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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Voting No on B

This amendment would authorize the State of Utah to play favorites in the market with its investment choices.

Taxpayer-supported entities shouldn't be in the business of enriching some people at the expense of others. Privatized profits and socialized costs would flow from this amendment.

The State of Utah shouldn't be in the education business either.


This is probably OK, but I will vote against it, because I am not sure if there are proper safeguards against graft and corruption. Just like the business interests that want to get their hands into the public education K-12 pot, there could also develop opportunities for corruption of this fund.


What a great idea! Instead of using the money to educate kids we can play the stock market and see if we can make more money than we put into it.

Is this a Stephenson idea? Sounds like one.

Oops, I mean Voting No on E

... although I voted No on B too for similar reasons.


Well I'm not sure I would normally have been a proponant of investing public education money in the stock market but right now it seems like a good idea. If I'm wrong, and I'm never wrong, the market will continue to drop. Right now the market which had been overvalued for a long time imo is actually valued at a good price. Assuming the US isn't going to collapse completely (and I believe it won't) I think the stock market is a good investment at present. In addition by investing in the stock market right now we actually help it to rise and begin again on its upward path.

You must be kidding.

Not just no, but HECK no!!

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