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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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My, My

I love the Mad one. All time best college qb ever. Any one who disagrees never saw McMahon play. But he himself has made it abundantly clear that he doesn't care if BYU puts him in or not. He would only have to take 1 semester of BYU independant study (no honor code required) to graduate, but he is admittedly unwilling to do so. He was reported in last weeks D-news as asking his dad to just let it go and move on because he himself already had.

I don't hear anyone at BYU denigrating Mac, his name is still all over the record books and when people list the great ones, his is usually the first name spoken, ahead of Young and Detmer.

Plus you must remember, this is BYU. If you think they are going to lower their standards and expectations in any way while Bronco is on watch, you are dumber than Gary Crowton.

Is it a shame that two stubborn sides can't work out a compromise? Perhaps. But Mac is happy and BYU is happy and neither one is likely to give in, so ya'll had better get used to the status quo.


I agree -- good point


If we change the rules to allow McMahon in, and it means we also have to allow Buck, I vote the rules stay as they are.

The ball's in his court

He can be named to the hall of fame if he meets the requirements. He can graduate. He's been offered help to do so. He doesn't want it, don't give it to him.


Great article and whether I believe that Mad Mac should be in the hall is irrelavant. However I do take umbrage that he threw the winning touchdown.
As I recall he threw the tying touchdown. The point after won the game. The game would have ended in a tie if the kick would have been missed.
I know it's a little thing but gee whiz Rock get it right. After all you are a reporter. Never mind I have watched over the years how ALL reporters change what we see and hear. Have a great day.

Ute fan in MS

Mad Mac should have been in the BYU HOF years ago. This is one of many reasons I'm a Ute Fan. Come on BYU get a clue, he was a great QB and one of the most exciting players ever to play at the Y.


BYU is a peculiar institution and should remain that way, even if its students must conform to be accepted.

Change it

BYU should change the requirements. It is a football hall of fame not an academic hall of fame. There has never been a better leader than Jim McMahon at BYU. Much of his antics are misconstrued and have become legend or urban myth. Jim is a good guy who not only was a great player but still continues to support LDS missionaries in his home from time to time. He needs to be in the hall of fame at BYU... He is in mine.

S Gawrys

When I was younger I loved JM. He was the best. I still look back with fond memories, but lets stop going after BYU over the Jm legacy. Jm was the kind of dude that acts obnoxious and gets laughs at everyone else's expense. He was funny though. I think BYU has paid the price for JM actions not the other way around. Sure he helped the school win games and we all love to point out how he was expelled following his final season, but perhaps it would have been unfair to the coaching staff and players to boot him sooner.

Additionally, JM wants nothing to do with BYU. He never has. He is a Chicago Bear and he wants to keep it that way. I never thought I would say this but BYU is not the bad guy. JM is the bad guy on this issue. If Mac wants to get in the HOF then he should make it right with BYU (publicly). But he won't.

Just an opinion from a BYU Alumni, a former BYU athlete, and a big JM fan.


That should do it. Everyone was just waiting for Brad Rock to opine on this and now he has put the case for McMahon over the top. Nevermind that McMahon himself hasn't asked to be honored by BYU or that he consistenly bad-mouthed BYU during and after his experience there or that he dismissed, while there, most of the standards he had agreed to live. I have an option. Let's create a new Hall of Fame category to fit his situation (perhaps Hall of Fame for Great former BYU athletes who hate BYU) and then wait for him to indicate an interest. Until then, he just doesn't seem to fit the profile and the standard seems pretty reasonable for a unique school like BYU. If you don't like the standard, well, that's too bad. Life is difficult.

Hall of Great Players

There's your title, Brad. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer is "famous" and performed some "incredible" things so let's put him in some kind of hall of fame.

Yeah, Dahmer is an extreme, but Jim McMahon was also extreme. Oh wait, not that type of extreme. He was a GREAT player for BYU, probably one of the very best, if not the best, so he belongs in the Hall of Great Players at BYU.

Yet, I don't consider his exploits off the field, and his contempt for the Honor code, recognizable as a standard of excellence at BYU. He was great in his performances as an athlete. I commend him for that and so he should be recognized. Am I comparing him to Dahmer, of course not. Is McMahon famous? Without question.

