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Published: Friday, Oct. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To Cougar Blue

You were right, the game was over by the first half...


No need to say more!


Just Like USC, Due to their national reputation, BYU just got a mulligan tonight, a luxury TCU and Utah do not have.. BYU is not out of the BCS. With 5 games left to still move up in the polls.

BYU will end up between 22-25 in the polls.

1) BYU will win out until Utah. They'll be 10-1 going into Utah.

2) TCU played well tonight, but is not the same team on the road. Utah will beat them on 11/6 going away. TCU will be 10-2 to end the season. They will also drop behind the defending back to back MWC champs with the loss with.

3) Boise State will not win out. They will srop behind BYU with a late season loss to a WAC team.

4) That leaves the Utes @ 11-0 going into BYU week (with upsets)they'll be ranked between 5-8th in the polls.

5)A nationally respected 10-1 BYU will be ranked between 12-16 in the polls.

6) BYU will beat UTAH in their own stadium (again) Utah will also drop behind the defending back to back MWC champs with the loss with. BYU moves back into the BCS top 12 for good.

Pretty Please

Can we borrow your shirts?



Really? Only two comments so far? Dnews must be censoring all the U fan's comments.

What a great game! Don't worry zoobies, now you can go back to playing teams with losing records, until......nana.....nana....nana...nana..nana.nana November 22nd! Christmas comes early this year!

Let me guess, this comment won't be posted. :(

I don't care

I live in Asia and me and 999 million Chinese people don't care!


NP -
We'll just need them back by November 22nd. It'll work out great since You'll have no use for them after that date.
All the Best!
The defending champs

NO Coaching

No adjustments,no play action, no outside containment,no coaching. They have figured us out,our vanilla play calling and slow zone defense. We have lots of character an inspirational program, great players.But we will never make it to the next level unless our coaches "not our players" improve thier game.

Dropped your end of the bargain

I'm glad you speak English "I don't care". But we do care. I really think BYU does have a great team... but honestly, pride got the best of them. The comments this week from players and coaches seemed pretty laid back while all you heard from the TCU side was gritting of teeth. TCU wanted it more... the cougs must have thought they "were going to lay down for them." (in the words of King Collie himself). Anyways, too bad Will is delusional and thinks the Cougars can win on the road... haha. Go Utes! We just need to worry about taking this one game at a time and not promote we're one of the "best teams in the nation". Actions will speak louder than words.


The Y can still win the national championship if they win the rest of their games since all of the teams ahead of them have to play each other or in conference championships which means several losses for Texas, OU, Alabama, LSU, Florida, etc

David S Decker

Harmon's commentary is "right on", but a little kind. We were outcoached, outplayed, and over rated. After the lousey game at Utah State I kept waiting for the defense to improve. They didn't. Hall has been spoiled by the offensive line. But, speed overcame power to the point that we looked very ordinary in the line. We could easily end up losing 2 more!! Including, double ouch, Utah.

sorry guys

another year on the island of misfit toys.

blessing in disguise

Better to be humiliated on a Thursday nite in October with nobody watching than in a BCS bowl in January.

I care

I'm living in China right now. There are 1.3 billion Chinese people here, not 999 million. I care deeply about BYU football, and am happy to have the chance to listen to these games on KSL's podcast. "I don't care"'s post is an example of why the Deseret News needs to require registration to post comments. The stupidity on these forums is alarming.


Well the answer whether BYU was actually contenders or merely pretenders was answered at TCU. This game wasn't BYU players not being prepared by the coaches or just having a bad night. This was outright physical domination by a team with superior athletes top to bottom. BYU mislead a lot of national pollsters by beating a soft Washington and UCLA team early in the season but reality started to set in against Utah State and was further cemented against New Mexico. TCU dominated BYU's offensive line. TCU dominated BYU's undersized defensive line. TCU sat on top of BYU's slow receivers. Case closed and game over. Bronco is a great coach but no amount of coaching and inspiration can make up for a mismatch in athetic talent on the field. One thing Bronco can do is change the sort of defensive linemen he recruits going forward. If BYU wants to play physical football then they have to recruit BIG physical defensive linemen. The TCU UTAH game will be for the MWC championship and I pick Utah to win that and go to another BCS bowl. BYU will finish with 2 loses and end up third.

Throw away the T-Shirts

You know the T-Shirts that say "FULLY VESTED". Well, it is time to use them to clean the car or maybe as a paint rag. The Fully Vested era is over for Bronco. Time to retire that phrase and then go out and recruit some "physical" D-linemen instead of the "softies" that currently make up the roster. BYU was man handled top to bottom by TCU. No amount of preparation would have changed a thing in the out come either. If the BYU football program wants to take the next step nationally then they are going to have to recruit big, physical defensive players...PERIOD. Offensively, well I think BYU could have played better with a better game plan.

Utah will KILL BYU

BYU fans better get used to getting blown out because the UTES are going to spank the kittens on Nov 22 in Salt Lake in a similar fashion to TCU. BYU is a soft, finese team that can't play physical football.

Never had much faith

in Anae. The man's play calling is plain vanilla. Got to give TCU credit - they played lights out. If TCU plays like that for the rest of the year, they'll beat anyone they come up against. But, they play down on the road - Utah will have a good opportunity to beat them at home, but they'd better buck up for this one.


So how much are the stupid t-shirts on e-bay now?

I agree with NO Coaching

BYU never throws an interesting play into the mix. I know Bronco doesn't like tricks and gimmicks but maybe they help keep the other team on their toes a bit. I am reminded of the BYU/Utah game two years ago. The fake punts, reverses, etc. It sure kept the Cougs on their toes even though they pulled out the W. Who knows, the players and the fans might have some fun with it. BYU is not good enough to beat good teams by strength of their "fundamentals" (Vanilla play calling). Risks need to be taken. When did football become so serious? It's a game! Weekend entertainment at best! Entertain us! Go out on a limb!

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