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Published: Sunday, Sept. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah is cheap with their Fake Punt against Utah State late in the second quarter, knowing they get the ball to start the second half with a 16 point lead against the mighty Aggies who rank right up there with the likes of the Cougars and the Wolverines and the Trojans and Sooners, No wonder they pulled such a surprise so late in the half to open up a bigger lead! SHAME ON THEM... Kyle Whittingham is an embarrassment to the Utes and it's school, lets throw in the state as well, BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I would be ashamed to call myself a Ute fan, glad I am not.... Less of one after that call!


Whittingham an embarrassment? that's a lame comment. Utah is ranked 22 and moving up how is that embarrassing?

Aggie Fan

No surprise that a cougar fan is the only one offended by the fake. This is college football and we Aggies expect other teams to give us their best game, even if right now we are not competing. The only problem I have with the fake is that it worked out so well for Utah. I'm sure that the cougars will beat the aggies by a similar margin and some dumb ute fan will make the same comment about you guys.


Holy crybaby, Batman. That wasn't a "trick," it was a botched punt and Sakoda thought quick on his feet and converted. Jeez, quite whining....


CougarKeith, are you really that clueless??? I don't care who you are playing, but when you are up only 16 points in the first half of any game, you don't show any mercy. Besides, don't be such a hypocrite when your Cougars ran up the score on a clearly pathetic UCLA team. Oh wait, I forgot that by your logic everything BYU does is magical and everything the Utes do is evil. Get a clue. We should all be happy that the Utes and Cougs beat out of conference opponents. It looks good for the MWC. And, if the Utes and Cougs want to stay ranked, they have to pummel weak opponents - like they both did. Lighten up.

Utes Rock!!!

We too, are glad you are not a Ute fan, CougarKeith. Go on your own board and complain about BYU running up the score on team just poor, in every respect, as Utah State. You stayed up until this article came out so you could distract the Ute faithful from acknowledging and congratulating their team. Not only is that SHAMEFUL, but your efforts are in vane!!

Congratulations Utes and coach Wittingham, on a great and consistent effort. The results speak for themselves. Clearly, the offense had fun last night just like in 2004, as the article points out. That's great to hear! Go Utes


Good teams always run up the score. Look at Missou. No mercy.

RE CougarKeith

Keith, take of the skirt and learn about football. Did you happen to watch when Appalachian State came back to beat a 9-4 Michigan? Or When BYU was up just ten points in the fourth quarter agains Mighty N. Illinios? Or was it N. Iowa? (Does it matter?). Didn't hear you complaining when BYU ran the score up to 42-0 on UCLA yesterday. You're pissed we pushed a 16 point advantage to 23, when you pushed a 35 point lead to 42? Give me a break. People like you make me sick. Glad the Cougs won. I watched the whole game (I'm a Ute fan, but was raised a Cougar fan, but saw the light and decided to follow the prophets. lol). Please, don't take me too seriously. But do get a clue. You can't critize the Utes for the exact same thing you did earlier in the day.

Big Red

Great performance UTES and congratulations coach Wittingham! Let's get ready for Air Force!!

Go Utes!!!!

Go Utes!!

Hay, Ute posters forget about Mr. CougarKeith. We are giving him exactly what he wants...attention. He is also succeeding at generating discussion around his contrived complaint. He has been bashed enough. Any Cougar fan would would get the message by now...well, I think!?!

How about our Utes!!!

It was a great week for the Mountain West Conference. Did you see what UNLV did to Arizona St? After Utah gets through with Oregon St, the PAC 10 will be in a shambles!!


Memo to Scott Barns (USU AD): If you have any credibility as a Director of Athletics I beg you to forfeit the balance of the football season. Is a "possible" close win over hapless Idaho going to validate any measure of progress within the program under Brent Guy. What I saw in Romney Stadium last night was not a football game. It was a complete and absolute embarrassment to the University and anyone who cares about a once proud football program. Where do I start-a supposedly in-state rivalry game attended by only 19,000 and change in the 25,500 seat Romney Stadium (most of whom were Utah fans with more than half of all Aggie fans leaving midway in the 3rd quarter); the last two opponents either set, or nearly set, all-time school records for total offense; USU total offense, on the other hand, is pathetic and nonexistant; no enthusiasm shown on the sidelines even when the Aggies had the early lead-I could go on and on but the bottom line is the football program at Utah State University is now the laughing stock of the entire State of Utah and within the Western Athletic Conference. Stop the maddness.


I'd say it's time for CougarKeith to get a life, but it would fall on deaf ears. After spotting USU an opening touchdown and losing momentum, it was simply good footbal to post up a few extra points against a possible rally. CougarKeith is one of the many BYU fans that make the rest of us look foolish and arrogant. No humility in defeat and no grace in victory. No wonder the Y haters have a field day with Cougar fans when we set ourselves up as such a big target. The only BOOO! goes to you CougarKeith, for your lack of class.
Go Cougars, Go Utes and go away CougarKeith.

re: CougarKeith

Just be happy the UCLA did not show up for its game and that it's rebuilding its team...



Overall, the MWC wins against non-conference teams yesterday were impressive (with the exception of the SDSU loss). Take UNLV for instance, lost to Utah last week but defeated no 15-ranked team.
Next hurdle is Air Force, Utah in no doublt has to (and will) beat Air Force.
Go Utes!

Cougar Fan

Man oh man, the Utes and the Cougs are on FIRE this year. It's going to be a GREAT game this November 22nd!

Good luck, Utes! Well, until we meet in November, that is!


"The Utes used a little trickery along the way when Sakoda completed a 9-yard pass to R.J. Stanford on a broken play (it was supposed to be a punt)..."

Broken play my eye. Sure didn't look like a broken play when they showed it on the news. Sakoda caught the snap, took a step forward like he was going to kick it, just stood there and waited a bit, then threw a pass.

Nice job Coach Whit teaching your players to kick 'em when they're down, especially when you know you're going to win anyway against a program that's been struggling for years. But then weren't we all expecting to see some type of bad sportsmanship from Whit in this game after what he did last year against Wyoming? I guess that will be his legacy.

Ute/Aggie home

I don't understand why CougarKeith calls a fake punt cheap? You can practice that play till the cows come home (no offense USU) and still never know if will work until under the pressure of a game situation. The next time the Utes try that play and I hope they do, it could be in a very tight game. This is what makes College Football so fun. The Cougars are always such a bunch of sour grapes or maybe we should say prunes and you know what do Couggies.
I always hope for the best when USU plays anyone but the Utes, it is a program that has long struggled against the facilities that the U and byu have available for their players. As a Ute Alum I am pleased that the new Laub building is up and functioning. My husband is a big Aggie Alum and we were glad to be invited to the grand opening. I wish the Aggies good luck on the rest of the season.

Big Al

OK--I admit up front--I'm a dedicated Cougar fan--and I hope no one takes CougarKeith seriously. I applaud the Utes victory over the Aggies. I hope both the Utes and the Cougs are 11-0 when then meet in November! Can you imagine the Holy War if both teams are undefeated???? It will be the greatest battel ever! The Utes have shown they have great talent, and Whittingham is a very good coach. As for the Aggies, don't give up! Things look very dark right now, but look at Notre Dame--they were laughable last year and yesterday they creamed Michigan. Things will get better if you just don't lay down and die!!


Cougarkeith is not representative of Cougar fans. As a cougar with season tickets, I say CONGRATULATIONS to the Utes. MWC is doing great this year


Good Job YEWTS! You clobbered the WORST TEAM in the Nation! Maybe next week you can schedule "Dixie State" or CEU? What a joke!

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