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Published: Monday, Oct. 20 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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you are sanctimonious

Why are the MWC fans so sanctimonious? Your statement that the MWC is better at basketball than CUSA is very debateable. Are you forgetting that Memphis is a member of CUSA? And who says you are better at football? True, the polls might say the MWC is better right now, but all sports considered from the top to bottom teams, and year in and year out I would take CUSA. I have an idea. Why not take SMU for all the same reasons in the article? We both know the answer to that question. Because you think you are too good for them.


This conference is called the MOUNTAIN WEST right? last time i checked Oklahoma nor texas were neither very mountainous so it doesnt really make too much sense for either teams...just a thought

Deja vu

About 15 years ago the WAC got the wild idea that expansion was a great thing. It invited a bunch of teams to the league and became unwieldy. Some of the original teams of the WAC realized it had gotten out of control and formed the MWC. The MWC already added TCU for access to the Dallas TV market. Is it really the smartest move to repeat recent history and add teams, no matter how good the fit seems to be?


That's cool that you feel that way, but to say CUSA is better in all sports top to bottom is a joke. Lets take out football and baskeball like you said. BYU is tops in the nation in many sports such as swimming, gymnastics, baseball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, cross-country, golf, tennis, etc. Utah is very good in gymnastics, volleyball, soccer. TCU in very good in baseball; UNLV in golf; SDSU baseball; CSU Volleyball, it goes on and on. And then you add in that we are always better in football and traditionally better in basketball (count up the NIT champs, NCAA champs, NCAA appearances, players sent to the NBA from CUSA and just compare them to Utah, BYU and UNLV and you will find you are lacking greatly.) So all in all you are way off the mark, and just like SMU we don't want Tulsa either, we left them both 10 years ago for a reason.




Since we're fantasizing ... my suggestion.

Drop San Diego State and add Fresno State, Boise State, Hawaii and Tulsa.

I've always liked the idea of adding Boise State to the Mountain West. They're a natural fit for the league. If the Mountain West took both BSU, Fresno and Hawaii, we would be gutting the WAC of its three best football teams. Bye, bye WAC.

That would give us a legitimate shot at gaining an automatic BCS tie-in for the league champion. It would also give us a chance to get out of that lousy contract with the MTN network and back on ESPN.

With 12 teams, we could have two divisions and a league championship game between the two division champions.

The only drawback is not all the teams could play each other every year. How to break down the league?

Boise State
Fresno State

Air Force
Colorado State
New Mexico

Now that would be a tough league; especially in football!

Hawaii, Fresno State and Boise State have all expressed interest in the Mountain West. Tulsa is the only question mark. A good fit though.


First of all, by just about any measure, the MWC is better than CUSA. More trips to the basketball final four, more gymnastics titles, more of just about everything (and we do have the only non-bcs team to ever win a national title, AND the first team to bust the BCS, not to mention thre teams in the top 20 this year, and 5 bowl eligible teams almost every year, so stop whining, and go away).
As for this being the MOUNTAIN WEST, as you say, San Diego State? TCU? That's almost 25% of the conference coming from OUTSIDE the MOUNTAIN WEST. Tulse would be a great addition, as would Boise State. Heck, Add them both and that would make the MWC a legit, SCARY conference on par with just about anyone. Imagine that for a sec. Utah, BYU, TCU, Boise, Tulsa, Air Force, and a hopefully on the rise Colorado State, mixed with the usually bowl eligible New Mexico! Bring on the ACC with a conference like that!!! Never gonna happen, but seriously, wouldn't that be a fantastic football conference?


Instead of talking about who should join MWC, the Utes and Cougars should be talking to someone about how they can join another conference. The MWC is going no where. The teams at the top will always be victims of a poor conference. The TV situation is horrendous. I don't care if we finish in the middle of the PAC10 every year, at least there would be the possibility of a national championship and we would be able to watch our team on TV every week. Imagine that!


Conference USA has 75% of its teams with losing records, and only 1 team better than 4-3. The MWC better than 50% of its teams at or above .500, and three ranked in the top 20, including 2 in the top 15. Explain to me how CUSA is a better conference, cause I can't figure out where you came up with that hum-dinger of a claim. You lose Tulsa, and you don't have a single team over 4-3 in a conference that has 12 teams! Please, make intelligent posts. If you're going to make outrageous claims, at least have SOME statistical basis for it. Seriously, not only 1 team out of 12 with a record better than 4-3? that's just sad. That's worse than the MAC. The only conference that is WORSE than CUSA is the Sun Belt Conference. And they're one win away from matching CUSA's ineptitude.


If we could only get rid of SDSU I'd be all for grabbing Tulsa and Boise St.


Great Idea. I live in Tulsa and it is a good school with a great athletic department and community support. I would also love to have BYU come to town on a regular basis.


Boise i s much more consistent than Tulsa.

ditto NO

BYU should be looking for a decent conference to join, patching the MWC won't help.


While I agree with you, the fact is Conference USA isn't that good of a Conference! Rather than expand to a 10 team Conference why not 12 or 14? Invite Boise State, and Fresno State as well? Then you have 12, add Utah State and Hawaii for kicks potentially, divide into TWO CONFERENCES have a Championship Game and winner gets a BCS game, all you have to do is get it approved through the BCS! Why not, it would help alleviate half the squabbling going on now about the BCS! I say we go for it!!!

Provided we dump "The Mountain" channel or go national with it! It's still killing our exposure! Also get rid of the Conference President!!! He is an idiot for getting us the Vegas Bowl to begin with as a Auto-bid for the MW Champion to face a 4th or 5th place PAC 10 team! What a jerk!!!


Expansion to the east ... yeah, yeah, this is making sense.

Why don't we also add UTEP? And Rice and SMU?

And, naturally, Fresno St., San Jose St., and Hawaii, just to balance it out.

This will be a great idea 12 years ago.

Ernest T. Bass

I agree. The last time Utah played Tulsa, the Utes won.
The last time the coogs played Tulsa, Tulsa won so it is a perfect fit.

Name Change

MMWC - Mostly Mountain West Conf.

true blue

YOu don't want to drop SDSU they are in a big market city. We could drop wyoming. They are awful. What's their television market 100,121st just right behind the north pole. Absolutely no benefit to having wyoming.


Tulsa is at the foothills of the ozarks, and it is west of the mississippi, at least. More mountainous than Ft. Worth, for sure. Not a terrible fit.


As a Tulsa fan, we don't need the MWC, don't want the MWC. It's all yours. Very happy with CUSA. Have 4 schoools within a reasonable driving distance, not including some fun spots like Orlando and New Orleans to visit. We recruit Texas and Arkansas heavily and moving to the MWC is not a huge recruiting tool. Instead, Maybe CUSA should keep asking TCU to join CUSA and look to improve our conference.

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