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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hey Rock..

If we boycott the merchants of smut... guess what, there wouldn't be anyone left!! No internet, no cable TV, no Hollywood, modern clothing, perfume, music, sports, etc... just a bunch of boring, terrified little rabbits huddling around a candle waiting for the darkness to close in around them. How about starting with a boycott against corrupt government and biased media and then work our way to smut?


What about the option of just asking your children to close their eyes! The mistake is unfortunate, but it's not the end of the world or the "worst thing that could have possibly happened to them". There are much worse things in our world than brief nudity.


This article explains that the opening scene contains nudity. The woman interviewed in the article says the opening scene was "Sexually Explicit"... well, that's not exactly the same thing. Sexually Explicit movies aren't very common in Utah theaters, and when it occasionally gets there, it's NC-17 (or 21+ only, at some Sundance screenings). I haven't seen "Sex Drive" so I can't comment on the opening scene but I am so dang tired of people getting their fur up over nudity!! I mean come on, do these people bathe with their clothes on? They were born, so they must have been nude at least one time in their lives!!! It must be horrible to have such low self esteem that one considers nudity morally offensive.

Legal Advice

This is horriblethe only inappropriate stuff a kid should have to see is what was left on their dad's computer...or their mom's Victoria Secret magazine. Oh, and maybe standing in the supermarket line. Oh...also on the I-15 billboards. If you think it's the first time these kids were "exposed" to this kind of stuff then your naivety is dominating your life. It's WRONG that it happened...but CLEARLY was a mistake. But I guess somehow suing them will erase the pictures from their minds? That's not what I learned in Sunday school last week. Turn the other "eye" and get over it.

Paul Gibbs

Patrons were immediately aware that something was wrong when they noticed that the people onscreen could act.

Stupid Parents!

You cannot possibly convince me that these parents sat through the entire series of trailers which I am SURE were not typical Disney trailers, THEN sat through the opening credits complete with a movie TITLE, and STILL did not have time to take their poor, innocent children out of the theater before the nudity showed up. Sorry, I'm not falling for it. If you couldn't tell within about TEN seconds (literally) that the movie you were seeing was not HSM3, then you seriously should not be taking your kids to movies. Unless the nudity was actually during the opening credits (which I have personally never seen to be the case), then you have no right whatsoever to complain... Come on...!

Previews, Lawsuits, and Magic

What about the previews? Wouldn't the first clue that a more adult film would be showing be the type of previews that were shown? I know when I've been to children's movies I've seen children's previews, action movies have action previews, horror movies and horror previews.

Nobody should be filing a lawsuit over this. This is the kind of junk that makes our legal system inefficient and corrupt. If people would be honest and less selfish, our society would funtion much more smoothly. High health care costs? Because of lawsuits and doctors covering their butts. Paying too much for retail goods? You are paying for the stuff that other people steal. If you think going to a movie is expensive now, just file a bunch of lawsuits over a mistake like this and then watch out.

We can't always control what we are exposed to, but we can control how we react. Living in a bubble doesn't make you a good person. I've like basketball my whole life. When Magic Johnson got HIV I was young, and my dad used it as an opportunity to explain to me a little more about life. Don't overreact, just react constructively!

re :Mom

you go girl

lets make'em pay for this mistake


Did this particular screening not have trailers? The trailer pack for a film like Sex Drive would be drastically different from one for High School Musical: 3. Shouldn't that have been a tip off?

re: Paul Gibbs

Your post is the only intelligent comment I have read so far !


It is sometimes is hard to tell when the trailer's end and the movie begins. And the trailers are often approved for all audiences, even when the movie is meant for a more mature viewer. Often a movie will start with a scene, then you sit through several minutes of credits. So they may not have realized the movie starting was a different one.

Hardly something to get upset about. It was a simple mistake and the theatre provided vouchers to the audience to make up for the mistake. They changed their procedure to ensure it wouldn't happen again. Too bad they couldn't start the movie over - and skip the credits so the patrons could all see the movie they intended to see. The article didn't tell us if the people actually got to see the Disney movie at some point.

SLC gal

LOL!!!!!!! I don't care who you are - that's funny - unless you live in Provo....

Opening Scene

Can someone who has actually seen Sex Drive please tell us what exactly happens in the opening minute or two? I have a feeling this is much ado about nothing.


I guarantee the trailer pack for Sex Drive was quite different from HSM:3. I took my sister to HSM:3 last week and it was all bubblegum, not to mention a ton of Disney marketing (obviously).

Sex Drive is more in the vein of Superbad and American Pie, which, if you've seen the opening sequences of, you can imagine how this one started out. I bet it was a cold lead in, no opening credits, just straight into the film.

IMDB doesn't have any info about the first few minutes, but hopefully someone will comment because I am curious.


It's actually illegal to show sexually explicit material to children, which is why the whole rating system started in the first place. Depending on the nature of the material (I haven't seen the movie) the theater could have opened itself up to criminal prosecution.

While some of you may think this is silly, it's actually a very serious mistake.


Yes, Jeffrey, I guess by your logic, children should be fed nothing but porn from the time they are born. After all, sex is natural. In fact, why have any age limits? Why stop at just the suggestion of intimacy or even at full nudity? Give them the hardcore stuff as early as possible so they'll develop healthy attitudes towards sex.

As the father of a young child, I'd be upset at the mix-up, especially since "Sex" apparently begins with nudity and sex scenes. Oh, and I'm not embarassed by sex. I've already answered my child's questions to date and will continue to do so as she matures, but always at an age appropriate level.

I'd rather decide the age at which to discuss the biological details, not have it foisted upon me by having my children view material which has, by it's very own rating by the MPAA, been deemed inappropriate for children. And I'm sorry, you cannot compare billboards or a scantily clad person in-line at the supermarket to nudity and sex in a movie.

Lawsuits are not the answer, but I understand the anger & concern coming from the parents over the mixup.

Utah Code

The parents could press the issue in the police. Section 76-10 of the Utah Code specifically spells out penalties for an offense such as this.

Latter Day Saint

I am absolutely appalled at this "mistake". The poor children who were exposed to this filth will now not be able to take the sacrament for months.

Whoever played this disgusting trick, I hope it was worth it for you. I hope you aren't planning on going on a mission.


Parents have the right and the responsibility to educate their children on this kind of topic. Dang straight this is a big deal! I would be so mad if it was me, and I don't even have kids yet!

Badly written

from the last paragraph, I submit this sentence:

"For future movies."

/slow clap

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