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Published: Monday, Oct. 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Top 25???

Without a doubt Paul is an impressive player but top 25 ever? I doubt it.

Stats show all Pauls steals. The reason he gets his steals is because he constantly gambles for steals because he knows larger players can/do score over him easily. When you consider the points he costs his team by gambling so much vs the steals he gets...likely a wash in terms of net effect/result.

ESPN's Hollinger/others also write that Paul is the beneficiary of some "dubious assist" totals. In New Orleans and even on the road he gets assists that could not be considered assists by any measure but he gets them.

He throws to David West in the corner. West dribbles around, backs his player down and after 5 seconds of 1 on 1 maneuvers up an impressive shot around his defender. Assist Paul?? He gets 1-3 extra assists/game other PG's don't get.

Give him credit for the steals no doubt but when they ever include the stat of his defensive gambles/misses resulting in points then I'll listen. Without Chandler covering he'd be even worse.

He gambles, gets away with uncalled "travels" more than anyone, can't defend 1 on 1. Top 25??? Don't think so!

BJ Jazzy Rasta

He who wins the most championships by the end of his career...wins.

Thanks Sports Guy for fueling Deron's fire!!

Beef Jerky

Pretty much everytime Williams and Paul play each other, Williams excells over Paul on the stat sheet. Wouldn't it be cool if they both could compete against each other, head to head,in some huge NBA sponsored event to settle this argument forever? Like in the NBA All Star Weekend Skills challenge or something like that and see who wins! Oh wait, they did that last year and Williams kicked Pauls booty! Oh, and wait again, speaking of one of them being the best 25 of all time, Williams is THE best of all time as he set the record for the event while kicking Paul's booty! Paul was small and Deron was Scarin'! Happy Halloween! I actually like them both and glad that they are chums. What more could you ask for than what has been proven in front of the world for everyone to see? I'm thinkin' the ESPN guy must have been in the shower during that event.

Williams vs. Paul

Who cares. They are both awesome players. I don't think Paul will fade away. However, I think this comment will only ignite Williams and put another chip on his shoulder (so Thank you!).


At least he didn't diss me.

#1 jazz fan

there is a difference between ego and CONFIDENCE! Deron has confidence.

Simmons "expert" opinion

This is the same fool who picked Denver to win the NW division last year!!! Very credible.

I am not sure how he gets picked to be an ESPN "expert" when he's wrong most all the time but somehow this guy gets paid for this "analysis".

By the way, second half of the season last year D-Will averaged more assists/game than Paul. DESPITE the fact Paul get totally bogus assists awarded to his totals on a routine basis.

Unlike Paul, D-Will also does not travel nearly every play either. Yes, I know travelling occurs alot in the NBA but most of it is by big men. How do you think Paul gets by those big men to score in the paint? They jump for the block and Paul takes an additional step to get by them.

Ref's let it go because he is one of the NBA annointed superstars like Kobe. We have all seen Kobe jump directly into players initiating the contact while the defender stands vertical. Miraculously, Kobe is standing on the free throw line 10 seconds later getting some more "NBA annointed" points. Same deal for Paul. The stats are "NBA produced" vs. player produced.

Re: Zeke

If you look at their individual stats as well, Deron is far superior. I hope Deron takes this as another slight and shows how strong he is. This is just another example of media figures deciding how the nation views sports figures.

To your milf of a mom

Deron is the real deal and is fun to watch. I was sooo glad that Utah chose him over Chris Paul and I still am.

utah only

when the Jazz play the hornets, the N.O. papers don't even mention the match up.. Jazz writers are the only people who care.


Bill Simmon's HATES the jazz... if you read his stuff, he constantly rips on Karl Malone... if he thinks Karl Malone is over-rated, how can you take anything he has to say about the Jazz seriously? So some guy who thinks that Patrick Ewing is a better player then Karl Malone doesn't like D-Will? Who cares! The guy's an ignorant sports writer who really only watches Boston and LA, and spends little time watching or writing about anything else. He's a Boston homer and doesn't seem to know much about sports outside of his home city.

Who cares

What any national sports writer thinks. Anyone who has followed the Jazz know they are always overlooked along with their players. Paul is a great player and so is Williams, however I do believe Utah has a better shot of winning a championship before New Orleans does.

It doesnt really matter

In truth, both players are amazingly good and are vital for their teams to succeed. Even though they play the same position, comparing them to each other is like comparing apples to oranges. Paul is smaller and has already shown that he isnt as durable. However, because he is smaller, he is also a lot faster, thus creating different opportunities for his team mates. However, Deron has a higher shooting percentage and has longer range. I also feel that he plays better defense because of his size.
For Simmons to compare the 2 and say Deron doesnt belong in the same league as Paul is only obsurd. Every analyst that has wrote anything about the two, have compared them to Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. We all know what they have accomplished in their careers, so who's one sports writer to say that Paul is better than Williams (or that Nash is better than Kidd).

The Story Remains the Same

To Utah Only: Baloney, I mean, Bologna Jambalaya.


I think Mrs. Howell was HOT.


I am not too sure how you can say that Paul is a Top 25 forever guy. He hasn't been in the league long enough to say that. That shows what an idiot the ESPN dude is having made such a comment. I still think Paul is a better player than Deron but the Jazz picked the right guy for their system. Paul wouldn't have fit in Jerry's system. I think is Deron was allowed to run free on the court as Paul is allowed, he would be right there with him. Deron is a better team player.

LA Sports Guy

Las Vegas doesn't even take odds on who's going to win between the Lakers and the Jazz, they are only covering bets on how much Utah will lose by! Go Lakers!!!

Experience Tells

I think the reason the Jazz picked Williams over Paul was with their experice with Stockton, Jerry got tired of seeing Stockton get beat up every night, he wanted a point guard big enough to fight through a screen. I know Stockton was durable but if the choice is between a big stockton and a small stockton I would go with the big stockton.
Bottom line I think both players are a great addition to the league and the Jazz were lucky to get Williams. I don't see how praising Paul demeans Williams.


Bet D-Will's ankle (if he sees this article) will start getting better faster. Not that he's not trying to get ready for Game 1, but motivation like this does him a lot of good. He's used to this kind of dissing, anyway.

The Jazz are lucky to have D-Will. CP's smaller body won't last as long, and he has yet to show he can lead his team against D-Will's with any consistency. D-Will simply outplays him nearly every time they meet.

I love it when idiot writers give our guys reason to work harder.

Against all the evidence

This guy can say whatever he wants because his job is to help ESPN control the opinions of sports fans. It does not mean he is right.

In fact, there is no evidence yet to suggest that there is a better NBA point guard than Deron Williams right now. For example, he has outperformed Chris Paul in head-to-head games and has more or less matched him statistically.

We know Deron is better, or at least as good. I just hope that's good enough for Deron.

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