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Published: Sunday, Sept. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fire Guy!!! USU needs better atheletes and a coach with a history of having one of worst programs in division 1A can't recruit them. The idea that USU can't afford a good coach is ludicrous.

I understand John L. Smith was back in Logan this weekend. Maybe the new A.D. could entice him into comming back.

Goodbye Guy?

USU's problems go far beyond coaching. Mendenhall and Whittingham are great coaches, and I have to tell you that I don't think they could turn the program around in short order. I'm not necessarily saying keeping Guy is the right thing, but what I am trying to say is that USU needs a coach Aggie fans can throw their entire support behind with the understanding that it will take years to rebuild.

However, I've seen little if no improvement over 4 years. I don't think 4 years is asking too much to start seeing the benefits of a coaching change. But if USU has another terrible season it will be time to change coaches.


USU could really use a hiatus from both teams for a few years. USU really should get out of our 'deal' with BYU to make this possible. This would allow more flexibility in scheduling for all teams. But for USU they could dumb down their schedule a tad and I believe they need a weaker schedule as part of their re-build plan.

Without BYU and the U on their schedule USU could strike a deal with Weber St for as an in-state game and they could also schedule a weak division 1 program. I believe a weaker schedule would give USU an opportunity right at the start of the season to earn some wins. After 5 years or so when USU is having more success on the field they can schedule the U and BYU again.


Brent Guy is right, the Aggies don`t have a chance to win as long as he is the coach.

USU fans

don't care what byu or utah fans think. We have our own issues to deal with. You deal with yours.

John L. Smith will be back in blue within 2 weeks to show the cougars whats up.

Go Aggies

moe money

That's right, give Guy $900,000.00 then you get some resluts.

Running up the score

LaVell did run up the score and here is your proof.
12/1/73 BYU 63 UTEP 0
10/16/76 BYU 63 S. Mississippi 19
10/27/79 BYU 59 New Mexico 7
11/24/70 BYU 63 San Diego St. 14
11/1/80 BYU 83 Utep 7
11/2/85 BYU 59 Wyoming 0
10/29/88 BYU 65 New Mexico 0

Serious Question

I am not an Aggie hater, I have two brothers and countless other family who are grads of USU. What I really want to know is why doesnt USU move down to the FCS and I dont mean that as something rude or talking down to them. I mean that as a serious question! I know they struggle to meet attendance requirements and with BYU and Utah in the state recruiting to stay competative is difficult at best! Playing in the FCS would afford them to be competative and recruit to be so! If and when they had enough attendance and depth to compete again within the FBS they could apply to go back up! I know the thought of that prob comes across unpleasant but seriously I think it would be a good thing for the school and program!


Guy is a joke...Nice Guy,but a joke of a coach....his strategy is flawed and he along with his entire troup need to go......

USU needs Alta High Schools Defensive coach...the guy is a stud and a heady defensive strategist!

Hire Coach Ron Halbert and start recruiting in-state talent and watch your win/loss record improve along with butts in your seats!

RE: Serious Question

Stepping down to the FCS could be the end what they need to do but I don't think all options have been exhausted before they make a change. Keep in mind that USU didn't get into the WAC because of Football and they do compete quite well in Division 1 in other sports.

I think USU can save their football program without downgrading. I agree that some time off from playing BYU and the U would be a good thing and would open up our schedule. USU can fit in a couple of very winnable opponents in before conference play begins. I think they also need a new coach and I don't necessarily dislike Guy. But I think new coaches spark enthusiasm and USU fans need something to be enthusiastic about. A new coach will shake things up and bring back some excitement.

I'd hate to see them go down because of Football alone, but if things start to continue they might have to.

Aggie in Colo.

Using the logic I keep seeing in this blog, both Utah and BYU should have stepped down to a lower division in years past when they struggled with Football so mightily. Before Lavell Edwards, BYU was the SHAME of D1 football. Likewise, Utah has had some rough spots as well. The point is that both of these schools turned it around with the right coaches, building better facilities, and getting fans behind them. My question is "why do people think Utah State can't do the same thing?" I think they can. The reason I think it can be done is that we are finally in a decent conference (WAC) where we can build our program. No thanks to BYU and Utah BY THE WAY who blocked us from getting into the WAC in the past. But,USU needs to start now with a new coach and a number of other changes. Go Aggies. I'm behind you 100%.

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