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Published: Sunday, Sept. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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No Thanks Guy,

We will try to get ourselves out of this mess without you. It is the coaches job to get these guys ready to play and make them believe that they have a cance to win. And I think that your record reflects just how good you are at your job. Enjoy your last few months here.


Who do you think "we"are. If you are a member of the football then you can use "we." If you are just a fan don't use "we" because you're not going to do anything but sit back and watch the games. I do have to say that i am very proud of our defense. They played awesome in the second quarter and just ran out of energy on the Utes last drive of the half. Guy is a good coach, i just can't figure out what he is trying to do at quarterback. He just needs to go to Borel and let him make mistakes instead of yanking the kid in and out. He can't get into any rhythm when he can't consistently be the quarterback. I think Guy's biggest mistakes re his decisions at quarterback. he just needs to get some body experience so next year we can have a good quarterback.

oh sorry

I guess "they" are having another terrible year so I will distance myself from "them" and hope "they" can figure things out without "my" support. And your little rant about the quarterback situation makes no sense. It wouldn't matter if "they" had Joe Montana on the team if he doesn't have a line to protect him. "They" lost this game in the trenches as Utah controlled both the offensive and defensive lines. By the way, you lost all credibility when you said "Guy is a good coach". Good coaches don't have a record of 6 wins and 30 whatever losses.

Wisconsin Ute

Keep your chins up Aggie fans. UNLV just may be a decent team after all (witness that win against ASU) - and Oregon and Utah are good teams (witness the rankings) - so 0-3 against that competition just means you are ready to thump at least half the WAC. BYU will think they already won the USU game -so there could be a decent shot at upset if the team really shows up fired up.


aggies need to get into conferance play big time. They will have a few big loses but they have a shot in several games with the lowly bottom half of the WAC.


Did anyone else think it was kind of sad that in the accompanying photo for this story, the letters on the chests of the guys still standing spell out "AGES," as in, perhaps, "It's been ages since we had a winning season," or some other comment on the state of Aggie football? I don't mean to pour salt in an open wound, but that was sort of funny to me.

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