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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Steven's Conviction

The Ted Steven's conviction is probably the last nail in the coffin for the GOP this year. It just looks bad...real bad.

David O

Mormons need to realize that the base of the Republican party hates them and thinks Mormonism is a cult despite the Christian beliefs. This is the way to keep people like Romney out of power. Romney would have been a great VP candidate for Mccain. It would have answered the what to do about the financial crisis where Romney has the most experience. But Alas, the anti Mormon evangelical base dislikes Mormons but this state will once again go Republican to a party that tolerates them like broccoli.


Mormons already realize the base of the Democratic party hates them: (1) God-fearing, (2) traditional marriage, (3) self-reliance instead of government-dependence, etc. You might say that the current Republican party is the lesser of the two evils. The problems began when the Southern Democrats started taking over the Republican party to promote their big government "conservative" social agenda.


Could not agree more with David O and I am speaking as a non LDS individual. Mitt Romney would have been an excellent candidate for President or Vice President this year. It wasn't his qualifications that kept him off the ticket but his religion. The Republicans are going down in flames in 2008 and part of the reason is their religious intolerance.


David O is right. The right hates Mormons, so don't get your hopes up. Palin? Heaven help us!

To: Dave O

You fail to understand that Mormons use their faith and values to choose their party, not using their party affiliation to shape their values. Until you and others like you get it, you just won't understand the way Mormons vote.

true blue

Palin will not be the GOP nominee for 2012. Huckabee will make another run, and some unknowns.

Mitt is LDS??? WOW!!!

'The contribution from Romney, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is "completely unconnected" to the church's own involvement in the issue, Fehrnstrom said.'

Mitt and the LDS Church "completely unconnected"??? Only LDS folk would want the rest of us to believe that Mitt takes no notice of what his Church Leaders say!! Yeah right..................

2012 Is Better

I am extremely glad that Mitt Romney wasn't on the ticket this year. Nothing he could have done could have overcome the Democrat's argument of "failed Bush policies." Debate the merit of that all you want, but having Romney on the ticket this time around would have killed his chances of anything in 2012.

In four years, people will realize that it was the Demo's policies that messed up the economy and they will be unhappy that Obama's policies haven't fixed anything, and then Romney will have a shot. The Evangelicals will be more likely to overlook his LDS faith at that point, although it will still be a factor that could derail him.

take it from me...

Reagan lost the nomination to Ford in '76;
Ford lost the election to Carter.
After 4 years of Carter and a Dem congress America was ready for the Reagan Revolution.

Mitt lost to McCain who will lose to Obama.
By 2012 America will be sick of Obama
(who will be Carteresque in his clueless arrogance and incompetence)
and the Romney Revolution will be underway.

mark your calendars

Evan from Maine

After Comrade Obama is chosen as "The Great One" for the United Socialist States Of America, people will realize they should have had Mitt Romney as the top of the ticket. Mitt is the only one that can save us in 2012.

Unfortunate Circumstances

Unfortunately, neither party is a great fit for Mormons. The evangelical republicans don't like us for anything but our conservative vote, and the liberals dislike our views on abortion and gay marriage.

While I am one of the few "blue" (not byu blue) LDS people here in Utah, I still don't support abortion or gay marriage, and will never support gun control. However, I do not like the republicans tax laws, and lax regulations for big business. I also dislike the lack of spending on schools (this should be a much higher priority).

I think that we'd see more support from LDS members if the Dem. party would back off from Abortion and the whole Gay Marriage stance, and then publicly notified the population of it. Until this happens, we won't see much change in this state. Those are some big issues for us, and can still cause me to vote away from pushers of these causes.

If you want more votes for Dems in Utah, then that's what needs to be done. Until then, I'm one of a very few that will still vote blue (most the time).


I have to laugh at the tactic of libs trying to convince us mo's that the repub/christians hate us?

What a joke....and the liberals love mormons? Which ones would those be...Ellen DeGenerate, Michael Moore, Chevy Chase, Jay Leno, MoDonna, or Mayor Rocky?

And just what values do liberals espouse that mormons share? Communism? Abortion? Legalize Marijuana? Tax those who work, and give it to those who don't? Yea, that Barack is the second coming of Christ and McCain is John the baptist!

Looking at Obama who has not anymore qualifications than does Palin.......makes me really wish I could cast a vote for Romney for Pres this year. This years vote based on the integrity, experience and judgement of the candidates is alot like voting for ...........Satan or Lucifer?

New Yorker

The GOP takes Utah for granted. This year both presidential candidates are awful. The only way to let the GOP know that we won't vote for just anyone they put on the ballot is to vote for someone else. That is why I am writing in Mitt Romney. I hope he doesn't run in 2012 because after four years of yobama there may not be much left to govern or fix, it will be completely broken.

Pigs will fly

I lived in Texas, South Carolina and Georgia before coming home to Utah. There is no way conservative so-called Christians will vote for an LDS candidate, not going to happen. The ignorance of people who go to pentecostal Assemblies of God church like Sarah Palin is really breathtaking.

I predict that the first woman president will have to be a Republican, and that the first Mormon president will have to be Democrat.

Sorry Mitt, I like you too.


Mormons need to get out of politics and into the church to heal their souls and get over the love of money and the power of politics and practice the teachings of Christ before it is too late.


I wish McCain would have picked Mitt, so that fool could have lost twice. But the GOP hates the LDS church, everything about it.

Mitt Romney will never be the President of the United States.

Maybe a different Mormon will be, but not Mitt.


And whoever wrote that Obama and Palin have equal qualifications to be the President, you need to go get your head checked out.

Palin is not qualified to be a school board president and from the looks of it, neither are you.

Harry Reid

Becasuse of his party's open mind to religion. He is the LDS person with best chance in 2012.



Oh wise one...I noted how you challenged me to get my head examined.....another idiot who can't see the forest through the trees.....

I stand by my post that Obama has no qualifications for President...unless you are referring to his Community Organizer experience? That is about as impressive as his associations with Wright, Ayers, Resko or his desire to raise taxes on those who already pay 86% of the taxes?

If Obama is elected and you have a job, get ready to pay more taxes....if you don't have a job, Obama is going to buy you a house! Communism disquised as an American Dream!

To mitt

Well from Obama's credentials he has so far been... a community organizer and a senator mostly absent while campaigning for president. Yeah great credentials. At least Palin has been doing something while in public office...

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