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Published: Sunday, Sept. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Nice goin

Nice games, Utes and Cougs. Keep it up and some day we may get some respect. Love to embarrass those PAC teams


I'm a Cougar Fan but it sure is nice having two dominant teams in our state. Nice win Utah!

Talent Level or Coaching

I see many great athletes and NFL caliber players come through USU (Curtis, Bush, Cooley, Penn, 2 others last season) and I am left to wonder how USU is even in the same realm as the U or BYU when it comes to players taken in the draft (last year we had more)?? I understand it is a team game but my point is we have great athletes all around come through here and in my personal opinion our coaches seem to DROP THE BALL! Late hits, procedure penalties, trash talk (from # 119) all these things point to poor coaching. I obviously think there is a talent difference but my point being that the difference in talent is not as wide as our coaching makes it appear.

Just checked out our new stadium endzone and the other "upgrades" to USU facilities and it looks great but how about a coaching upgrade, realize these things take money and in that regard USU will ALWAYS trail BYU and Utah but we need to cough up enough to at least be competitive-our coaching is poor at best and our "athletes" deserve better!!!


I could not agree more with Aggiefan74...I listened to Brent Guy talk after the game driving home to SLC and he mentioned that USU "doesn't know how to win". Brent has been there three seasons and three games now, so I think it's reasonable to think that their lack of knowledge to win is Brent Guy's fault. I'd like to know who is dumb enough to think that Guy can turn this program around. If Scott Barnes has any sense at all he will fire Brent Guy today. As a huge Aggie booster I amost find myself rooting for Idaho next week just to prove how pathetic Brent Guy really is. I have never been so ashamed of Aggie football. The program could be so much better than it currently is. Come on Barnes, step up and make something happen.

Just Me

I was at the game. I love games in Logan. good feeling, but sad there were more Utes fans. Aggie Nation needs to step it up and get better.

Bitter Aggie Fan

Way to go Utes for beating us in football. But we kicked your trash in hockey 13-2

To CougarKieth and Baloney

Hello... did you watch your beloved cougars yesterday and their do no wrong coach. Pretty sure he called timeouts to end the half ensuring his team scored another td which by the way put byu up 42 - 0. So don't talk about utah kicking a team when they are down, when byu has just done the same thing. If whit is an embarassment so is bronco. If whit is guilty of running up the score... then so is bronco.. those who live in glass houses should not throw stones...


Is anybody else nervous that with the game well in hand, Whittingham is leaving starters in? Especially with Johnson's history of injuries.


I do have to say that i am very proud of our defense. They played awesome in the second quarter and just ran out of energy on the Utes last drive of the half. Guy is a good coach, i just can't figure out what he is trying to do at quarterback. He just needs to go to Borel and let him make mistakes instead of yanking the kid in and out. He can't get into any rhythm when he can't consistently be the quarterback. I think Guy's biggest mistakes are his decisions at quarterback the last few years. He just needs to get some body experience so next year we can have a good quarterback. I have to agree with everyone that Guy needs show more ability to teach the Aggies how to win, but i am not sure he needs to be fired. Who is going to replace him. another Loser? If we had someone who was better that could replace him i would say get rid of him but no one on this planet that is a good coach wants to coach the Aggies.

It's the BCS's Fault!

Dont't blame Whit or Bronco for running up scores. It is the fault of the amlighty BCS that makes this necessary.

Go Utes! Go Cougars! What a great year. Can't wait for November. The handful of bitter Y fans should shut up and enjoy the ride.

re nervous

I'm with ya, and I'm super nervous about special teams other than Louie!


I think that USU fan has a few good points. The USU defense was okay. The problem lies in the lack of offense. It the defense is on the field the whole time then they will get fatigued and that enables the other team to do well.
I really was confused at the thinking of the coach for the aggies at not keeping the same QB in. That has to make it hard for the QB to get settled in the game and for the rest of the offense to have a leader to look to. Just pick one and let that player develop.
As for Mr Baloney, the game at WY last year was amusing. The WY coach was talking up a storm and his team couldn't prove they had it to back him up. And to show his maturity, he flips Whit off. Yeah, mature. This is NCAA college, not little league.


Re; USU fan, do you know anything about football? You must be a soccer player. Guy has proved over the last 3 seasons that he is as bad at coaching as he is at judging talent. He used a punter at QB for three years and now he is using his best receiver as a part time QB. His top running back and #2 receiver last year were 3rd string players and would not have played if it were not for injuries. He has had the same game plan for every game and does not change it at half time even when they are down by 30 points. He should be playing the best players and adapting his offense to the players not trying to make them play his non successful offense that every opponent knows better than there own.

re:To Cougar Keith and Baloney

Bronco pulling his starters midway through the third, and did not score any points in the fourth quarter.

Hall could have set many records.

Meanwhile, Utah scored 14 points agains USU in the 4th, and had a trick play against UNLV to run up the score. Who can forget the onside kick by Wyoming.

I have no idea who Kyle is trying to impress, but he is becoming the most low class person in college football..

I have no expectations of you Ute fans understanding class.

I'm just happy he represents Utah and not any other State college.

Re: baloney

Grow up my friend. This isn't little league or high school football. Mercy rules don't apply. Coaches are coaching to keep their jobs. Players are playing for their future (NFL). If you can't handle a blowout, then you shouldn't be watching college football.

re: re:to cougar keith and Balon

well we know who his alma mater is :)

re: Big Al

Let's hope that the Utes can finally hold up their end of the equation.

Undefeated? BYU has shown they can go undefeated through MWC play the last two years.

Let's hope Utah can.

And since re: at 1:15 has alluded to alma maters, I went to CSUSB, earned a post grad degree at GCU in Ariizona. :)

re: BCS's Fault

Just curious, how did Bronco run up a score?

The last TD pass was thrown in the 3rd quarter by Gaskins, and BYU held back, using ball controll int eh 4th to avoid running up the score.

Check the dictionary and Under Class, they have a picture of Bronco.

He could have rolled up on a demoralized UCLA team, but realized that wasn't needed, and Nuheisel commented on it post game and appreciated it.

The same can't be said for Kyle in both the UNLV and USU games. Let's not forget WYO last year.

Kyle has issues that need to be dealt with.

re re big AL

of the two teams, who was the last to have an undefeated season? Oh yeah.

re:to: cougar Kieth and Baloney

I saw Bronco use those timeouts before the half.

...and your point is?

You always play all out before the half, then check your momentum after the second half starts before you pull the horses.

Kyle does not understand this and pulls cheap stuf in the second half to run up the score, even after the other coach pulls his horses and "throws in the towell".

Talk to your coach.

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