civil case (basically for the same reason as the criminal case, but in this case involving potential psychological damage to the minors involved, with a possible outcome being a settlement of some sort).

I don't condone abusing the courts with frivolous lawsuits, but if this had happened to me, I would absolutely pursue legal channels, if anything, to make sure laws haven't been violated; that's what our court system is here for...to protect us fromt he negligence and potentially intentional harm by others. Good day all----it's about time we stop accepting things like this.

I was there cont. . .

I was absolutely upset with management not necessarily that my daughter saw nudity because I agree with most of you it is everywhere and I can not stop her from seeing it so any situation with nudity could be a valid teaching point about it. But this is just not nudity it is sex acts my daughter had a handful of questions for me like, what are they doing? what is going on? why is he making those sounds? And she even read the title of the movie and then asked me what is Sex?

The Zoo

Why doesn't everyone just sue everyone for everything. I mean, there's no such thing as an honest mistake, right? Any screw up is known to have ill-will at it's core. Heck, let's go further; make it a crime to make a mistake. There ya go! No more mistakes. Donna Reed would have nothing on us then. Utopia achieved. No more thoughts from the devil. No more troublesome questions from our children as they'll be dutifully protected form anything untoward.

Ahhhhhhh, yes.


When I first read this I had to laugh...get over it already!!!

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