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Published: Sunday, Sept. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm another BYU fan who heard that Utah executed a fake punt. That wouldn't really matter to me--at least they did it in the first half when they were up only a couple of touchdowns, right? I think anything is fair game in the first half when the game is still in question. For those who think trying to score with a short clock in the first half is running up the score, well, MAYBE if the opponent is Utah State. But certainly not against a team that may well have the ability to score 42 points in the second half if they do some things differently and the turnovers suddenly go their way. I thought Mendenhall pulling Max Hall halfway through the third quarter was just the right time to do it, even though the score at that time of 49-0 would not have shocked the pollsters nearly as much if it had ended that way. And remember, no points were scored in the fourth quarter. Anyone who thinks BYU ran up the score is simply allowing emotion to win over logic.

BYU Tru Blu

I chose the above name so you will know where my alliagence lies. This is in responce to "Utes Rock." Utah has a great program and I even cheer for them against non-conference foes since I like the Mountain West to excell. However, you, Utes Rock, got it all wrong about running up the score. Bronco pulled Hall and a lot of other starters in the middle of the 3rd. quarter and never put them back in. He is a class act and treats all with great respect. He could have left Hall in to set a new touchdown pass record but pulled him even though it was virtually assured that he would have done so. When did Utah send in their 2nd. and 3rd. stringers? Putting in the BYU subs could have risk the shutout but that did not matter. Also, please note, UCLA knocked off, then, #18 Tennesee last week. When have the Aggies knocked off anyone? They are not in the same league at all. Go Cougars!! Good luck Aggies.

Red Aggie

I am a Ute fan.
My bro-in-law is an Aggie booster.
I was able to watch the game from his new endzone suite last night. Pretty nice digs. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the Barnes (Aggie AD) and I came away very impressed with him as well as his staff. They are very committed to turning things around and were not shy about letting everyone know that the product on the field is not acceptable. The new endzone facility is just the start of turning things around. While the Aggies were horrific last night in every aspect, I suspect that Barnes will be able to improve the program over the next few years. As a Ute, I'll be pulling for the Ags to do so.

Logan Shame

As a BYU fan in big 12 country, I am glad Utah killed USU. USU is a shame to the region. They schedule these big games all over the country and get destroyed. It makes football look like a joke and it makes USU look like a "cheap date" just showing up to get the paycheck and get their tails kicked. It isn't football anymore it is "shooting fish in a barrel". USU needs to scrap the football program and save the tax payers and boosters the money. They could get a lot more for their money and just invest in what they do well. Take some notes from BYUI and get rid of all the programs which aren't legitimate. Just an idea. The uofu destroyed them and someone needs to make some decisions because there isn't any more blood to shed out of that dead cow in Logan!

Ute Fan

Fans of non-spread offense teams just don't understand the workings of the spread offense. Fake punts are not used as 'trickery' in the spread O. They are part of the normal offensive scheme. Utah has been running the fake punts like that since Meyer first came here in 2003. If it works, keep it in the playbook.

Also, they needed to run that play, because the offense was looking like they needed a boost. Sakoda had been kicking quite a few field goals. Ludwig and Whit simply used the fake punt as a way to get some more momentum (cause that's what 4th down conversions do).

Mercy rules have not applied in College Football for a long time now because the BCS and rankings are weighted heavily on how much you defeat an opponent, especially if they are deemed as a weaker opponent. It has nothing to do with "class". The way I see it, the players worked hard all week for the opportunity to play, and they shouldn't have to let up simply because they are a stronger opponent. They need to learn that they are expected to play 4 quarters of football regardless of who they play.

can't believe what I'm reading

Re: baloney | 1:00 p.m. Sept. 14, 2008
"Grow up my friend. This isn't little league or high school football. Mercy rules don't apply."

I can hardly believe the ignorance of your post. Even in the pros the superior team backs off and puts in their subs when it's obvious how the game is going to turn out. Way to justify and rationalize Whit's bad behavior.

re: re:to cougar keith and Balon | 1:15 p.m. Sept. 14, 2008
"well we know who his alma mater is :)"

Yes and unfortunately it appears he no longer remembers what LaVell was teaching. LaVell had some teams that could have really run up the score if they had left their starters in and did some trick plays to boot. LaVell would call off the dogs which would be frustrating to many fans because we wanted to see the team keep scoring, and sometimes they did anyway even with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string players. Kyle learned his current approach of kick 'em when they're down from McBride. He's a very McBride-like coach.

Re: can't believe what I'm readi

Re: baloney and can't believe what I'm reading-

Can you please go back to your worship Bronco/LaVell board?

