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Published: Monday, Oct. 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mr. Simmons only tries to stir up reaction and attention to his articles and sadly we've fallen for it!
I can't say that Williams or Paul is better than the other right now. The stats are essentially even. In 5-10 years we'll know who's "better." All I know is if Deron can bring Utah a championship I'm happy.


So no countering his argument with your own thoughts? You're just going to focus on one little quip Simmons made and call it an article? There's no ignoring the fact that Simmons is right, so you just make fun of one sentence. He's not cutting Williams down, he's saying that he will be one of the best point guards of his generation, which is really, really good. But Paul could be one of the best ever, which is also true and far and away different from Williams' status. Its weird to think that could happen, but when you really consider it, its true.


First of all, I like Williams a lot, and he's on my fantasy team and has been since his second year. But you guys are crazy if you think Simmons is just bashing Williams. It's his job to talk about his opinions and he believes Paul is the better player, and how can you blame him? Paul has taken a much less talented team and done better with them. This article was ridiculous, it's clear there isn't much to write about in Utah sports if this is what you make articles about.


Funny how Ms. Genessy quotes more Saved by the Bell than Simmons.

I love D-Will, love what he has done in head to head against the Hornets, love what he has done in the playoffs, love his game. I'm a huge Jazz fan.

However, I'm with Bill on this one, Paul is special and has a better chance of being a NBA Legend. D-Will should be a perennial all-star (can not believe this has not happened yet), but Paul will be a perennial MVP candidate.

Williams vs Paul

Williams has 3 times as many playoff wins as Paul. Paul has missed more games than Williams.
Every time Williams and Paul meet up, Williams kicks Paul's butt.

I remember when they used to say Jason Kidd and Gary Payton were better than John Stockton.

Best PG --> Derrick Rose

Simmons sent me

deron will

Interesting how he said that deron is going to be the best in his generation, maybe he doesnt know enough to understand that paul and deron were drafted the same year.... duh, paul is in the same generation so he just admitted that deron is better. Only problem is he believes that paul is in the top 25 ever.....If paul and deron are in the same generation and he admits deron is better than yea paul may make #25 only to be beaten once again by #15 DERON WILLIAMS! GO UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with simmons there is no comparison. DERON IS WAY BETTER THAN PAUL, BOTTOM LINE.

blazer fan...

Simmons also predicted the Jazz would win 42 games tops last year...


Simmons says Williams has a chance to be "one of the best point guards of his generation" and you liken that to Simmons comparing him to Screech? Methinks this "journalist" (way to stay objective by the way) is a little too sensitive.

Williams vs Paul

8-2 for williams better numbers head to head also, Simmons is right how is there a comparison, Williams is by far the better player.


Enough bantering lame ones,Who cares? You know what I care about, are the Jazz better than the Hornets, are the Jazz going to win. As much as I love D-Will, and love watching him play, if he was injured all year and the jazz won the championship, i couldn't care less.

Elliott Z

You all say that you don't care what some "idiot" sportswriter from ESPN says, yet you clearly care enough to vent like a 5th grader who didn't get enough Halloween candy.....funny.


I think it is funny how bent out of shape everyone is getting about what Simmons said. He didn't say that Paul is already a top 25 all-time player, he said he has a chance to become a top 25 all-time player. Also everyone saying that Williams is a better team player...how can you be a better team player and average less assists? They are both true point guards, making them both team players in a non-team player age of basketball. Also, the job Paul has done is more impressive than Williams. Williams came to a better team and situation, Paul went to a worse team right in the middle of Katrina. Paul saved basketball in New Orleans and turned West into an all-star, Boozer already was an all-star. Don't get me wrong I am from Utah and love Williams, he is my favorite player, but Paul is a better PG.

Why 1 better than the other?

I am a huge D-Will guy but to say that he is better that CP3 or vice versa is just crazy anyways. They play in 2 very differnet systems and are each very good at what they are asked to do. To me I think they are 2 of the best on the planet and I am just excited to be able to watch great point guards play for years to come. GO LAKERS!

Moto X

Boozer already an allstar? On what planet? He was an allstar AFTER D-Will made him into one!!! He was no allstar in Cleveland--he came here for money and because there was a PG to give the PF the ball!!

Truthfully D-Will and Paul are very close but Paul is quicker and D-Will is a better shooter--check the stats if you question what I say. They are comparable, there is no big disparity as Simmons tries to portray.

D-Will statistically would be better if Paul did not get sooooo many bogus assists added to his totals. It is well documented and undeniable. He is the benefactor of being one of the NBAs annointed!!

Stats counters and NBA officials help Paul get alot of what he gets. He does not come by all his stats honestly as opposed to D-Will who truly has to earn his!!!!

Lets face it--if you are in a market the NBA wants to promote then the NBA will make sure you get what it takes to make you look as good as possible.

New Orleans, Katrina, dilapidated arena, Cp3???? That is story. D-Will and the mormons in SLC? Not so much????

Its all about money!!!!


Simmons' word is the gospel. He is the best sportswriter on the planet. He is right, watch Chris Paul, Deron is great, but Paul is better.

That being said, I am excited for the Jazz this year. I am making the pilgrimage to SLC for the December 11th game vs. Portland. Can't wait!


I think it's totally obvious. Stone Temple Pilots are way better than Pearl Jam.

J. Seattle

It's funny how in love you SLC guys are with Stockton and Malone. Yea, sure they were really good players and put up great stats. But they never won a championship (MJ ate Malone alive in the year Malone won the MVP) and thats why they will always be considered really good, and not great.


I don't think its about DWill or Chris Paul. Bill Simmons is an imbecil!!! All the national sell-outs are (Minus ESPN's number-crunching Hollinger!). Gred Oden, ha didn't make it past opening day. LeBron's big MVP season, starts with choking at the line. Washed up Kobe? Hope you TiVoed his killer game tonight!!! Truth is that there will be 4 games at Energy Solution's arena (and we pray for at least 4 more in the Playoffs) featuring the 3 most INFLUENTIAL players in the league; studs who before their arrival their teams' had no idea how they'd arrive to Championship stature. Yes, I'm a D-Will fan, and yes how can I root against Paul, he's FUN to watch, and yes I'm an AVID Kobe fan (It's almost Anti-patriotic not to be after the Olympics), just as I adore Jordan though my heart-strings still tremble when I think about the Shot heard round the world (after "The Push"). Fellow small-market, underdog lovers, we're always gonna get snubbed for our low-alcohol olympics, Stockton's "uncool" shorts, non-BCS and Coach of the Year-less teams. Wait til 2009's year in Review when they're reeling highlights of 2 BCS teams and a Jazz 'SHIP! BELIEVE!!!

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