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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Even Sloan is singing his praises. Everyone in the locker room knows they need CJ to win it all. He will be the Man by year's end.


This is why knight is here! to run the offensive until D-will get back, heck i throw AK47 as point, if we need him. Go Jazz!!


AK at the point? And Magnus thinks I am the crazy one!!


Miles is probably not even a jazz fan. I bet he is a rocket fan who wants to get his hand on deron williams.


I wouldn't say Sloan is singing his praises, it's more, he's conditioning his voice for practice...

Miles is sloppy, sporadic, and too trigger happy.

He needs to calm down and play within the system.


Just because Tommy K is crazy it doesn't mean you are not, there's plenty of room in crazy town for all of us.

I was just thinking about the other guys on the injury list, besides Williams:


Does anybody really miss these guys in the lineup? I wouldn't mind having Harpring back for a 10 minutes a game tough guy/enforcer but in general I don't think the Jazz would be an worse off this season if they just released all of these guys.


Not a Jazz fan? Funny, very funny. Biggest fan there is. Magnus. We do not need Collins, Harpring or Knight. We need to get them off the team and not send anyone to the D league this year. The bottom feeders need to practice every day with the elite players to get better-- not play in some glorified high school/college league. But if Harpring does heal OK, he is good for some bang up minutes on the opposing team. For some reason Sloan likes Collins because he does what he tells him to do. But again, if we don't improve our team, we will not win a championship. The Lakers are tough this year.


Oh and "GO CJ"

To magnus

I totally agree with you regarding Collins, but we still need 3 PGs and I'm not convinced CJ is the answer there. I also like the 10 enforcer minutes we can get from Harp. Enough that I wouldn't release him this year.


Sloan........The system in Utah is half of the problem that we don't win championships. If Sloan would use the talent he has, we would blow everyone away.


Almond should play the point he's a stud


Give Sloan credit for getting away from his "system."
I never thought he would do something as bold as bringing AK off the bench, even though it has been discussed on some fan boards.

Miles is clearly not better than AK, but if he starts and plays 6-7 mins, that lets the offense go through the other 4 starters w/o having Andrei feel left out.

AK is such a great passer, he really should be on the court whenever Deron is not, especially since Price is not a pure point guard.

We're very fortunate Deron's injury appears to be mild. I had a similar injury (coming down on someone's foot) and was hobbling around for over a month.

It may cost Utah a win or two, but Deron and the rest of the team will be even more focused after he returns to make up any lost ground.


I assume you are talking about "almon" because the is no "D" in almond. He couldn't guard a mop.

Miles doesn't know jack.

Miles is ruining this site. CJ just isn't that important but he is getting so much play here?

AK going to the bench will be more of a factor. AK has looked so much more agressive in his back up role. He was active taking the ball to the basket and he didn't seem to worry about making a mistake or if he should defer to Booze or D-will. Carlos' turnovers are more of an issue than what production you will get out of Miles at this point.

I think the biggest issue facing the Jazz this year is if AK plays great off the bench specifically at the 4 spot and Milsap does the same thing....Is Carlos disposable? He didn't play well in the playoffs, he doesn't play a lick of defense. You haven't heard Jerry mention his name half as much as D-Will at this point. Is Carlos a winner? or a stat filler? Will Carlos play defense? if he played it like Malone, we would have a chance this year! Carlos is the number 1 issue this year going into the season! not Miles!!


Miles over AK-47


Talk about getting more bang for your buck and less for your Rouble. LOL


Totally agree with Hollywood, great point about AK.

From the sounds of things Knight may not see much time anyways, even with Deron hurt, so once he and Deron both come back Knight will just be dead weight. I say cut him and Collins loose and keep Fes and Kosta on the active roster. Send Almond for one more year in the D-League and see if he can learn how to play team basketball.


I think Magnus is running this site. CJ is very important to the team. If he doesn't step up then AK can not come off the bench. So before you run your mouth, think about the importance of Miles in the big picture.


12 Man Active Roster

PG: Williams, Price
SG: Brewer, Korver
SF: AK, CJ, Harp
PF: Boozer, Millsap
C: Memo, Fes, Kosta

The crazy (awesome) thing about this team is that almost everybody can play multiple positions. Boozer, Fes, and Harp are really the only one position guys on the team. I mean the combinations are endless...

Starters: D-will, Brewer, CJ, Boozer, Memo
Second Unit: Price, Korver, AK, Millsap, Fes
Small ball(8SOL): D-Will, Brewer, CJ, AK, Millsap
Zone Buster: D-Will, Korver, Brewer, AK, Memo
Big Lineup: D-Will, Brewer, AK, Memo, Fes
Bigger Lineup: D-Will, AK, Millsap, Boozer, Memo

I could go on and on. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am exited for this season, and I really REALLY think the Jazz should cut Collins.



Every day he gets on here to try and rile up everyone by shooting his mouth about how great C.J. is and how he should play point guard. The articles usually are not even about C.J. but all the posts are because of him. It's obvious by his comments that he's not a true Jazz fan because he bashes everyone else, including D-Will who everyone knows is an absolute stud. As a die-hard Jazz fan, I like C.J. and am pulling for him. However, I am reasonable and know that starting him at the point is not the answer. I hope he fulfills his potential and succeeds at the 3 because it will help the Jazz ... but PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO "MILES"

@ Miles

CJ doesn't have to step up that much in order for AK to come off the bench. When the starting lineup is on the floor, Miles will be the fourth or fifth option on offense; once D-Will gets back he will definitely be fifth. The Jazz's starting lineup is solid enough that Sloan just needs a warm body that isn't too much of a liability on defense. As long as someone can fill that minor role, the Jazz theoretically can more than make up for what they lose on the front end by making greater use of Kirilenko's energy on the backend.

If Miles doesn't come through (which is still a possibility given his lackluster play in the preseason), you can still start Korver or Harpring and have AK come in behind them. I think Miles' athleticism and versatility potentially make him the better guy for the starting role than Korver or Harpring, but if he continues to play so inconsistently I'd choose either over Miles.

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