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Published: Monday, Oct. 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Look, it's alright to love D-Will, he's an incredible player, a class act, and a worthy face for your franchise. But come on, you all are trying to say CP3 has an ego problem, that he's selfish? Or that Williams has matched Paul statistically? Neither have any basis in fact. Paul is better in every single statistical category except for a slight differential in three point and fg percentage. Williams is also a year older.

I'll give you that D-Will has won the individual matchups, but they haven't had all that many yet. And even if D-Will can outplay Paul in a head-to-head, what really matters is how successful they each are over the course of an entire season. Simmons is right, unless Paul dramatically falls off or D-Will makes a quantum leap, the comparison just simply shouldn't be made. I'd say it's like comparing Lebron and Wade. Both great players, but one is clearly superior to the other.

Re: Ethan

The statistics favor CP3, but the postseason performance leads us to Williams. Wow, that sounds a lot like the Lebron/Wade debate. In the end Wade has the ring.

Gimme a break

This guy needs to do some stat checking. Who's won more head to head matchups between D-will and CP3? Who's been to the Western conference finals already and who hasn't? Who won last year's all star skills contest IN NEW ORLEANS I might add?

The fact of the matter is, people like Chris Paul more than Deron Williams simply because his style of play is a little flashier. I think they'll both have great careers, but D-will ain't never gonna get the same respect from everyone else as long as he plays in the small market franchise that is the Utah Jazz and that's pretty sad.

Jazz Fans

are losers!! CP3 is the point gurad of this gereration. Williams is a solid point guard. And all you people are losers!!!




Who cares? I love the NBA but comparing players and even picking a top 25 alltime? stupid.

Ignorant Article

You obviously haven't read Simmons enough if you're thinking that he's "dissing" on Deron. The guys has given Williams all sorts of love in the past and has even recognized his success in their head to head match-ups. He actually paid Williams a huge complement saying he has the chance to be one of the greatest point guards of his generation. Go back and do your homework and read his past articles, especially the one about how much better the all-star game would have been if Williams playing in the game. Just a lame attempt by a weak local writer trying to stir the pot. While Williams is as nice a point guard as there is in the league, Paul is more polished and has won with less talent on his team.


I hate the small market crap...Duncan plays in one of the smallest markets in the league and is considered one of the 10 best players of all-time. Garnett, Paul, LeBron, Melo all play in small markets...if you're a start you're a star. The New Orleans market is roughly the same size as the Salt Lake market. If Paul and Williams switched places Paul would still be the more popular player.


Utah is a terrible, terrible state.


Williams has been on a much better team then Chris Paul every season. That's why he wins head-to-head matchups. Look at the stats. By any comprehensive measure, Paul lis light-years ahead of Williams. Their teams should be close to equal strength this coming season. The Jazz without Williams are a 40-win team. The Hornets without Paul are a 30-win team. Do the math. There's a reason why Williams hasn't made the All-Star Team yet.


Bill Simmons is absolutely right. Chris Paul will probably be better than John Stockton was. Deron Williams may be almost as good as John Stockton was. Anybody who has seen them both play can't reasonably argue that.


The reason jazz fans and writers compare deron and paul is to try and avoid admitting the team made a mistake. with chris paul instead of deron williams, the jazz would have beaten the lakers last year. as a jazz fan, i enjoy watching deron play, but chris paul possesses more natural ability than williams. drafting a player because he has the size suited for a particular style of offense is absurd. you take the best player available. period.


Paul is way better. No other way to say it. They are different players, but CP3 is better. Paul is the next isiah thomas (except most likely will be better), DWill is the next Gary Payton (best case scenario). DWill has better players around him, but CP3 makes his team better. Whoever says that DWill has his number obviously has never seen them play...it's not the case. The only aspect of the game that dwill's better is his outside shooting. Paul slashes better, he passes better, he handles the ball better, he draws fouls better, and he plays WAY better defense.

Bill Simmons is absolutely right. Utah fans need to stop being butthurt. Jerry Sloan is a great coach, but the one thing that he's proven is that he'll win a lot of games but has absolutely no capability to win it all. If he can't win it all with Stocton/hornachek/russell/malone/ostertag in late 90s Western conference, he's certainly not gonna win it with dwill/brewer/ak47/boozer/okur in late 2000's Western conference.

God i hate the Jazz.

CP3 is better

Wow, you Utah fans accuse Bill Simmons of being a homer with his Red Sox and Pats, but you guys are even worse. And Karl Malone was horrible. Stockton did all the work. There is a reason Malone never won a championship.

I have watched both play and CP3 is amazing; Deron is good, but not amazing.

Not even close?

22.3 PPG 11.5 APG
23.7 PPG 10.8 APG

Those were the averages of the two players during the second round of the playoffs....somehow Paul is on
another level and Deron isn't even close.

All of Deron's teammates were shooting in the low 40s in the playoffs, yet his numbers got better......how is he a product of his teammates, when his teammates get worse, and he only gets better?

Captain Spaulding

From what I can see Utah's fan base needs a hug from Robin Williams. "It's not your fault. It's not your fault."


Welcome Bill Simmons readers!

(He linked this in his column)


Come on, Jazz fans. Lighten up a little bit. Bill Simmons considers himself an NBA Fantasy Basketball Expert. And he is correct, Paul is much better than Deron, in terms of Fantasy stats (individual effort). Paul is top 25 easy when it comes to his Fantasy output, thanks to his insane totals in steals, assists, and points.

To the guy who said LeBron and Wade were in the same league: That is an idiotic statement. LeBron clearly has the edge. Wade only has a championship because he has had a better team.

To the guy making the point that Williams has won 3 playoff series to Paul's 1. This is not a fair assessment because two of those playoff series wins have come against my injury ridden Houston Rockets. Our half-able team took the Jazz to seven games. It's not saying much when you beat a team without their superstar playing.

Rockets fan.

Houston was healthy when they went to 7 with Utah, quit BSing.

I empathize

As a Wolves fan, it killed me every stinking time I saw someone say Duncan was better than KG. I knew what KG did game-in, game-out, year-in, year-out with a vastly inferior supporting cast than Duncan. I still believe, if those two swapped spots, KG would have three rings, and Duncan would be a newly crowned Celtics champion. I still believe KG is the more complete player. But, like it or not, perception is reality. And, the vast consensus around fans of the league is Duncan is the better player than KG. In my heart, I'll always believe KG is better, but I'll accept popular opinion -- it is what it is. The reason I'm telling you all this? I know in your heart you believe D-Will is better Paul. But, popular opinion says the opposite. Why give yourself an aneurysm fighting that opinion -- it is what it is.

BTW, Bill Simmons is not an "analyst." He writes for Page 2. He's a comedic writer who's a big sports fan and makes no bones about being a homer. It's his shtick. And for anyone to pop a gasket over anything he writes makes his day. Quit fueling the fire.

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