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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hoolywood Anonymous,

What??? They were film prints not digital. The digital movies at the theatre where I work, while not attached to the digital movie, were still programmed to run with the movie. Its all one sequence. A different movie would have a different program set to run with different trailers. The only way to run a digital print of Sex Drive with HSM3's trailers would be to physically reprogram the trailer package.

Most if not all theatres will not programs trailers more than 1 rating above the film being shown. HSM3 is rated G. The fact that someone who was there claimed that Twilight was being shown should have been a hint. Since one rating above G is PG. Twilight is not PG.

Even without knowing this, parents still should have been able to figure it out when they saw no kids-related previews.

Utah is wound too tight

Only in Utah is this news.

My take


That's about the only editorial that needs to be said about this story.


Parents had every right to complain and be upset.

I have one issue though. Pre movie trailers are always a dead give-a-way to the general content of the upcoming movie. I think I would have caught on long before the movie started. But what about those who are running later? Great point! While there are always instances where being late can't be helped, I've long been annoyed with the 'Mormon standard selfish come when I darn well please despite the disturbances it causes' attitude. Perhaps if people had been on time and paid attention, they would have caught the forth coming wrong movie.

All in all, sounds like an honest mistake and the theater handled it well.


I wonder if these are the same parents who took thier small children dressed in Batman outfits to the opening night of Dark Knight and then had to carry them out crying when the movie got real interesting SCARY - it was rated PG 13 - This was a simple mistake

Gordon Hill

These children and adults will probably be scarred for life. Now, they'll probably grow up to be homosexuals!

RE: Martin

I'm going to sue you for dumbing down this entire message board. Thank you for portraying conservative opinions as "liberal". Propoganda at its best!


Too funny!


Seriously...it is actually illegal?! That's funny...the theater I go to actually has a sign that tells you not to bring kids under age 6 to R rated movies after 6:00 p.m. Gee....all of those parents bringing underage kids to matinees isn't getting them thrown into jail...Don't get me wrong. I would never take an underage child to an R rated movie, but stop fueling the fire for a lawsuit.

Easy Mom and Dad

Was it a bad mistake, of course. Could it affect those kids lives, maybe. Every parent who is crying lawsuit, or the vouchers aren't enough need to relax. Do you not know that your sweet precious kids are talking about sex at ages as early as 6th grade among their friends? Do you not know that your kids are viewing things on tv, the internet, movies at friends, that they shouldn't see either? Kids are having to grow up a lot faster these days and there is no way to control that. If parents really knew what their kids were doing, they would be appalled. "My sweet little angel wouldn't do something like that!" Um really? Face the music and get to know your kids! This is a minor bump in the road on their way to the adult world beginning at age 12. Use it as an educational tool for them and take it easy on the lawsuits! You people are really out of touch when it comes to what is really going on in the world today with kids. Your kids aren't as good as you think they are!


These children will probably grow up normal now.


Too bad, so sad, your child will live...end of story, this is not news.


Imagine my surprise when I finished this article to find that 192 people commented on it! Regrettable, but WOW, c'mon.


Megaplex is avoiding because it looks like a stupid movie that they would loose money on and found a way out of showing it. Personally I think it is genius. I bet there are a lot of movie theatres that wishes they could do the same.


I didn't see either movie. I wouldn't go see Sex Drive, as I don't go see R movies, most PG13, and some PG movies. My choice.

I am really glad I wasn't there.

1. I don't want to see that.
2. If that Megaplex theater thought I through a fit the last time they made a mistake when I was there...

I am really surprised they didn't call me just to make sure I wasn't there.

The District Megaplex is really the best theater location in town. It is bad that it happened at all.


That's awesome!!


This was a mistake by the theater. Not a traumatising effect to the children in the theater. The parents should have been able to tell by the previews that the wrong movie was playing. Disney does not permit previews for any movie above PG on any move with the Disney trademark on the movie. Theaters comply with this because they do not want to loose Disney's business. There are on average 12-15 minutes of previews as well as up to 30 minutes of pre show advertising in the theatre and not one of these parents could figure that it was not appropriate for the movie???
Wake up and pay attention!!!

freaked out

Ahh!!! That would be scary for the parent, don't you people realize that the crowd for HSM is kids 5+!!!!!! This is really bad pornagraphy. Those parents might have to give the birds and the bees talk early!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have simpathy for the parents


it is not the first time and i dont think it will be the last

does it matter

Makes me ashamed of my state

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