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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tell us Mitt

So "Mitt" . . . tell us these wonderful qualifications of Obama . . . He is an empty suit who says "nothing" very eloquently. Don't be a stooge for the liberal media.

Mystifying Media

Mitt isn't running for office. Yet that is what the media wants to talk about. We have three congressional races going on and yet the Deseret News blogs are silent on the subject. Forget Mitt and his future plans, we have decisions to make today.

In 2007 National Taxpayers Union gave Representative Matheson a grade of D. He has been ranked 32 times in his eight years by taxpayer watch-dog groups, and his average ranking over that period is 35%, a D rating at best. Ill spot him 20 points just in case my sources werent complete, but 55% is still is not a passing grade. We can no longer afford to grade Congress on a curve, or soon they will think that 6% will be a passing grade. Jim Matheson may be better than the average Democrat in congress when it comes to protecting taxpayers, but that's like saying that a sprained ankle is better than a compound fracture. I'd rather have neither.

I wish the media would focus on relevant issues instead of Mitt.


LGBT people in England, Belgium, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands all have equal rights, including marriage. Society has managed to accept it and adapt. We should learn something from "BisexualMingle dotcom", many members here working for GLBT rights. And there are about 100 members per day and they are very active. And if you often are online, you may find what you are looking more easily.


I bet the LDS' involvement in Prop H8 and meddling in the constitution of CA will be a really good endorsement of a Mormon in the White House and how non-Mormon Americans can feel good about that!

Yup! I betcha!


The Party's over. Ther will be no pick in '08 nor 09' except for the Republicans to pick their nose!

Officially Democrat

Between the "well-read" Sarah Palin and double-take-super-issue-retractor Romney, I'm voting Democrat in 2012 if those are the frontrunning Republicans.


Palin is more 'Qualified' to be President then Obama. At least she has managed something...like Alaska. Obama hasn't managed a popcorn stand, let alone anything that remotely resembles the United States of America.

Romney, on the other hand, obviously has much more experience then Obama, and he would have eaten Obama's lunch in a debate. Every time Obama would have tried to tap dance to avoid answering specific questions, like he has done with McCain, Romney would have brutalized him with hard cold facts.

Romney can also go more than toe to toe with Obama in the speach delivering category.

This fear I hear in some people's voices concerning anti-Mormonism, and its being a reason for Romney not to run for President in 2012, smacts of your having very "little faith" in the Lord's possible purpose for this gifted, intellegent, honorable man....Mitt Romney. Fear is Lucifers tool, not our Father in Heavens. Thank goodness Joseph Smith understood that.

Mark B

A true waste of time speculating on the 2012 GOP nominee. Would any of you have picked, PRIOR to the 04 election, McCain and Obama? Not one in a thousand would have, but that doesn't keep you from showing your smarts by speculating, then hoping everyone forgets it. Palin is where she is on the basis of ONE vote - McCain's. And Mitt? He'll have to find a new crowd to pander to because the old one gave him nothing but the back of its hand. But since we're all being silly together, I'll go out on a limb by predicting...another old white guy, four years older than he is now.


Things change quickly in politics. There is no way Obama and his Democratic Congress will be able to deliver all they promise. It is an impossibility. Four years from now the whole thing will be up for grabs again.

And the Republicans? The evangelicals will most likely shoot themselves in the foot again. They choose McCain over Romney by backing the Pastor and have four years to reload their shotgun.

Don't gasp at this concept.

First of all to the 10:17 pm post, it isn't like Romney would be hoping to get CA's vote, they are so liberal.

OK, I never thought I would say this, but I think a Romney/Huckabee ticket would be good. I resent the anti-Mormon digs from Huckabee, but I think that he has wised up. I think that Romney would bring stability and Huckabee would bring personality, sorry Romney. I would like to see Mitt run again, I think that religions are going to have to become more tolerant if they want a conservative in office.

I just worry about Israel, I have heard that if Obama is elected that they are going to go after Iran right away.

Don't be surprised if Polosi doesn't end up with the power, they will have Bidan put in the loony bin and she will put out a hit on Obama. That lady is trouble and she wants to control all. And when all this happens, we will watch her sweet little sidekick Mormon, Reed helping her along. What a joke he is, I accept Mormon's being Democrats, but he seems to cross the line all to much.

