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Published: Monday, Oct. 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Old Port

I wonder how things would be viewed on a national level if D-Will was in NO and Paul with the Jazz. This guy just jumps on the popular band wagon to make himself marketable with the "trendy" team pick (i.e. Denver) or a player who gets him more readership. I find it interesting the Jazz get all the props from people who don't need this kind of affirmation to make their careers.

my thoughts

Simmons is off on comparing D-will and CP3. They are both very talented and both (if they can stay healthy) will end up in the decussion as top 10 pg of all time. They will both end up above Kidd, GP and Nash - even though Nash had 2 incredable seasons.

But for any of you that thinks that Simmons does not know basketball. You must be clueless. He is a very entertaining writer, but he also watches more basketball than me and anyone else here on this blog.


Bill Simmons is the biggest HOMER in the media. He is a fan, not a journalist.

Need evidence? Listen to his podcast, appropriately titled "The B.S. Report".


Can you spell M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N? I can hardly wait until D-Will's ankle heals so he can shove his ability right in the writer's face. Some days you have to wonder what writers are thinking when they sit down at the computer.

Is Deron better?

I think NBA columnist is correct. Who makes the team better. Look at NO Hornets. They do not have superstars. Paul made West a All star forward. None of his teammates complained about he not passing the ball. Deron is very biased leader and does not want to pass the ball to some guys on his own team. A leader is the one that makes his people successful. I do not think Deron is that and he can never be in the greats if he does not change his attitude and be unselfish. Come on guys! Think about it.


It all gets taken care of on the court. Who cares what anyone thinks, especially a sports writer! That's one of the good things about sports (except for the BCS) you get the chance to prove in on the court or field.

L.A. Jazz Fan

Here is why Bill Simmons is wrong:

If you asked Chris Paul what he thought of Bill Simmons' comments I bet he would say that Simmons is full of you know what.

Simmons basically lost even more credibility than he had before (which was not that much).

I can understand if you dismiss one player in comparison with another because there is an actual tangible difference; this guy points out nothing substantial; he's just fueling the fire with his idiocity. Based on his logic I guess the Clippers should win the West and meet the Washington Wizards in the NBA finals.

Go Williams and Go Jazz!!!


Those are fighting words Mr. Simmons. Get your head on where it belongs. Both Williams and Paul will be in the Hall of Fame one day and you'll be on the scrap heap. Write about something you know more about instead of making up dumb stuff about tow of the most popular point guards since John Stockton.

Coach K?

The only person in Basketball to give a true opinion of these two great players is the Olympic Coach, Coach K (won't even try to spell his name :) ). He's the only one that knows the pros and cons of both players! But we'll never hear that opinion!

Williams > Paul

Paul = 1 playoff series win.

Williams = 3 playoff series wins.

Nuff said.

Good News for Jazz Fans

Williams thrives when underestimated. Remember his performances after the all-star snub?


Thank goodness these debates can be settled on the court. By the way, what was the last NBA team to win a championship with a point guard as its best player? The 1989-90 Pistons with Isaiah Thomas. Ouch. So this debate probably doesn't even matter.

Good news???

This may be good news for us Jazz fans. When people say things like this about Williams, it only lights a fire under him. He's going to rip everyone this season................as long as his ankle heals correctly.

jazz fan

Ok lets be honest- they're both amazing... easily the best 2 point guards in the league.

With that said, I'm still glad we got Deron. I would not change it even if given the chance. He is amazing.



Another Jazz Fans in Asia

Between the two, who can take up the scoring responsiblity if his teammates are with cool hands?

It is D Will, not CP3.

Who Cares

I don't care who is better. D Will plays for my team and I hope they crush the Lakers and then the Hornets to go on and win a ring.


Does it hurt to be a homer of this magnitude?


CP3 and D-Will have their strengths. But I think that D-Will is a big weapon in the Jazz arsenal. Last season I heard TV commentators say that he was a great "closer" at the end of games. During the Olympics I saw him throw a dagger through the heart of the Spaniard team when "He made perhaps his biggest shot of the Olympics during the fourth quarter, hitting a 3-pointer in a tight game with 7:30 left that gave the U.S. a seven-point lead."(Scout.com) I'm glad the Jazz took D-Will, no disrespect to CP3. I hope the media keeps underestimating D-Will because that will make his triumphs that much more enjoyable!

Gimme D-Will

John Madden used to pick guys on his "all-competition team" -- any sport, any time, anywhere. He liked Derek Jeter at the top of his list. Gimme D-Will.


The author's only way of fighting back was to make fun of Simmons' "saved by the bell" reference??? Use some stats or something.

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