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Published: Friday, Oct. 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Few things make me happier than this humiliating loss. BYU has been EXPOSED. And this is good for Utah.

Go utes

what a game...for TCU.. Maybe next year cougars..


i thought we were better, I'll admit I was wrong

SoCal Andy

Sad day, but not really that surprising. TCU is a VERY good team and it is always tough to win on the road.


It's really too bad that all the hype for the game on 11/22 will be diminished. Count on BYU to not keep up their side of the deal.


Where are all the comments and smack talk now?


And great was their fall

I don't even think BYU deserves to be in the top 25. They will probably remain ranked for a few more weeks but they didn't look like a top tier program.


How about Las Vegas, that's close enough, right?


I thought BYU played about as good as they could, they just lost to a far superior team. They can hold their heads up high. GO COUGS!!!


Hopefully, the Y will sign some 4 and 5 star recruits from the state of Texas for 2009 since the Y is a superior team in the best conference in the country and the Y is better than Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Missouri, and LSU who do more of their recruiting in the state of Texas




since most of us made comments 15 mins ago and now that story is gone,
there is rejoicing in america tonight for this blow out win...... why,,,,, the "investment" that was so phony and full of self pride is now just like the stock market, down the tubes
utes better bring their a game for the rest of the year or they will be done in too,,,,, but they have not been beating their chest about being the worlds best team for more then a year, just taking it one game at a time utes have the same kind of speed and d as tcu.

Wow what an offense!!!!

BYU came out flap. They acted like they have never played football before.The play calling was horrible and no adjustments were ever made, or maybe they were and TCU was just that much better. Same old byu, they get your hopes up the rip your heart out. They looked very overated tonight.


Hmmm,I was a little suspicious when we struggled against weak teams the last two weeks. My suspicions were confirmed tonight. Next year in Provo.


Now here is a most interesting question. Where does BYU go bowling now. If Utah wins out and Gets a BCS and TCU takes second, BYU is third and not going to vegas. If Utah loses to TCU and TCU wins the conference, BYU is the third seed if they lose to Utah. Man this wasnt a good night for us. I have never seen hall hold on to the ball that much, so you know that the TCU secondary was amazing. Their defense just looked unreal. Congrats TCU, GO Utes. The only way that BYU has a chance at a BCS bowl is to win out, and have Utah win out til they play BYU. Go Cougs

Coug Fans

Hey maybe this will humble you Coug fans a little? I am so sick of you smack talking about how bad Utah and Weber State supposedly are this year.


I thought the cougs played about as good as they could, they just lost to a superior team in TCU. The cougs can hold their heads up high. I'm still proud of them. They will dominate the rest of their games. GO COUGS!!!


OK Utah fans. Before you start going off about BYU's quest for perfection coming to an end, keep in mind Utah still has to play TCU and BYU and they haven't looked that sharp yet.

I don't think TCU will match that emotion and play that well again, but if they do then the Nov. 22nd game at RES could be reduced to a battle for second place.

Just goes to show how difficult it is to go undefeated for an entire college football season plus a bowl game. BYU 1984, Utah 2004, whose turn will it be in 2024?

What a shame it is that the MWC champion will likely be ranked higher, and will clearly be better, than the champions of the ACC and Big East, yet Las Vegas Bowl may be the reward.

Sigh of relief

The pressure to be perfect is off their backs and maybe now they can relax and just play football. That Quest for Perfection stuff can mess with your head.

Anyone out there who grew up with that pressure to be perfect might understand what I'm saying?

Just be human, man! It gets easier when you come back down to earth!

The Dream Ends

Unbelievable....as a Cougar Fan I am crushed. Another flop on the road.Another trip to the Las Vegas Bowl :(. At least its close, and we still can take down Utah again :).

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