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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The bar is low when folks are defending HSM as child-worthy. The sex film is a distraction. The larger question is why on earth would parents be fine with the sexual innuendo and stereotypes in HSM? A few minutes of nudity isn't nearly as traumatizing as hours and hours of the highly sexualized HSM!

Austin T

Parents taking their children to see HS3 is the tragedy here. Honestly, just relax. It wasn't porn or an ax murder. A little levity please, I mean are you people really crazy upset over this?

Don't you have other issues to obsess over? Something that really matters? Like ,I don't know, maybe the war, elections, economy, environment? Use your brain people!

Whoopty do

Every one of you was born naked. Your children see a naked person every time they bathe: themselves. Get over YOUR selves already. Scarred for life? Lawsuits? You people need a serious reality check.


Could we stop from all of the psychobabble here for one moment? I read this article, then read through most of the comments before I finally stopped and reread the article. You see I was somewhat confused. Based on the comments, it sounded as if some of the parents were going to sue, but I didn't recall reading that in the article. So I went back and reread it and what do you know? Not one word about anybody suing anybody! So we have a brief, concise article about the facts, followed by many, many comments arguing over things that were never said or insinuated in the article, but rather assumed by the poster of the comments. We have people berating these parents for being whiny, prudes, law-suit happy, stupid, parentally-challenged, etc. when the ONLY comment recorded in the article by a parent was that the scenes were disgusting and it happened too quickly for her to get her children out of the theatre. How does that one comment deserve any of the snide comments that have followed on here? Really, you people assume too much, not to mention you think far too highly of your own opinions.


Wow, it has already been said but it bears repeating. There is NO way the parents sat through non disney trailers and didn't know it.

I mean seriously...GO to see a Disney flick you get bombarded with Disney propoganda. What's the chance they ran the correct reel of trailers for HSM3 but forgot to change the movie out?


Based on all of you FREE-Thinking Liberals" and your anything goes ideology, this would be considered child abuse. You want to outlaw dodge-ball, because it's child abuse in your mind, why not have a lawsuit because the children were exposed to vulgar language and nudity. You all set the standard of suing for the smallest of things, so based on your standards, the parents should sue. right? It doesn't matter what the lyrics are on their Ipod. It's all about choice. The parents did not choose this. The theatres should pay dearly. I'm thinking 100 million dollars minimum. Hey, I'm just trying to be a good liberal.


Get over it. We all have sex. We all have body parts. I think the kids will survive.


I'm a theatre manager and this mistake should have been noticed in the trailers. There is a definite difference in trailers for a rated R film than a G. Mistakes happen and this is a common one.

Future America

If we lived in a country with Sharia Law, wouldn't the audience and the theater owners now be stoned to death?


I have been to kid's movies where there were R-rated trailers. It is not that uncommon.




Give me a break. The movie theatre made an honest mistake. People are acting like it is the end of the world. OH NO---BOOBIES ON THE MOVIE SCREEN!! THE HORROR!!!!! Sex Drive is not a sexually explicit movie. If it was, it would be NC-17 and not R. T&A does not make a movie sexually explicit, it just makes it a movie containing nudity. I just love the lines like "my kid will be scarred for life now", etc. Give me a break. I guarrantee you that for a lot of the kids in that theatre, that was not the first time that they had seen naked breasts.


life long lds'r here...... so someone made a mistake, big deal, lets get the cops involved!! Sheesh people, and you wonder why people think we're weird! Yes I've got young uns at home, yes I would be upset, but seriously--you got to see your movie for free (via the voucher) and you got some free popcorn and drink (A week's salary for most of us).
The manager apologized and steps have now been put into place to avoid this in the future. Get over it now. Your kids will soon either forget it, or supress the memory so they wont become a bain on society until they are at least 45!!


If you google for "Sex Drive" first 10 minutes and you'll be able to see the first 10 minutes.

Um... if you couldn't figure out VERY quickly this wasn't HSM, then it's genetically likely your kids aren't smart enough to be 'traumatized'. (Though you making a huge deal out of it might scar them).

Have fun moralist outragers, prudes and folks that think it's okay to let your kids watch hundreds of murders in a Chuck Norris film, but freak out that they might see a boob or two.


They were shown....what REALLY happens in high school musicals.....especially during senior year....


Mom | 9:47 a.m. Oct. 28, 2008
I would have been VERY upset! Popcorn and tickets DO NOT MAKE UP for their mistake!

Normally I am opposed to lawsuits, but for this I would make an exception

Your are an idiot! I'm sure you have made mistakes too. So the next time I find out you made a mistake I am taking you to court.


waah waah waaah the theatre made a mistake now im gonna sue because i think i can make a buck waah waaah waaah im gona go cry some more waaah waaah waaaaahhh!!!!


You're not a mother: You're wrong. I am a very protective parent of three children aged 11, 12 and 14. I don't let my kids have cell phones, chat online, or surf the web without very strict parental controls. They don't 'date', and won't until college. That said, I would MUCH rather have my kids see nudity than something like Saw or Hostel. Torture porn movies are disgusting and lead to kids lacking empathy and value for human life. Talk to your kids and teach them empathy, honor and compassion, and they'll be fine.


This is inexcusable- I worked for 9 years as a projectionist and NEVER once ran the wrong movie. I bet this theater runs ads too and has common-width screens.

I'm giving my email address to this site, so if the owner of the theater would like to hire me to run their booth perfectly, contact me and I will relocate.

Sean Loughry

This is not news, people. This is called a MISTAKE, and mistakes happen all the time by completely innocent (though probably lazy) people. The person in charge of the projector is at fault. They simply didnt do their job.

At some time in this country's future we are going to have to grow a set, and replace the set we cut off in the 70's. Mistakes DO NOT have to offend us. We have been taught as a nation to be offended at just about everything. We have also been taught that the slightest exposure to negative material somehow going to corrupt our children and send them into a life of terror. Children are more resilient that you are giving them credit for. The person in charge of the projector should be reprimanded and moved to the snack bar, and the idiots who thought this was worthy of a call to the news desk need to unlearn being offended so easily.

Wow, we are doomed if this is what we are as a society.

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