Lavell never ran up the score? Wasn't it Lavell's BYU team that beat New Mexico 66-0 in the 80's? Let me guess, like against UCLA they tried to be conservative, but New Mexico just couldn't stop'em, right? You Justify your team's obliteration of an opponent, yet, nitpick the Utes for using a fake punt while up 16 in the first half. Your blatant bias makes it very difficult to take your accusations seriously.

No matter how hard you try, you're not going to put a damper on this Ute victory. Fortunately for us Utah fans, Whit's not in the business of appeasing rival fans with his coaching style.


Great win. That was a good tune-up for Weber State. They beat Dixie this weekend. That should be a great match-up for the Utes to really show their stuff! Good thing it's at home so the Utes can enjoy home field advantage. Next year maybe they can schedule Snow College and Dixie as well.

re:re: can't believe

No BYU fan can put a damper on the UTAH victory.

Only scheduling a weak USU team, and trying to run up the score can put a damper on this Ute victory.

I can't see it as impressive.

Let's see, a weak Michigan, UNLV and Utah State.

And you now sit 3-0.

You are making a statement.

re:re:re:: can't believe

No, no, blasting an overrated UCLA team, barely surviving against a putrid Washington team and struggling at times against a glorified division II-A school is making a statement. And to top it off you get that same weak USU team later in the season. Much more impressive.

Get a life. You got your reaction, now you can leave.

re:re:re:can't believe

lets see. a weak washington, ucla, and northern iowa. whats worse to play in, the huskey's stadium or the BIG HOUSE? give me a break. you totally didnt make any sense with that comment. byu sure is making a statement as well too huh?? GO UTES

BYU professor

There're an awful lot of U fans giving props to BYU over on our forums, and there are an awful lot if BYU fans on the U forum here dissing the U for not having any class (which shows poorly on us, btw).

Both teams caused and took advantage of turnovers. Neither team gets respect for edging past bad opponents (e.g., BYU's well-deserved W last week and the week before). Keep hitting hard and we'll have the game of a century in Nov (beat AF next week and we'll try not to lay an egg against Wyoming).


Utah was playing with young and inexperienced D-tackles, Johnson was struggling to find a rythm, Whitt left guys in because next week has to large of implecations to allow his team to only play one half of football. He took the opportunity to let his guys get more rythm and experience

Riverton Ute

Stop tring to be-little Utah's win by saying Kyle Whittingham has no class. First of all, the fake punt was when Utah was up 16 points. Last time I checked up 16 points in the second quarter does not constitute having the game well in hand, regardless of who the openent is. Secondly, Utah scored twice in the fourth quarter on doing nothing more than running the ball. Utah St. new Utah was running the ball and still could not stop it. Utah was not running up the score, just running the ball to control the clock. Both the fake punt and running the ball while up big is good football strategy. Well done Kyle Whittingham.

The score was lop-sided becuase Utah was the superior football team. The same can be said for the BYU-UCLA game.

ute fan

good job on the win utes. and for the byU fans complaining on utah running up the score, get over it. nothing you can do about it. since unlv beat arizona state ranked and on the road it doesnt make us look that bad now does it. and the sakoda pass was the result of a botched snap and he reacted to it, so it wasnt a trick play. and the wyoming game last year utah had every right to run up the score based on joe glenn's guarantee.....

Alex Trebek

This is why instate teams (BYU and Utah) should not schedule USU. If it wasn't before it has to be painfully obvious now that USU is nowhere in the same realm of program as the two big boys in the state. This giant win has done nothing for Utah and when BYU blows out the Aggies it will do nothing for them either. USU is pathetic. D-1AA is calling and if you had half a brain you would answer, USU.

ute fan 1

OK TDS you had a good game and it's hard for me to give you credit but I am good job. But we also won UCLA 44-6 when they were ranked 11. Don't get to excited yet Washinton is 0-3 and they only have one close game and that was with you. Utah is getting stonger every week and I think we will keep rolling all year.


Being a USU student, I don't blame anyone for not going to the games. What an embarrassment! Yet USU continues to fund the joke year after. They even built a several million dollar facility on the north endzone. Waste of mine and other students hard earned tuition!


Either get into a lower classification or put up the money to get a real coach, or drop football altogether. This is after all a business boys. I know where this Brent Guy came from, did you think that just because he was with a Pac-10 team that he was going to be your savior? The new stadium additions are great but now you need to spend on a coach with the ability to recruit and coach, with a staff of some quality. Either get in or get out, this is embarrassing.


make sure you do not score more then 58 on Utah State when you play them. You would not want to be accused of running up the score would you. I have a great idea make sure you just win by 3 to prove how humane you are and kiss your BCS dreams goodbye.

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