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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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BRIEF NUDITY? You gotta be kidding me. My kid saw brief nudity when the little mermaid changed into a real woman. A mistake was made, get over it. Be thankful it wasn't SAW 5 instead. Your child could've seen a razor trap decapitate someone. Everyone will experience brief nudity at some point in their life. Kids experience it when they take a bath or a shower, unless your kids don't bathe.

I like the title.

Sounds like a good trade to me. I don't really like musicals anyway.

Um, guys?

The reason this is a problem is because when young children (under the age of 12, not just toddlers) are developing, visual exposure to any form of sexuality - including "under the covers" action - can severely traumatize them. It can affect their future relationships with members of the opposite sex, it can lead to personality changes, it can even lead to future addictions and fetishes. This is studied, proven research that most universities teach with their social studies/psychology courses. I've had to learn about these studies repeatedly over the course of my college education, and I'm sure others have as well. Heck, I've even heard Dr. Drew cite these studies multiple times on Loveline.

That's why, in addition to the moral values of the parents, this is a big issue. Children don't process visual stimuli the same way adults do, it affects their brains differently, and things like this can lead to a great deal of future harm.


Do any of these concerned mothers realize that by panicking and freaking out they are making it so much more dramatic in these kids' heads than it really needs to be?

Of course this is a mistake and if I had taken kids there I would be upset as well, but I would encourage them not to go frantic over this. You aren't helping yourself or your kids any by raising a ruckus or filing a lawsuit.


Sorry, but that is funny.

D & K's Mom

Didn't anyone notice during the movie trailers? Usually they show kid-friendly previews before a kid's movie. I doubt they had kid-friendly/Disney previews for the other movie.
Oh well it was a mistake, the theatre apogized and gave the patrons movie passes and vouchers for snacks. That's more than some places would have done.


I personally think that was good for the kids. I think they are way to overprotected in Utah, sheltered kids are no good to society.

to Um, guys @4:38

Those studies would explain the trauma due to exposure WITHOUT EXPLANATION - when kids inadvertently see things, don't understand, and are left to wonder/imagine on their own. These parents are obviously going to do a lot of talking about what their kids saw. Whether it's to help them understand the parent's moral perspective or to come to the conclusion that getting all het up and ranting about someone's mistake is acceptable behavior is left to be seen.

If I were a kid, I'd be excited to see another movie and this time with snacks from the concession instead of ones smuggled into the theater in mom's purse.

re: Steve-Re: Everyone OVER-reac

weekly? That would be nice...

Been there

I went to see Mighty Ducks a few years ago but they accidentally started showing Passenger 57. I realized later that it would have been better if nobody had noticed the error...
In this case it's really a toss up - either way the audience watches something dreadful that could leave them scarred for life, although at least with HSM 3 you only have songs stuck in your head.
The real travesty is that either movie was made.
Sex Drive The Musical - now that would be a movie.


Well I have not seen either movie mentioned, but would you not have a clue at the VERY START that you were not watching a Disney Movie? Do you have to wait for "sex" to show up on the screen to figure that out?


I love the quality of this article. My favorite sentence was "For future movies."

Sounds like a good reason

to sue. That's despicable. This should bring in some good returns in a court setting. Too bad I wasn't there. Not that I would have gotten past the first few minutes even if the movie had been HSM. I spent 4 years at East High in SLC and don't have any desire to see more of it.

idaho reader

re: Later Day Saint
I don't think you understand the sacrament like it should be understood. If the Child was under 8 they are innocent anyway. If over 8 they are still innocent because it was not in there controle. The sacrament is there to help us be forgiven and no bishop I know would not let any of these kids partake of the sacrament because of this kind of mistake. Ask your bishop if you want ferther advice.

You're not a mother...

The people on here that think some adults and parents are overreacting to a small thing, and that it was no big deal, obviously aren't mothers or protective parents. It may have been a mistake but if a child sees explicit nudity, they may NEVER be able to get it out of their head or forget. Strange how pornography is more addictive than any substance in existence. While we're at it, let's take the kids to a meth house for a day and say it was an accident and no big deal.


anyone with a real college education would know that dr. drew from loveline is not a credible source.

Larry H

The high point of hipocrasy. lets not show two friends who in desperate times have to make an adult film to stay afloat (shows something about how in our society people would have to do this to live) but show a movie about teens going acroos country to have sex with someone they meet online. Where is Dateline when you need it?


Stop letting your kids outside of your house!


I'm sure Sex Drive by far way much more entertaining at least.

Parents should be punished

If they take their kids to see the overglorified lies of how high school is in that crap-tacular movie series

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