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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: Trailers

I would have to agree that there was probably some equally "questionable" material in the trailers before the movie even started. A few months ago, I took my 3-year-old to see Wall-E, and we accidentally walked in on the beginning of what I later learned was "Hellboy 2"... we didn't even make it through the entryway (~10 sec) before I realized we were in the wrong theater! If parents of kids were still sitting there after 3-4 "general audience" trailers advertizing PG-13 and R movies, then part of the blame lies on them.

re: for 8:21

"Dear Anonymous (if that's really your name),"

awesome. just awesome.

Lighten up!

It was a mistake! This world has more important issues to worry about than a mistake at the movie theater. Ask your kids to close their eyes and tell the manager it is inappropriate. Or cover the projector with your coat. A law-suit? Give me a freaking break. You are bankrupting our country by suing everyone for everything. The only ones getting rich are oil companies and ambulance chasing lawyers. Get a grip and let it go.

Forgive and Forget

Come on parents! You need to learn how to forget about this mistake that the theater made. The theater realized quickly that they had made a mistake and tried to make up for it. You would be making and even BIGGER mistake if you were to bring this to court. Don't be so hypocritical, unless of course you've never made a mistake.


So how is it that Larry H will show a movie like "Sex Drive" but boycott "Zach and Miri make a porno" I think there is a double standard, if he doesn't show one movie that has the theme of two friends making a porno to earn money then how could he show a movie about teenagers traveling cross contry to have sex with someone they met on the internet?


I don't think this is "the worst thing that could have happened." That is a little extreme. I admit, that parents should have realized that the trailers were not for a Disney film. The first ten minutes of the film can be viewed on several sites online. The "Summit Entertainment" logo comes on the screen, then goes directly into the male actor talking to a female in a chat room. If this were HSM3, Disney would have appeared. It is obviously not HSM3. Common sense would have told you to leave. The nudity is a male backside, a brief flash (about a second long) which occurs after a brief "love scene" under the sheets. That scene occurs at about 3 minutes, and the brief flash of a butt is at 4 minutes. Plenty of time to have gotten up and left. It was a stupid mistake, leave it at that.


Ah jeez. Some of you people could become millionares by converting coal into diamonds using nothing but your own senses of righteous indignation. I am a parent, and I prefer to use these moments to draw the distiction between what is acceptable to us, and what is acceptable to the rest of the world, and why that matters.

You might as well just lock your kids in a box so that they won't be "exposed" to anything you don't approve of. Heaven forbid you try to equip them with understanding to know the difference between appropriate entertainment, and media garbage. I want my kids to be able to differentiate between Michelangelo's "David" and Hollywood's "Sex Drive". Both have nudity; one is inspiring art, the other is filth. Important to understand the difference.

All that being said, I'd have expected an apology and some popcorn.

Grant Smith

I went to see a kids movie at the Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons once and the previews seemed a bit bizarre. Before the movie could start, an employee came in and announced that they had the wrong film in the projector. We had to wait a few minutes and then they got the right movie showing.

I took my kids to another movie at a Cinemark dollar theater and they started showing a PG-13 movie instead. I had to go out and find an employee and then we had to watch a bit more of the wrong film before someone got in the booth and started the correct film.

I've also seen trailers loaded upside down and backwards, with even the sound playing backwards. Mistakes happen. It's got to be worse when the projector's digital and a mistake can be as simple as a click of a button.

As for "Zach and Miri", I'm sure Megaplex is avoiding it because of the perception that it's normalizing pornography. There's already been a lot of controversy just over the title alone. Some people have refused to display ads for the film.

hey Moms I got news 4 U

check the lyrics out on that ipod your son or daughters got ..

re: Hatuletoh

Thank you someone for being rational.

"the worst thing that could have happened"? I am sorry, but I can think of MANY things that rank MUCH higher on my list of bad stuff, and many of them don't stray too far from the topic. I don't know, but things like being a victim of a pedophile or growing up to be a rape victim, being sodomized as part of a high-school hazing are recent headlines that come to mind.

Could we possibly tone down the rhetoric for a moment?


I was logging onto the internet to read about this story and all of a sudden pornography appeared on my computer for two or ten minutes. Atleast that's what I told my wife!

Hung the Carrot

Now I am curious as to what happens in the first couple of minutes of "Sex Drive" (the movie). I now have some plans for tonight. Thanks for the article.

A mistake by a HS student

I'm sure they got in trouble.

Larry Miller didn't personally do anything, and those who are appalled, grow up.

The company gave passes for movies and concessions, they have done enough.
Don't blame someone's individual actions on the entire theater.
(or do, because if you don't go there will be more room for me in the theater).

was there

I was at this showing of HSM3 with my children and a few neices and nephews on Friday night. Unfortunely we were a little late getting in our seats so we only caught the last trailer. It was for the movie Twilight; not exactly a disney flick but not an R-rater either so i really didn't give much thought to it. I was surprised when i heard today that this was actually in the paper. I was rather unhappy about the mistake but it was just that, a mistake. The first 5 minutes of the movie were shown during which time there was some profanity, including the f-word a few times and some "strong sexual content", but there was no nudity. Several people went out to let the theatre know and they got the movie stopped.
The bottom line is that it was a mistake. i wasn't happy about it but the manager was very apologetic and did his best to make ammends. I didn't see the need to run home and fire off an e-mail to the newspaper or ksl. This just doesn't seem like news to me.

Seekers Beware

Oh all you lawsuitin seekers! Is it really that big of a deal? To seek for punishment from a mistake? Have a little understanding. Besides i bet both the movies sucked anyway!!!

re: Latter Day Saint 12:10 p.m

Surely you must be someone who is having some fun disguised as a member of the LDS church (funny funny), because if you are a member of the church I actively belong to, I am embarrased for you.

to Mom @ 9:47 am

Teaching your children to castigate people and throw a lawsuit at them for making a mistake is much worse, in my opinion, than anything that happened to them at the theater. The person who made the mistake was probably a 17 year old hoping to earn some money for school clothes since the economy doesn't let mom and dad foot the bill this year. What if it was your child who made the mistake? Would you be singing the same tune?

Oh! Let's teach our kids to go after those who actually contribute to the economy and the number of jobs available in the state instead of using it as a lesson is easy forgiveness and having a sense of humor. Nice.



oh no, these poor children saw a naked person... they will surely grow up to be horrible people with indellable scars. They will probably turn into child molesters or even worse, gay people. Whatever people, a little human body never hurt anyone.

Steve-Re: Everyone OVER-reacting

First, it was a mistake... get over it. It's funny how people freak out over nudity (which is natural) and sex but don't do the same for violence. Had an action/thriller movie with an opening scene of gunfire and a shoot out been accidently shown instead would these mom's be (pardon the pun) up in arms over it? I doubt it.

RE: "Once it's in, it's in" - You do realize that to think of nudity and sex is natural don't you? Your kids will think about it no matter how much you sheild them from it in movies & TV.

RE: "Mom" @ 9:47 a.m. 10/28 - I hope you're not serious. A sue the theater because of forgeting to switch out a movie upon changing theater rooms on short notice?? This is beyond trivial, don't contribute to clogging our court system with such un-important fluff.

RE: "Latter Day Saint" - Huh? Since when can't you take the sacrement because you saw a nude body or sex act? That would mean married couples would be doing so weekly.

RE: "Grant Smith" - You don't take your kids to PG-13 movies?

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