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Published: Monday, Oct. 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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In my opinion way too much emphasis on statistics and "head to head" matchups. Any NBA analysis worth its salt will look at the totally of the way the two players play the game.

Deron is an excellent player, in a brilliant offensive scheme, with other excellent players complementing that scheme around him. The drafting of Deron is a testament more to the Jazz management and its commitment to a certain style of play more than anything. Deron runs that offense extremely well, but he simply doesn't have that extra something that separates regular players from the Magic, Birds, Lebrons, Jordans of the world. Paul... baring injury does.

Paul is simply a puppet master on the court. Nothing happens without his manipulation of the offense and opposing defense. This is what makes him great. Almost every offensive possession results in an open shot, or mismatch due to his puppetry. I agree with Simmons, while Deron is good, there is no comparison.


Disagree Zinch.

Watching Williams in the playoffs, he did have the takeover mentality of a superstar, especially late in games. Nearly everyone else on the Jazz underperformed, but Williams always rose to the occasion.

Deron is perfectly capable of taking over a game on his own merit, ask the Spurs about 2007. He completely toyed with Bruce Bowen that series and averaged 30 PPG fairly easily before turning his ankle.

Williams does what it takes to win, if that mean using less possessions that a Chris Paul and sacrificing "statistical" glory, he'll do it. I don't think any Jazz fan has a problem with that.

Bill Simmons

oops meant "better"

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