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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bob b.

All you Mormons complaining about the Christian Right have me laughing. Look at the results from two Bible belt states. In Georgia Huck got 34% McCain 32 % and Mitt got 30 percent. 41,37, and 17 percent respectivly in Alabama. Now look at Utah. Mitt got 90 percent. Guess that means a close to 3 or 4 way split is hate from the Christian Right but voting 90 percent for Mitt because he is Mormon is ok. It proves what I have known for the 22 years I have lived here. Utah is definitly another planet where logic does not apply.


Mitt R. will realize his mistake and drop the GOP and is the Democratic President nominee in 2016, - Now the question is, will Utah still support thier Presidential pick?

Re: Evan

"Evan from Maine | 8:18 p.m. Oct. 27, 2008
After Comrade Obama is chosen as "The Great One" for the United Socialist States Of America, people will realize they should have had Mitt Romney as the top of the ticket. Mitt is the only one that can save us in 2012."

You, sir, are a complete moron. Go study up on communisim, marxism, and socialism before you cast aspersions on Obama. You may not like him, but this kind of drivel simply exposes your ignorance and lack of education.


Why are there so many comments about 2012????

McCain hasn't even lost yet. He just might WIN!!!

Why such negativism?? Where's the Faith???


"scotwright | 3:49 a.m. Oct. 28, 2008
Here we go again, down that same trail we went with Jimmy Carter. Carter, like Obama was a no nothing populist. This country went through some tough times in the late seventies and it seems that we have forgotten that history. If we believe the BS put out by the media and certain other professional brainwashers we conservatives will give up and give in to the radical slobs who stand with the socialist Dumb-o-crats. Everyone who cares anything about America and Christian values should support McCain/Palin and don't become discouraged. They can win but only if we vote for them. The people who would support Obama, if they stay away from the poles will be helping this become a better country. Think about it!"

Are you in 2nd grade? Seriously, your arguments and name calling smacks of one very, very little boy. Recess is OVER!

Senior Citizen

After reading all of the above (some of them very wacky responses, in my view), I thought: When you're a "public" figure, you definitely can't please all of the people all of the time. Some of the comments scare me more than the current political and economic situation in our country does!

David O

Spare me, this Republican administration has DONE MORE to turn us into a socialized country than Obama has even had a chance to do. Look at our banks, brought to you by so called conservatives. A conservative president resided over the largest growth of people depending on medicaid due to losing health insurance.

"Bob b. | 1:12 p.m. Oct. 28, 2008
All you Mormons complaining about the Christian Right have me laughing. Look at the results from two Bible belt states. In Georgia Huck got 34% McCain 32 % and Mitt got 30 percent."

Bob, that is a huge pool of people that weren't willing to vote for Romney. How many of those are the ones that called Mormons a cult? Many.

another blessing for Democrats

As for "Palin 2012," that development would just be the latest in a long list of blessings for the Democratic Party since early 2005, when Bush's Social Security privatization scheme collapsed, starting a downward spiral that led the Republican Party, among other dead-end paths, toward Juneau, Alaska. So, to that prospect, I say: Run, Sarah, Run!

Flip flop

By 2012 Mitt will be a Democrat.


If the good people of Utah think that in 2012 Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin will be the candidates for president they are in for a big shock. Hopefully the Republican party can find someone to run that could actually win. Why would Mitt Romney put himself through the same pain again, he will still be a Mormon and the attitude of the country will not of changed in that regard, he still would not have a chance to win the nomination. As for Sarah Palin, heaven forbid that this woman that acts like a teenage cheer leader with raging hormones should even be considered a candidate is beyond belief. There are so many more dignified and better qualified Republican women that would make excellent candidates for the office of president, choose one of them.

Where does this "the Republican party hates Mormons" or "the Democarts hate Mormons" depending what side of the fence you are on come from? Niether party hates Mormons, they only want your votes they do not care what your religion is. Wake up Utah, vote for the person not the party and you wonder why you are called sheep by the rest of the country.


Oh, stop it! You're killing me. My sides ache from laughing and I can't see through the tears streaming down my face.


I believe government is too big, that both the Republicans and the Democrats are spending too much money, and that we must maintain a strong national defense while protecting our individual Constitutional rights, such as the right to own and bear arms, the right to free speech, the right to practice our religion, etc. I'm not a Democrat because that party won't protect a baby's right to life, constantly talks about further restricting gun rights, criticizes Christians and others who maintain traditional family values, defends candidates who are weak-kneed when it comes to using force when necessary to protect human rights and our national defense, and can't understand that raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy means less money in the economy to go around. For the most part Romney reflects my values. He is intelligent, economically well-educated, well-spoken and possesses executive experience. I think he would be an outstanding President or Vice-President. McCain should have selected him instead of Palin, but I also think she would be a good Vice-President or President because she is not afraid to wield her power to favor the citizens over Big Government. I truly hope that McCain/Palin comes out ahead.

Jerry W

I think the problem with present candidates and those who have run for the past few decades is that they have no experience in running a business. Being involved in business you have to face the cold hard realities of what makes the economy run and your business successful. The current candidates have all had monthly checks coming in with little understanding as to how the process of developing wealth happens. Mitt Romney is the only one who has had to bite the bullet and has been very successful at doing this. Hopefully America will wake up to this in the near future or I am not sure what kind of a future we will have.


Run Mitt Run in 2012


You're wrong, Sarah Palin is no phony. She's just different, and you can't take that. Neither can the media or the rabid Obamaniacs.


Mitt Romney is a fraud and the LDS people are sheep for loving him so much based only on his LDS affiliation. His legacy is a sham, his biggest accomplishments include gay marriage and socialized medicine in MA. The GOP is the same, wolves in sheep's clothing, we should vote them all out and string them all up for treason!

Jair Malthus/I like Romney

I am a naturalized citizen of USA.
I will vote for senator Barrack Obama.
Because the republican administration of G. Bush is a disgrace.
Bush's administaration are liars.
There were no weapons of wass destruction in Iraq.
Iraq had no link to Sept 11th.
If you are mormon, republican & prolife.
How come republicans like war which is destruction of life???
Mr. Romney is the right choice for Vice president.
The republican party selected an unprepared politician fo VP.
Most of the wealthy mormons that I relate with, are very good religious people but they lack universal conciousness.
They think that they are the only tenants of this planet and that they have a monopoly of the truth.
have a good day Merry Krisna & Happy New Year

enough already

PLEASE - we haven't even got this election over and we have to start hashing out 2012! I'm sick of politicians and what they have done to this country. There is going to have to be some major changes in ethics and morality to find an honest person to run for either party in 2012.

Re: George Bush

If you are replying to Real political thought. You are exactley right. We are as dumb as they think we are. Obama is counting on it. Scary but true. We have no idea what he is going to do as President, because he is just counting on the everybody hates George Bush factor, and it is working. That is scary!

Pardon Me But

I too believe Mitt is a good man, but remember he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. It's alot easier to succeed when you have enormous wealth behind you, and a family to guide you. Just look at the big shakers in the world today and their roots. It's a very small percentage of these people that done it by themselves. I'm not sure that Mitt really knows what the majority of us live like or cares is my concern with him, but he definetly knows about being priveleged. Big business doesn't drive this country-the people that work for these businesses do. Don't EVER forget that NO business is any better than it's employees.

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