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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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some guy

Didnt the girl from HSM pose for dirty pictures. And isnt that movie just one big sex tease??? I saw sex drive and the opening scene is a wet dream, lol. The parents should have known by the kinds of previews that were airing that they were not about to see a kid movie. I can't wait to have kids just so I can offer some balance to this "wimpy" world that is being created. Big deal, wrong movie aired, get your free tickets and popcorn and wait 5 minutes before the real movie plays. Your kid will prob forget anything ever happened. Something like this happened once to me when i was around 7 and we sat there for 10 mins before they changed the film...you know what was wrongly aired? couldn't tell you because it didnt matter. it only matters to idiot parents.

non American

wow, had this happened anywhere in the world, other than the USA, we wouldn't have seen this article or comments. Some Americans are such terrible prudes about nakedness.

(and yes, I'm a mother of 3 and definitely a protective parent. Don't let my kids watch films with excessive violence in it, of course I wouldn't want them to actually watch porn either, but come on! a bit of moving under covers and a naked male backside, I really don't see what harm there is in that).


Don't previews match the movie to come? That would mean the previews wouldn't be family friendly either. Besides, I'm wondering why it took a few minutes for parents to realize this wasn't the disney flick. I'd be ticked, too, if my kids were exposed, but I think I would have realized what was going on before too much damage had been done.


Parents shouldn't have taken their kids to that fake teenager farce of a movie.

These comments are interesting

Since I live in a different state, and don't have children, I have no stake in this at at all. I like to read web comments to see social trends, and this has been interesting.

What I see is that (while I'm certain that it was accidental) when the cinema broke the law by showing an R-rated film to preadolescent children without the prior permission of the parents, and broke the implicit contract with the parents since they didn't show the G-rated film that had been paid for, many of the comment posters are blaming the PARENTS.

Why is this?


"The Rock | 9:20 a.m. Oct. 28, 2008
Just boycot the merchants of smut.

Why should decent people give their dollars to business that are polluting our culture?"

Yeah.... Like High School Musical 3!!!


What, the human body?! Oh no! How frightening.

It's pretty sad...

In some ways doesn't seem like a big deal, but look at it from the perspective of a parent that took their young daughter to see a family-oriented movie and got something else. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach these things to our kids, but not in a movie theater. But, as always, moral issues get blown out of proportion by the media because of our society's warped extreme left views. The only thing I really have to say about the situation is that I hope that the employees of the movie theater correct their mistake to prevent future happenings of this sort...Also for the parents of the children who had to see this stuff, that they can reinforce positive behavior and not dwell on the negative experience.


You people bashing the parents are a bunch of freakin' morons. You do know that. This isn't some group of people protesting outside a theater of something. These are people who were minding their own business and had their afternoon ruined. These parents have every right to determine what their children should. They have every right to be upset. I bet that some of you people are the same people who bash parents for not having parenting skill. GROW UP!!


It is interesting to note that alot of the blame is put on the parents. Think about what you are saying...the kids go in and sit down before the movie starts and mom/dad get up to go buy the popcorn, sodas, and whatever else. Now the movie starts and the kids are sitting there getting their eyes full of this garbage!!!! What about the kids that are there with just friends to watch it with no parents present.
I would be extremely upset by this if my 5 or 8 yo saw this, but the theater did try to right the wrong and has put new policies in place to keep this from happening again.
Parents should be responsible for their kids but if you pay for something and do not get what you paid for, there is a problem.
And for the porn lovers, what if they accidently switched your "Sex Drive" movie for HSM3?????


You folks from Utah are very strange. Right now, we have children dying of starvation, freezing to death in the street, being sold as sex slaves to fat men, and being beaten to death by their parents. If you can read that sentence and still, with a straight face, tell yourself that this is such a devastating event that it warrants more than just a frank talk with your child about right and wrong - you need help. A great deal of help.

Yeah, what happened was wrong. The theater made a mistake. They took responsibility for it. But some of the damage control is up to you - that's part of what you signed up for when next to "position desired", you wrote 'parent'. They don't have mind erasing machines at the movies. (This is the part where you come in)

Be good parents. talk to your kids openly and honestly about what happened...and move on. Calling a lawyer and (this is a BIG maybe) winning some money in a lawsuit will not save/protect/purify your children. Being a good parent will.


This sounds like an honest mistake which resulted from the theater trying to accommodate patrons. I find it highly unlikely this event will result in irreversible psychological trauma. Use it as opportunity to talk with your children and provide some much needed education.


-just because you perverts are immersed in pornography doesn't me our children should be subjected to it -lawsuit


Make sure you don't leave Utah for vacation. Your kids might actually get exposed to the real world.


But I bet the children watch Viagra and Cialis ads all weekend. Just more American hypocrisy.


Re: You're not a mother...

I am a mother who has seen the devastation that meth and heroine can do to people and to families. Seeing 10 mins of "Sex Drive" is nothing compared to accidentally sticking a kid with heroine or handing him meth and a lighter.

Pornography isn't a substance and it isn't the most addictive thing we've got. What about Sugar? Wait never mind, a little Ritalin counteracts that one in children. Too bad we cant give a pill to counteract parental ignorance.

Get off your righteous high horse... it must be nice to be so perfect and so utterly ignorant all at the same time.

Parent with sense

Re: You're not a mother. Correct. I am not a mother. I am a father. Nudity is NOT explicit. You do not understand the meaning of that word apparently. You are demonising nudity in the minds of your kids by treating it like something heinous. Have your kids seen you/each other/friends naked? That won't have scarred them. Your over-protective attitude will.

Moving on to the most ridiculous comment you made: Pornography is NOT, in any way, shape or form, in the same league as addictive substances. Nicotine and alcohol stats will disagree with you, to name but a few. If you believe that exposing a child to a few minutes of nudity (which is not pornography) is equal to putting a child in a drug-filled environment for a whole day then I would argue that you have some serious mental scarring yourself and should attend counselling before you pass on your damaging opinions to your kids. The human body is a natural thing and should be celebrated, not demonised. Would you take your kids to see the Venus de Milo? She's nude and regarded as a timeless masterpiece and there is no sexual context.


As a member of the LDS faith, a BYU student, and semi-frequent moviegoer, It's a shame to see members of the faith so incapable of recognizing a mistake and moving on. You are whinning. The reason people outside Utah have such a dislike for Utahns and the LDS faith is because of uptight and self-righteous people like you. If you don't want to see the movie, don't go see it. If you accidently see a part of it, get out and move on. Don't drag the reputation of Church members lower because you can't live in the real world. It's embarrassing. And this talk of a lawsuit - so unfortunate that so many people are so weak as to even think that would be a good option. Weak, sheltered people.

The Grand Wazoo

Glad to see the Brain Police out in full force here.
Your kids are exposed to worse things in the 30 minutes before school starts every day than was seen in the first few minutes of this movie.
When did we all become so easily offended ?
I'm not sure, but we better get those bonfires stoked up just in case it happens again. . .

No one important

Research has shown a direct link between dysfunctional sexual activity and early exposure to nudity, sexual activity and the general free and open attitude toward sex in today's society. The parents in that theater have a right to be offended at what their kids were exposed to, also they have a right to be angry. We should not belittle them for being upset. At the same time, the damage would be very limited as long as the parents turn this even into a teaching moment about what is and is not appropriate. Exposing nudity to children is NOT appropriate.

And, about the lawsuit comments...for what? It was a mistake...teach your children well and laugh about it in a few years.

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