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Published: Thursday, Oct. 23 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I think that Dwill should sit out as long as he can so that it isn't a constant problem for the entire year. We will survive without him for an extra week or two. Better to let it heal completely than have to take time off all the time during the rest of the season.

Weak Start

The Jazz have a relatively weak schedule to start the season with, so I wouldn't be afraid of Williams not making his return for a few games.

1-Denver (home)
2-Clippers (home)
3-Clippers (away)
4-Portland (home)

Williams will hopefully be ready to go for the Hornets (home). We'll definately need him for that game.

get back

Dwill should try to get back as soon as possible, but he should only come back after he is completely healed.


is a rocketfan troll don't pay attention to him. He want's D-will's value to go down so that Houston can nab him for cheap

To Miles

how does it feel to be a rocketfan? you know they have no chance of winning. We will beat them in the first round again.


Rockets #1


Hey Houston fan- D-Will would have to become Carlos Arroyo for us to even consider trading him. Everyone knows he is an all-star pg for years to come.

Good luck with Mr. Artest- I'm sure he'll beehave himself- mon a few weeks.


I want the rockets to trade McGrady for CJ.

To D-Will

I say don't force it buddy. If you haven't had a major injury then take the proper time off.


I agree with Miles. I say let him sit until he is all better. I actually think he will be out 3-4 weeks and will miss about 10 games, and I'm ok with that, he could probably use the rest.

Jazz Fan

Williams will come back when he feels that he can play on the ankle, hes is way to competitive to sit out longer than he needs to.


The problem is that we don't want Williams back as soon as he can play. We need him completely healed first or we will pay for it in the playoffs. Even if he wants to play, I wouldn't let him if I were Sloan.

Ronnie Brewer

Deron will do whatever he has to do to get back on the floor.

First few games

Hopefully are winnable without Williams.
Denver (without Carmello)
Clippers (without Baron Davis)
at Clippers (without Baron Davis)

The Man

SLOAN deserves all the credit for Williams being
such a great NBA Player..........uhh...WRONG...
come Larry tell GREG to get us a new guy running
the show.

Another Jazz Fans in Asia

The first three games are good opportunities to the players who need to share more responsibilities - Ronnie Price, Brevin, CJ, Brewer.

And as "First few games" said, even we don't have D Will, we will have a good chance to win the first three, and I expect those three would be close games.

By the way, Clippers looks like to have a bunch of capable players this year. However, their chemistry may need time to develop, unless the coach is a genius.


The Man needs to stop listening to the voices in his head.

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