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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 30 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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DR Don

Perhaps Mr. Young can be prosecuted for aiding terrorists. One can hope!


Have you seen the dead mink on Legacy Parkway? These bozos really made life better for the mink they released. I hope these guys get the maximum sentence, not just for the crime, but for being totally out of touch with the real world.


Stop calling terrorists activists.


Talk about doublethink! People expressing "anger" at mink being killed on Legacy Highway who were freed.

And then at the same time express support to fur farmers who collectively 26 MILLION minks every year by gassing, electrocution, and breed/keep them in captivity and cages from birth to death.


to think people

The issue here is that the released mink will die anyway, but only after upsetting the balance of nature.

Sounds familiar

Hey, what ThinkPeople wrote sounds like my job. Come free me!


"You can see terror in these animals' eyes. What these activists are doing is an attempt to stop that"

The only time he would have been close enough to the mink to see "the terror in their eyes" is while he was releasing them.

Of course they were scared, they don't know how find food or to protect themselves from predators, or even find shelter on their own. That's why they ended up as pancakes on the the roads!


ALF and ELF are perfect examples of the very definition of a terrorist organization. They are attempting to effect changes by the means of violence.

These mink are dead before they are born. All these people did was extend their suffering, and create a public safety issue.


Minks are solitary animals who are semi-aquatic. Minks travel widely and may occupy as much as 2.5 miles miles of wetland habitat. Minks frequently line their dens with leaves, grasses, and feathers for comfort. These are intelligent animals who are forced to live lives of intensive confinement with no places to hide from humans or other mink. They languish in filthy wire cages, eating a diet that is anything but natural... and die agonizing deaths by having their necks broken, gassed, or stomped on. Some mink farmers have been found killing mink by injecting them with weed killer.

Some of the minks will die after release. This is inevitable. Yet all of them would have died if left in their filthy confinement. And someone would have profited greatly from this cruelty. Silence and inaction would have resulted in profit for the fur industry and no real challenge to the barbarities it represents.

The minks, when given the choice at an open cage, preferred the chance at a free life over incarceration and definitive deaths. It seems grossly inaccurate to call the people who gave these animals the possibility of avoiding unnecessary suffering and premature death on the farm, terrorists.


Many wild animals - who know exactly how to hunt or forage for food - get hit by cars. This speaks more of this culture's complete (grotesque) reliance on roads and automobiles, then it does about the inabilities of captive raised minks to survive in the wild.

The reality is, some of the mink will survive after release. How many would have lived if left in the clutches of the fur farmer? NONE. The fur farmer would not have allowed any of them to live. And he would have made a handsome profit on the backs of their months of torment in captivity and untimely death.

At least some mink will survive because of the activists actions. Lets remember these actions were taken out of conscience, rather then the avarice of the fur industry who has a vested interested in demonizing the people who freed these mink because of their bottom-line.

The question isn't are the activists terrorists anyway, the question is - do we as thinking, feeling human beings have the right to terrorize, torment, and kill prematurely other intelligent, sentient creatures for unnecessary (in terms of survival needs) products that are made from extensive and profound cruelty?


Pullthebandaidslow You have no Idea what your saying .First these are domesicated animals. They have no idea where to find shelter,food or water. You make it sound like Farmers are some kind of torcher artists when im sure you dont grow anything! What kind of sense would it make for someone who makes their living from what he produces to "kill them with weed killer" Get real. That makes as much sense as you burning the books at the Barnes & Noble you work at. The point is THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW!! Plane and simple.


Better turn your poodle loose too.


The difference between poodles and minks are huge. These minks are not domesticated like poodles, they are captive-bred. Captive-bred and domestication is not the same thing. Domestication takes place over thousands of years. Biologically and physiologically (and mentally) these minks are the exact same as their free-living "wild" counterparts. Yes, some will not adapt and learn to hunt voles and other prey animals... but some will... these are better chances then the fur farmer gave.

Farmers are "torture artists" - intentional or not. Keeping a wild, energetic animal in a small cage without access to anything resembling a normal life is torture. Forcing solitary animals to live in the close confines of thousands of others is torture. Killing someone who doesn't want to die for selfish reasons and not survival needs is unethical. And injecting them with weed killers or breaking their necks does happen all the time. To keep the pelt in good condition, those who kill must find ways to kill the animal without damaging the pelts.

RE: Poodle. I wouldn't "turn him loose" - his biology, behavior and instinctual urges aren't the same as wolves or coyotes. He isn't at risk of being tortured or killed.


Henry David Thoreau said, ""Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison."

And Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be... The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists."

Yes, they are breaking the law. But laws are not the same as ethics. There are just laws and unjust laws. Freeing mink who are suffering and will be killed is not the same as flying planes into buildings and harming people. One is done to preserve life and make those who profit from suffering and death to lose money. The other is to harm life and cause suffering due to rigid adherence to fundamentalist dogma. It was once legal to enslave people, rape women, and beat your children. Times change. The minks and other animals who are abused and killed unnecessarily deserve a world where there lives matter. They are not commodities, they are autonomous sentient beings worthy of compassionate and respectful treatment.

Fur Commission USA

With less than 3% of the planet capable of supporting crops to feed and clothe us, humans remain dependent on animals for food and fiber. Since there are 6 billion of us on this planet, we complement wild production with farm-raised animals, including domesticated mink and fox and rabbit and sheep, all sources of leather and fur which are all natural fibers used in cold weather clothing. The alternative to natural fibers, synthetics from oil, is not sustainable. The people who attacked the farms in Utah and sent out threats to the farmers are simply terrorists, pure and simple.

To bandaid

These mink are also the offspring of domestic mink. It's illegal to remove wild mink from the environment and use them for commercial purposes.
The big stupid flag in this whole event is the idea of turning 6,000 voracious and aggressive predators loose in the eco system. Talk about a huge eco-blunder. On the same scale as the Exxon Valdez.

ALF vs Exxon

The difference is that Exxon's blunder was an accident caused by stupidity. With the ALF it's intentional stupidity.

ALF..the steak sauce please.

What does that stand for..Always Laughable Fools? I for one love all forms of life, so much so, that I can not bear to see wonderful little carrots and radishes jerked out of the ground and then eaten uncerimoniously by their inferior humans. They were here first, before man, and therefore should receive the protection they deserve. Alf should redirect it's attention to the grocery stores who promote and even sell these poor defenseless creatures for human consumption. Excuse me please, "Hand me the Steak Sauce and garlic salt".

To Steak

But those carrots are domestic.

dakota h

This is so important because its our animals throughput these sates!! Everyone should be a least a little worried of whats happeing! These are animals of our kind! I fthis keeps happeing the could go ecxint!

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