Easy way to get into the hall of fame. Graduate! So he was conveniently booted from school after eligibility ended, shame on the administration, but then again, maybe Jim made some choices then that forced the administration to act.

If honor and integrity aren't part of the issue, then by all means, let's get Jim into the Hall. You have my vote, because he was GREAT as a player.


If the Athletic Hall of Fame exists to recognize outstanding BYU athletes, then McMahon deserves to be in the Hall. If the school wishes to recognize students for their academic contributions, then set up another Hall of Fame. My wife and I are BYU grads, so are two of our children and we have no problem seeing Jim in the Hall of Fame. BYU certainly gets the recognition every time McMahon's name is mentioned, so give him his due. It takes NOTHING away from BYU by giving him the honor he deserves.


Kragthorpe, how can you say McMahon wasn't juiced? I am not saying he was, but during that era of college football many players at top programs were juiced and at the pro level as well. I trust that BYU was a program that policed itself and didn't let steroids into the locker room, but I'd be surprised to learn that BYU was 100% clean during that period.

As for McMahon in the BYU Sports Hall of Fame, it has different standards than the College Football HOF. I think that is great although I wish those that produced on the field would finish what they started and complete the last requirement and get that degree.


You want the University to compromise and change the rules. This guy has spent his whole life wanting the rules changed for him. All he has to do is get the 9 credit hours (compromise) and the pressure would then really be on the University. It's a great rule because they are all STUDENT athletes. Just because MONEY has changed the whole NCAA picture is no reason to change this rule. I wish each one of them would get their Degree.

Olive Branch

Jim McMahon's greatest attribute was his never say die attitude; it was his example and determination that made the Miracle Bowl possible. Many other players contributed, but it was Jim's leadership that created the spark that led to one of the most memorable events in BYU sports history.

It's that same attitude that's keeping Jim out of the BYU Hall of Fame -- refusing to lose. In a way, he's being just as stubborn about maintaining his "standards" as BYU is.

BYU doesn't need to lower it's standards, it just needs to extend an olive branch to Jim; offer an apology, tell him they want him in their Hall and work with him quietly, behind the scenes to make it happen.

It's been almost 28 years; it's time to bury the hatchet.


Oh Brad, what sycophantic falderall. This is NOT the football Hall of Fame... Mac would be a shoe in. It is the College Football Hall of Fame for graduates of BYU. It is to showcase college-athletes. Mac only half qualifies. He qualifies on the football or athletic side but not on the college academic side.

It begs the question: if McMahon had focused on studies would he have been as good on the field? We'll never know, but, BYU can give him a Mulligan if he simply goes on line, takes the few classes he needs and he can enter through an elongated and pampered hallway into the Hall.

He's a jerk, so, he won't.

Dr. J

Few will know of the lows that McMahan stooped to while at Cougerville. In the end though, he was just a guy that took up a couple of valuable years that Steve Young or another QB could have been playing--they, like McMahan would have had records too. He wasn't a difference maker at BYU, the difference was already made.

Love McMahon, BUT...

... what's he given back to BYU since he left? And what beyond sports did he contribute to BYU while he was here?

While I agree he was one of the best BYU QBs ever, I can understand the institutional reluctance to honor him. He gave us some wonderful sports memories, then trashed BYU on his way out the door. It was pretty clear he wasn't supporting BYU's standards or ethics while he was here.

I ask again--what's he given to BYU, then and since, *besides* sports memories? Fair question.

McMahon Fan

I am a fan of Jim being recognized for his accomplishments by BYU and being inducted into the Hall of Fame; however, the graduation rule has been in place prior to McMahon taking the field and should continue to apply. Jim McMahon should do what he needs to do to graduate and the Honor is his. BYU should not change the rule.


RE: Anonymous 5:51 a.m.

"BYU is a peculiar insitution." I'm sure you also thing we're "peculiar people." Great, we're a bunch of weirdos and BYU is full of nerds. McMahon brought more positive attention to BYU and the LDS church than a thousand missionaries could do. (as did Steve Young) Can't we just recognize him for the great things he did for BYU while playing football. I find it "peculiar" that BYU won't recognize one of the greatest athletes to ever play for the school.

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