Mark B

Wow. The things you can find here. You've got a guy who calls himself ITrustNo1 (not just sure what that means) who takes on the duty of speaking for deity, and adding a little scold lesson for everyone else. Has he MET Romney?

David O

How many Mormons here responding to me have ever been to these evangelicals churches that call Mormonism a cult? I have been to many many services of many religions and I can tell you for a fact the ones that the far right goes to only likes Mormons for the vote, otherwise the LDS Church is a cult to them. It is a fact, those who deny it just haven't been outside the bubble.

Mitt Romney would be an excellent president in the current economic mess. He was not McCain's vp because of the evangelical right. Romney raised a ton of money for McCain. You think Romney did that because they are pals? No, because he was trying to gain acceptance.

Mormon from a dumb state

Obama is on track to win 9 of the 10 states that has the HIGHEST amount of college graduates per capita in the U.S. Guess what McCain is on track to win 9 (and maybe all 10) of the states with the LOWEST amount of college graduates per capita.

Now quick, someone please tell me
which states are smarter?

Or, can you say: "We the people"


It doesn't matter if Obama can't keep his promises. The leftist media will never take him to task. In fact, they will blame the rascally republicans for any Obama failures. Same old same old.

David O

"To: Dave O | 7:41 p.m. Oct. 27, 2008
You fail to understand that Mormons use their faith and values to choose their party, not using their party affiliation to shape their values. Until you and others like you get it, you just won't understand the way Mormons vote."

No, I know it all too well, I know the disdain the evangelical right has for Mormons. You all forget too soon that Southern Baptist Convention that rolled into town. I got a knock on my door from them and they told me their army was going door to door to tell all the Mormons they chose a false religion. They told me "Mormons were a cult and that Joseph Smith was a fraud." This is what the evangelical right is teaching their children. I told them to take their hate mongering off my doorstep. These are the ones that grow up and vote against people like Mitt Romney.

I only understand too well the voting pattern here and until Mormons vote otherwise, they will be treated as the ugly stepchild in the Republican Party.

Romney's problem remains

Memo from Boston:

Mitt Romney was our governor and he did a great job for Massachusetts! One thing I like about this liberal state: Mormonism was never brought up in the campaign, not even once, and if anyone would have used religion against Mitt they would have been toast. You just don't talk publicly about personal religion in New England, it's considered impolite.

The flipside for Mitt is that Mass is a liberal state. The only way for a Republican to win here is to appeal to moderates. There is a lot of tape showing Mitt saying he supports Roe v Wade and pro gay partnerships. Those tapes aren't going to disappear and will be used against him.

I doubt that evangelicals will ever allow Mitt to be the nominee. They will say it is the tapes where he says he's moderate, but the truth is that they just can't stand Mormons.

Mitt has to be VP first, there's no other way.

White Horse

No doubt there could be a white horse in the white house by 2012!

Provo Voter

Well, people are waking up to the truth. Look behind the seens and see who is saying what. The funniest and saddest truth is Fox News. To say it is fair and balanced is false. Who is the CEO of Fox News and what has been his role in convincing people with what seems so little regard for truth. Research the name Roger Ailes in wikipedia and maybe you will find out how the buddy system works. Its money for the rich.

David O

I can tell you one thing for sure, the evangelical right wing of the Republican party loves Palin and her alcohol drinking pregnant unwed teen daughter more than they love Romney, a man who raised a successful family and has helped his wife through her illness and is a successful businessman. His crime that he committed to get less support than her or Huckabee? Being LDS. Mccain would be quite a maverick he claims and dump Palin and throw on Romeny.


Here we go again, down that same trail we went with Jimmy Carter. Carter, like Obama was a no nothing populist. This country went through some tough times in the late seventies and it seems that we have forgotten that history. If we believe the BS put out by the media and certain other professional brainwashers we conservatives will give up and give in to the radical slobs who stand with the socialist Dumb-o-crats. Everyone who cares anything about America and Christian values should support McCain/Palin and don't become discouraged. They can win but only if we vote for them. The people who would support Obama, if they stay away from the poles will be helping this become a better country. Think about it!

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