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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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R.I.P. America

Gosh darn. We are going down as a nation. Family values are out the door. REALLY SAD.
Jesus said: "Love One Another, As I have loved You."


To provojoe - Yes, many executives caused the problems that have now beset our economy, but to put Romney in class with them is ridiculous.

They weren't the only ones who got us into this mess. The greed of Wall Street was matched by the greed of "Main Street." In 1999, Clinton and his cronies strong-armed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to allow subprime lending. They lowered the regulations that were in place so that more people could own houses. That in itself isn't bad, but when a person can report welfare and foodstamps as income that props up the system with no real backup. Yes, Bush didn't reregulate the Banks and Lenders, but when millions of people mortgaged themselves into houses they couldn't afford it was only a matter of time. I don't feel sorry for the companies that went out of business nor those that have lost their houses due to greed. Some families have simply hit hard times, which is regrettable, but to make working, prudent, patient Americans pay for the mistakes of their nonworking, impatient, greedy peers is ludicrous.

Milo P. Otis

Yes, I'm L.D.S. and would vote for Romney next time around. I'm also a registered Democrat and have already voted via mail: Obama, but not straight ticket. Judges: Toss 'em. Let them get back into the private sector and work for a living. I'm not into career politicians. Serve, then "go back to the farm" and serve in another capacity, but serve. I believe in term limits, but it will never happen other than that of the office of President of the United States.

McCain has made his choice: Palin and she will bring him down, if HE hasn't already on his own. We are not winning in Iraq. Any time we've lost one of our own, we're not winning. The serge "It's working." That's nice. We shouldnt be there. L.B. J. lied to us; so has Bush. We shouldnt be there, period.

McCain has served his country, so have many others. I've lost a very good friend to alcoholism due to the Viet Nam war. This was a very useless, we were lied to war. L.B.J.'s biggest downfall. Will we ever learn form history? No.


John McCain has as good a chance as Mitt Romney in 2008. So I'm going to write in Mitt Romney, the better candidate of the three!

re; Mormon from a dumb state

Do you know what educated idiot means? I'd like to see Obama's college transcripts. I'd like to see his academic merits. But I won't because he obviously has something to hide or he would release his prestigious credentials. He is hiding a lot of things that we will never know because he ISN'T transparent and he ISN'T forthcoming. But I am excited for the country to get him as their president. I am excited because "smart people" from "smart states" only learn from the consequences of their "smart decisions" and that is the only thing I am sure about in this whole political process. "Smart people" from "smart states" are proving that they are really just full of their own education ego and so let them have Obama. Let them have his policies, his judges, and his character and then you will see what it is like when the "dog chases the car and then catches it!" Most Obama supporters are making an emotional decision or an anti-Bush decision but neither of these make Obama a better leader or more qualified and they don't make his ideas valid. Obama isn't standing on his own merits, he is riding emotion!


I'm just going to write in Mitt Romney for pres when I vote. I can't stand McCain or Obama


The Penecostals that attend the Assembly of God churches will never vote for a Mormon. I have done the polling by knocking on a lot of doors in Wasilla and Juneau (Palin's congregations). They really do despise Mormons. Members of these congregations would even sabotage our discussions.

Even though Mitt will try to pander for their votes, he will not get their support. I offered to shovel snow, cut wood, pull weeds, but nothing would get them to like or listen to me.

He would have more of a chance by switching parties and running under a similar platform that got him elected in Massachusetts.

Would Mormons vote for him then?


Wasn't Huckabee technically the second-place finisher in the GOP this year?


Wow, that article outlined every reason why I can't stand Romney.

Not that it matters; he continues to only be relevant in Utah.

David O

If you reddest of the red states keep wanting to vote for Republicans, fine. That is your free agency. Just remember that army of Southern Baptist youth that went knocking on doors. They are voting age now and are or will be parents soon teaching the same hatred of Mormons and perpetuating lies. Why do you think Romney had to give his religion speech? SO keep voting for the Republicans that hate you. Just don't deny it.

Don't Gasp at this concept?

No, but I will gasp at your spelling.

Mitt - get a job

Mitt is going to look even more sad in 4 years if all he can say he did since the last election is do some political fund raising.

I would recommend he get off the campaign trail and find a job - maybe head up a cabinet or a UN position. Or how about heading up the Red Cross or a similarly respected organization?


You people who think that term limits is the answer to our problems are kidding yourselves. Our founders provided term limits for us. Its called an informed electorate and voting. We could vote out 435 members of the house every two years if needed. We could change 1/3 of the senate every two years if necessary. The problem is being informed and electing good, honest, men or women of integrity. It doesn't matter how often we vote if we keep putting the same kind of people in there. How can we get this nation back on track if we continue to elect people like: Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi, Ted Stevens, Mark Foley (gone), Barney Frank etc. If Obama is elected inspite of his socialist agenda and past associations with the likes of Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, it will be the biggest hoax/fraud ever perpetrated on the American people in our history.

I Like Mitt

I don't agree with the idea that Mitt couldn't win the south. Especially if he runs against Obama in 2012.

I've lived outside of Utah for the past 19 years and the hype about the "Mormon-hating Christians" is wildly exaggerated on this board. A SMALL handful of misguided evangelicals use the nursery-school logic that "Mormons aren't Christians" because we believe Satan, like all of us, is a child of God who fell from grace or that we don't accept the Nicean Creed, which not even the evangelicals (or Catholics for that matter) can explain - much less defend with scripture.

There is no doubt in my mind that if he won the nomination, Mitt would carry the South and could win the election.

Romney vs Obama in 2012 is very reminiscent of Reagan vs Carter in 1980.

I'm thinking landslide for Mitt.


I'm voting Mitt Romney for President and Hillary Clinton for Vice President. I live in PA and can't vote for either McCain or Obama with a clear conscience.

Joe Biden V.P.

Sarah Palin for president? "Are you joking? Is this a joke?"

Wayne--Huntington Beach

The hate-spewing tv/radio Evangelists, along with Jessie Jackson, Allen Sharpton, Rev. wright and groups i.e. LULAC, have their own agenda (CONTROL)over their 'flocks'( think sheep).

Without this control, they would be out of a high paying job and luxurious lifestyle.

Because of several Interfaith Council efforts,we are beginning to see a wave of cohesiveness amongst the various religious/ethnic groups, wherin they do support Mitt Romney, because of his excellent moral/family values, in addition to his superior leadership qualities and excellent knowledge of economics and business experience, along with his ability to communicate with international representatives.

Fortunately, many people of other faiths and groups are starting to think for themselves now, and would support Mitt Romney.


No more reaganites! The drip down theory has all dried up!

Real Political thought

I am LDS and I will guarantee that Mitt will have a problem getting elected because he is LDS. Don't waste our time speculating about it. Liberals & Evangelicals share one value, hatered of Mormoms. The Republican Party put their most electable ticket together with McCain and Palin, and it may still not enough. The media has blamed Bush so much that it was immpossible to overcome. McCain and Palin are the most electable, and I will tell you why. McCain can actually get the center vote and the Republican base is not offended enough to vote for Obama. McCain also gets the older generation because of his war experience and his age. Palin is a women, religious and is not bad looking. So she brings in women lib types, men who think she is hot, and almost everyone who believes in conservative values and christian values. On the economy, American's have not heard a plan from either side that gives them any confidence. Obama will most likely win because American's are hoping that it was just all Bush's fault and everything we get better when he is out. Most American's are as dumb as they think we are.

George Bush

Well, they elected "W" twice!

(it has been a joke)

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