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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mitt has too many tapes against him?!?

What difference does it make?

Obama has so many tapes in his socialists closet he could make a Marx's Halloween movie!

/the media will love it.

Mitt is fit

Obama has been all over the media for good and for evil.
Any student of politics 101 will tell you that that is great. Keep your face and name out there always.

Even when they talked bad about him it made others feel sorry for him.

Mitt Romney is good at it also.

/now he just needs more political money.


When I hear talk of Mitt for President there are two things that come to mind. The first is socialized medicine done the Romney way in Massachusetts. It is a financial and performance disaster and VERY similar to what Hillary Clinton proposed. Second, the fact that he raised FEES by $700 million and claimed he didn't increase taxes. While true it is his own "depends on what the definition of 'is' is" moment,

I like the guy but simply think he is another Rino who mocks Repubicans. And I'm not so sure he would not have also jumped in bed with the current $700 billion bailout.

Nothing to love in Romney yet.

I'm glad the GOP is tanking

I am a conservative woman. A mother of 8. I have special needs kids and a 17 yr old who is preparing for college, not a shotgun wedding with my newborn as the ringbearer.

Palin is not a good example to our daughters. She is teaching by example, that motherhood is just a photo op. Career First. Family whenever you can get around to it, and when you can charge the state for it. McCain is no better. Maybe it's time to release the reins of power, so we can get our act back on track. Raise the standards and bar for our leadership. Stop walking lockstep. Send the clear message to the GOP that we want leadership again. We want to be able to vote without holding noses. We need to be the party of linclon again, and not the party of Dobbson and Palin. It's time to wander in the wilderness for 4 years. The Jewish people had to do it for 40. We only have to wander for a 10th of the time, if we do the hard work during that time!

Which do I want?

NEITHER of them. The country could do a lot better without either of them. I'm hoping Chuck Hagel will decide to run.


Oh PLEASE not Sarah Palin!! The elections for this year with the candidates running now is a big enough nightmare!!!!

4th Generation Californian

To Anonymous who said:
"I bet the LDS' involvement in Prop H8 and meddling in the constitution of CA will be a really good endorsement of a Mormon in the White House and how non-Mormon Americans can feel good about that!

Yup! I betcha!"

I thought that was what this country was all about-being able to express and influence your opinion on any issue regardless of race or religion. Are you saying that if I am LDS I or my church cannot defend beliefs that are central to my religion? What religion are you? Do you have a right to express your views on gay marriage?

Yup! I betcha!

liberal Larry

If Romney can go back to the drawing board and figure out who he is, he has a shot at the 2012 nomination. He could have gotten away with his liberal conversion to the left, to get elected governor, but his last swing to the right to mollify the wacky religious right, for his resent presidential run, was just too much. Ironically, McCain probably got nominated because he appeared to be more centrist, in his stands, a spot Mitt could have just slide into if he had maintained his integrity, and not tried to appeal to the evangelicals.

Enough With The Fake History

White Horse at 1:14 wrote:

"No doubt there could be a white horse in the white house by 2012!"

Check your history, there was NO White Horse prophecy ever uttered by Joesph Smith. I for one am sick of Mormons using fake prophecy and history to build their faith and drive their agenda.

When we have so much of substance why do we continually fall back on fake facts and sentimentalism.

Get real!


I don't care for Mitt R but the GOP would be stupid to put Sarah Palin out there for 2012 as she is phonier than Mitt but not the best choice for a woman in such a high position. She may have the gift of the gab but come on, smarts she ain't got


You people are up early. The idea that Mitt would make a good President or VP because he was a CEO is a wild and dangerous idea. They're the ones who caused this mess. The idea that ANYONE understands what's going on in our economy has been torpedoed by the parade of experts claiming to know and all disagreeing. Romney has exactly zero experience dealing with what is upon us. Here's what I know: An every man for himself economy can't last. It can't be saved over the long term, even if it seems to recover for a few more years. Romney may play it cool and act like it's all so simple, but the only ones wishing he was chosen are Mormons who can't citizen their way out of a paper bag and use the same identity politics to choose Romney as our enemies used to vote against him.

jumpin' jack

God forbid that Mitt or Sarah, or both are on the Republican ticket next time around. The country needs leaders not ideologues.


The best candidate for President in any year from now on would be a reluctant one. George Washington was the man we needed when this all began, and he didn't want the job. We need someone with a head on his/her shoulders who isn't in it for the politics and who isn't seeking position. And because the system is so politically entrenched, I doubt we'll ever see that happen.


I've said it more than once and I'll say it again. The Republican Party blew it big time this year thanks to the mindless evangelicals. The ticket should have been Romney-Petraeus. This ticket would have won in a cake walk.

Romney 2012

The Republican Party rewatds loyal runners up with the nomination next time around.
Mitt is in line to be the nominee (it is true the Hucksteer hung around hoping to get enough delegates to be the #2 guy for just that reason, to be seen as the runner-up heir, but he didn't get the delegates and only annoyed by overstaying his welcome)

Look for Mitt in 2012.


It is true that one can not overstate the loathing evangelicals have for Mormons (I am lifelong LDS and lifelong resident of BibleBelt) however if Romney gets the nomination they will hold their noses and vote for him in November.
The trick will be to get the nomination without a ton of evangelical support but Romney is a class candidate and it is entirely do-able.


Whether or not evangelicals like Mormons is actually irrelevant. Mormon's align with Republicans because the Republican values are much more in line with the values of most Mormons. The Democrats have made it just about impossible for most Mormons to be Democrats. This has been going on for a long time and nothing has changed. In fact, it's probably even worse now.

Assuming Obama is elected, the Republicans will regroup, get their act together and be in a great position to come storming back in 2010 and 2012. The chance for Mitt to get the nomination and be elected in 2012 is excellent and the ONE light I see at the end of this tunnel.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in Washington, I can tell you that the pendulum always swings back and forth. Right now it is swinging in favor of the Democrats. However, at this point they are so far left, they are going to have a tough time governing a center/right country without making everyone pretty unhappy in a very short time.

I hope Mitt can come back and save us in 2012 after Obama has made a total mess of it.

Write in Romney

This election is a wash. No matter who is elected, it's going to be bad for America. I see Obama as the greater of two evils, but I can't quite bring myself to vote for McCain. So I'm going to vote my conscience and write in Romney.

If you're tired of picking between two completely ridiculous choices, I encourage you to join me in writing in a candidate that you would feel good about. It's not a wasted vote. If enough people do it, it could start a trend that will be noticed.

New Yorker

To provojoe:
Only Mormons want Romney? If you live in Happy valley you need to get out. I travel all over the country and I hear people of all walks say they wish that Romney was on the ticket. Last Friday I was on my way to JFK and the driver (a 30 year immigrant from Macedonia) brought up the fact that Romney would be the only one qualified to sort out this mess. I'm sure both yobama and mccain with their vast economic experience are highly qualified for this task. Get real. Neither of them has even balanced a checkbook let alone, made a payroll. Unfortunately the country is going down a path (both parties) that will take years to correct.


Where's your memories gone or better-have you just lost your eyesight and hearing? Who just who would vote for party that has run this country into the ground in 8 years, and want more of the soam medicine? I just don't get your Utah republican mentality. And to think you are trying to sell people on how bad Obama-Biden would be after this mess of the last 8 years-UNBELIEVABLE.

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