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Published: Sunday, Oct. 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Let's go UNIVERSITY!!!!!


Go UTAH!!!!!
(Thanks for the updates Desnews!)

Kall 700

Of course I can't watch the game, so I'm trying to listen online. Anyone know what's up with Kall 700 online?



Re: Kall 700

So it's not just me!! Whew. No idea what the deal is, but I wish they'd get it working. No TV and No radio? gah.


Do you think other schools in the top 25 have a hard time not only watching their schools play on TV, but listening to them on the radio. I love the Utah football, but this is pathetic.


That does sound good, doesn't it, BYU fans?
Oops, I forgot you would not know.


RE: SoCalUtahFan

Live it up SoCal dude, your beloved team will fail hard against BYU! And yes we have witness several 8-0 starts by BYU, one that lead to a National Championship. But you probably forgot that one too.

A BYU fan who hates utah!


had troubles with CSU defense last week.

Hopefully, this is a sign that Utah offense finally can play consistently now.

Ute fan in MS

Nice win, didn't this team play TCU really close, unlike BYU. Are there any Cougar fans that aren't worried? I didn't think so. Go UTES !


great game

you can pick up a web cast with graphics and stats and play by play at cbs.com or thru the uofu web site with a link to the cbs site.

kall 700

thier web site and audio tool was down the whole time. GET IT FIXED KALL!

oooh pick me pick me

not worried at all

bring it

go cougs woot

Utah is so much better than BYU

isn't is clear now?


performance. 13-7, tcu last week versus csu. We'll be undefeated come season's-end and play in a BCS bowl-game as a top-ten team. Go UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Utes fan

Let's go utes beat tcu and byu and your on your way to a bcs game!!!

Ute fan in MS

Are any of you Cougar fans watching Michigan beat #3 Penn State, yes it's only in the third quarter, it is the same team Utah beat. Are you getting worried yet?

go utes

you are so rockin i cant wait until the byu game when you show them just like you did the last two years in a row! yeah... go... uh..... utes?


Utes should move up to #11 in tomorrow's polls, while BYU will drop to #19.

Mark in Peoria

I rely on Kall 700 online for the games. I hoping next time that will be fixed. I had to rely on the gamecast.

Anyway, great game Utes. Time for a well deserved rest!

Oh, and check out Michigan v Penn St. It's a double whammy. If Penn State ends up losing (still a big if) then it bolster's Utah's schedule AND makes Utah and Texas Tech the only 9 game winning streaks!

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