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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hollywood Anonymous

Bob, that's why it's called a software 'bug'.

I was there...

I was in attendance with my children when this incident occurred and thought I would answer a few questions. I agree with many of the comments posted and did use this experience as an opportunity to teach my 4 and 10 year old that they should listen to their hearts and leave any situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

As to the previews...we were shown Twilight, Four Christmases, The Soloist (about a musically gifted homeless man), and a new action/adventure with Dakota Fanning. These seemed a little old for the audience, but not totally alarming. When Sex Drive began it did start "cold" with no credits or titles. It began with a teenage boy chatting online with a girl. I think many of us were wondering if he was some new character at first. The title scrolled across the screen just as the sexual scene started, and just as I and other parents quickly left exited the theater.

I was there (continued)

I do believe it was an honest mistake, and would never sue anyone for that. However, it was upsetting to my children. "Explicit" may have been the wrong word choice but, as a parent, it felt pretty close. I took this experience as a lesson that I should be more vigilant in protecting my children in the future. I would expect the theater staff to be just as careful in fulfilling their responsibilities to their young audiences. From now on, I will obtain confirmation that we will be shown the correct movie before I take my children into any theater.

Well doggone

Mom, was that you standing next to me at the book burning the other day?


Oh please come on accidents happen! Lets remember that forgiveness is just as important as staying morally clean!

not only UT news

Just thought you might like to know that the nation Fox News Channel ran a story on this yesterday. So I guess it's not just in Utah that people care.


I think it is sad that it happened to those kids. I would be very upset if I have my kids there. Pornography stays in the mind especially kids minds. It destroys adult relationships at a disgustingly high rate. Adults who are supposed to be mature enough to handle sex. What effect will it have on the curious minds of children. Yah there is a lot if sex everywhere on tv, the internet but there is a lot of dog crap in the world too, that doesn't mean everyone has to play in it if they don't want to.

TJ - the dad

sad how people think just because you live in utah, you never get out and "see the real world". My kids have spent more time out of Utah than in it, by far. We met a lot of great people and saw great things. I would say most of the people we met with little kids would also not appreciate having their young kids see what ours started to see. I didn't grow up in Utah either, doesn't change what I do or don't want my kids to see whether it is my young kids or my older ones. When you pay for a product, you expect to get what you pay for. If your IPOD had a glitch, you would take it back. If your new one had another glitch, you would take it back and try to make sure it didn't happen again. that is all that happened here. thanks to those who read and understood without trying to make more of it than it was. The rest of you, relax, this may make it so you don't spend time on a movie you didn't pay for, whatever it was.


It wasn't just 'tweens' at this showing, it was youngers kids, as well. If you don't think that sort of thing can affect a child's mind, you really need to take some classes on human development. Not sure how explicit what they saw was, but exposure to such things at too early an age can create an unhealthy fixation or preoccupation with pornography. The theater was negligent in this case. It has nothing to do with parents who don't talk to their kids about sex.


My 7 year daughters i-pod is quite clean. This is a great mistake and if i was there i would sue. If nothing else i will get more popcorn. funny stuff i heard the story made national news!! Congrats Utah


Why does everyone on here think that this was a mistake. I bet someone knew exactly what was going on. Surely someone there had seen the movie and knew that it opened with a sex scene. I bet the employees at that theater were laughing all day long about it!


I cannot get between the lines on this. So I am going to another board with it. So all I will say here about this is that. It is not the end of the world. The smart parents just got up and left. Stuff sometimes happens. You use such incidents as a teaching moment.

I have always told my kids if they show in school anything that offends them, just quietly get up and go outside till its over.

My kids are well grounded little shocks them, however they keep Church Standards. Their mom and I have thought them to be self sufficient and to make good choices.

Mistakes are made accidents happen, life goes on.

Kids should not be punished for what, they may have seen. Parents where not at fault. Mr. Whipple was most likely not at fault, however being the Manger did put him on point.

The blame if any belongs to the guy/gal who was supposed to set up the right movie.

In G or PG Movies, the previews are usually fit for everyone.

Dakota Fanning, who I like as a person and actress. Has done some questionable scenes, In movies I refused to see.

Are Your Legs Broken?

Get up and leave.

Reality Check

If children had witnessed the Sex Drive scene played out in real life in their school yard, the people would have been arrested and thrown into jail. What is so different about seeing REAL PEOPLE on a movie screen?

These types of images are shocking to children. Children are NOT adults who are regularly involved in sexual experiences. Children are blank slates and are highly impressionable.

I speak openly about sexuality to my children, but they should not have to see naked people doing anything sexual until they are old enough to not be traumatized by it. Ideally they wouldn't see it until they are doing it themselves as married adults. Exposing children or teenagers to blatant sexuality does not help them see reality. It distorts reality BIG TIME. That is damaging.

Mistral <(^o^)>

Come on, people. At least it wasn't something like BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. WAAAAAAAY more people would have been offended if they had seen *certain scenes* of that.
I don't get why either >.>
Plus, what parents take their children to see something like HSM3? I don't like those movies, they are too picture-perfect for me...
I grew up on the old time movies like Chucky. I hate HSM3.


That reminds me of another story 2 years ago little kids and there parents went to see last mimzy instead it was the hills have eyes 2 witch starts with a graphic birth scene


WOW. There are more than five pages of complaints towards an ACCIDENT that has been fairly reconciled. Maybe you should just leave it be and possibly FORGIVE? I mean after all, isn't that what we're taught in our Sunday services? This is why I believe in "The separation of church and state." The first of the United States amendments, of which is not exactly favored (or followed) by the administrative citizens of the State of Utah.

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