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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Many good respectful comments by lds/non-lds!
I can't remember a candidate for prez that had such a successful varied background as Mitt Romney!
Olympics, Mass. (out of debt,etc.),Ceo of Bain corp.
And a squeeky clean personal life who has been faithful to his wife of many years during her illness! The Evangelists are a bunch of ding bats, but wait a minute there was a group called EVANGELISTS FOR MITT ! Bewlive me this country is going to be on the verge of collapse before Obama
is finished ! And his background is going to look very good! As for the fees raised...Great!
Why tax everybody for your license to be a plumber?
Mass. was in deep debt! Money has to be raised...
sooo raise the fees! You get..you pay!
Mitt is a very smart guy! But he may want to rest
and sit back and enjoy life!?Personally...I think a lot of guys were jealous--looks, money, smart!
A black lady said she didn't like Romney! I told her about his accomplishments..her eyes bugged out
and she said.."I didn't know that"!

Mitt 2012?

Unless old Mitt is going to trade in his religion like he traded in his liberal views, he's gonna have the same problem next time around The GOP is all about evangelicals now, and they would never stand for Romney.

San Diegan for Mitt

Lucky for the GOP that Mitt lost to McCain this time around. I agree with the earlier comment that any GOP contender would have been doomed due to the complete abandonment of the party by Bush. Bad timing for any candidate short of Reagan.

Don't be surprised if Mitt takes a shot at the governor's chair her in CA. He bought a home in La Jolla earlier this year.

Maybe Mitt can run and win in 2012. Let's hope so. He's the best qualified to get a handle on things in DC.


Well, Mitt critics I don't see you denying that Mitt accomplished some real good things in 3 different fields,lives a squeeky clean life,
dedicated to his wife and family! Sooo as my Italian uncle used to say"SHUTTA YA MOUTHA"!

Utah Resident



I am personally a Democrat supporter, and I honestly do not think that John McCain would be a terrible thing for this country. Sarah Palin would. Go around and ask people you know, or just friends, or coworkers. Half of them that are voting for Obama will tell you that it is because they don't want to risk McCain dying and having Sarah Palin as Commander in Chief.


I would have voted for Governor Romney of Massachusetts. Sadly, that man is nowhere to be found. The real Mitt Romney was hijacked by the right wing of the Republican Party. He merely became the Mormon Huckabee, and then the GOP (mainly Mr. McCain and Mr. Huckabee) trashed him because of his Mormonism. It is a shame that Mr. Romney did not actually stick to his convictions and run oh his real platform. Instead, he has become just like any other republican. He will kick himself when the Republican party reinvents itself and comes to resemble the old Mitt. The Democratic revolution, lead by Mr. Obama will force the GOP to take sensible positions and perhaps even value some intelligent discourse about the issues, rather than the fear mongering, hate induced, anti-intellectual vitriol currently being spewed. This dividing of America by the GOP must stop. They have become petty sowers of contention. Perhaps I will return to that party when that change takes place.

Common Sense

Romney 2012!

Man, I hope so!!!

David O

Mitt is a highly educated and successful person that made time to raise a family. he is ready to lead. Palin is a joke and not dedicated to her family. Just look at that mess, a drinking underaged pregnant daughter, a troublemaking son, a husband that is barely around. One of those two parents needs to be there more for those kids. Palin was back to work only days after giving birth to a special needs child. She is dedicated to power and ambition. Mitt would have been a much better choice for VP. Mitt actually lives by his morals unlike Palin.


Mitt wont wait around for 2012, he's going to be involved in church leadership callings. Besides he's not one to set around waiting for another chance to be president, he's got other fish to fry. Maybe he'll save someone's failing business that hates Mormons.


Mormons are hated by the left and the right. Mitt in 2012? Won't ever happen.



"Mormons are hated by the left and the right. Mitt in 2012? Won't ever happen. "

Correction. Mormons are hated by ENOUGH on the left and right that it might not happen. I live here in Arizona and I know there are many that love Mitt. My point is, it is not as grim for Mitt as you think. It will be just really tough.

Obama Republican

There is little room if any for Romney in the Inn. Us Mormon's settle for the scraps tossed from the table of the GOP. As long as we do not want a seat at the table they tolerate us.

It is pure Irony that the Democrat Party accepts a man like Sen. Reid, knowing that his views may morph based on what his religious leader says. But the arguments brought up by RIGHT WING Evangelical nuts all center on his religion.

Mosiah had it right or should I say left? when he desired a land free of "Inequality", "liberty", and "everyman enjoying his rights and Privileges a like".

I for one have debated for years why I was a republican. The Gospel sure would not point most to the GOP.


Thanks heaven there are intelligent people who understand in spite of good looks and ability to entertain with winks and glib comments that Palin can not serve two critical entities either her family (which looks like it already has) will suffer or our nation, with the potential for her to end up as commander in chief will in ways we probably can not fathomfind out why her home town news paper is not endorsing her? We are not living in a Leave it to Beaver world there are real dangers we face that requires someone who has the knowledge, wisdom and total dedication to our security and country who will not be torn because a sick child or pregnant unwed daughter also needs her attentionplus something deep inside me tells me she is an opportunistand besides McCain scares me so I will do what my conscience tells me and write in Mitts name and thanks to those who are like minded.

God Bless American we need all the help we can get.


So what is it with Romney, he is a nobody from no where going no where so why all the fan fare. Is it just because he is mormon. Is the mormon pool so small that he is the only fish.


To say 'the right hate Romney' he received a lot of votes in the primaries, I really hope he does run for President again and next time maybe he can be the Republican party candidate.

Carmelo Junior

The way of the GOP back to the White House is to have a woman nominated for president. In 2012 a black president will be yesterdays news, but a woman president of the United States will be the topic of international celebration.
With over 65% of conservatives and republicans support, Sarah is on her way to make history on her own 4 years from now.

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