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Published: Sunday, Sept. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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John L. would be great, but at this point I would take a good little league coach :)


What a boost that would be to the football program.... thats what we need to get things rolling again in the right direction.

missing the point

The biggest thing the Aggies need to find in a coach, is someone with ties to Logan or at least to Utah, and who wants to stay in Logan, even after mild success. John L, only had modest success at USU, and was still able to leverage that into moving on. Don't bring him back. Find someone IN the state of Utah with ties to the state. Try getting a JC Head Coach or Assistant at BYU or UofU.
1) Use the LDS Missionary program to the
Advantage of Logan, too;
2)Quit "overscheduling" with your nonconference games; and alternate playing BYU OR UofU each year (not both---you are not a rival, you are an easy "W")
3) Focus on local: Become a program where kids from Utah want to stay, who maybe weren't recruited by Utah or BYU, but who still have the heart to play.


Please let this rumor be true! Missing the point you are missing the point! USU football is terrible, pathetic, ridiculous...there aren't enough adjectives. The Stew Morrill model won't necessarily work in football. It's time to bring in a coach that can elevate the program...even if he eventually moves on. The point is to get rid of a terrible coach in Brent Guy, bring in someone who can win and start opening booster wallets and then hope that the momentum can continue once he leaves. Who's to say Smith wouldn't stay. He has some Utah roots. USU can't get rid of Brent Guy soon enough.

Salt Lake Aggie

Bring in former Aggie QB and offensive guru- Mike (Chico) Canales. I guarantee the wins would come.

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

An interesting trend in terms of who is playing at Utah State can be seen. Utah, BYU, Weber State, and Southern Utah, all have about 40-45% of their rosters from Utah (with California second, at give 20-30%). Dixie State has an even higher percentage from Utah. But, USU has the opposite of the other four Division I schools, with about 40% from California and 20% of the kids from Utah. I wonder why USU gets so many kids from California and not that many from Utah.

Utah: 43.4% from Utah; 29.2% from California
BYU: 41.3% from Utah; 19.2% from California
Utah State: 43.9% from California; 19.4% from Utah
Weber State: 39.5% from Utah; 26.7% from California
Southern Utah: 45.2% from Utah; 18.3% from California
Dixie State: 65.2% from Utah; 8.0% from Idaho; 6.1% from California

Re: Missing the Point

You are right on! John L skipped town once already, why wouldn't he do it again?
There are plenty of high quality coaches in the state of Utah. What USU needs is a young energetic staff that already has ties to Utah. Either a high school coach or heck, why not Snow College. They already have a pretty good recruiting system in Utah, and before you say "That's JC and not a 4-year school" recruiting is recruiting. They have a relationship built up with the state high school coaches that I'm sure would make the transition pretty easily. On the other hand USU isn't going to change with just Utah players. They need to recruit out of state as well.

The biggest thing that has to change is the culture. Once a team gets used to winning there is no turning it around. USU needs to change it's culture and the first way to change that is to get a new coach. I say do something daring like hire a HS or JC coach. Besides, what have you got to lose?!

Idaho Aggie

John L returned to the University of Idaho and quit on the team half way through the season. Talk to Vandal fans,he would be the worst thing to happen to Aggie football. Brent Guy may be lacking in some things but at least he is an honorable man, John L. not so much


They play football in Logan?


I hope they are looking for a new head Coach and I hope they have a deal in the works because it can't happen soon enough. They could even fire Guy and Dickey today and let the assistants take over for the rest of the season. Anything to shake things up. I am sure they could do better or no worse than Guy.

Bob 2

Hire me. I absolutely destroy my sons in Madden 2000 and I have strong connections to the Cache Valley region. I love Utah State for it's ice cream and I always stop there for groceries before heading up to Bear Lake.

To Idaho Aggie

That comment is absolutely ridiculous. John L. was at Idaho for one stint, and he won, and won championships............He has 180+ wins in Div. I football. Don't spread rumors u can't back up.

John L

What would be the point of hiring someone who left your program before. Wouldn't that be taking a step backward? Let's try to relive the old glory day. Maybe after Bronco retires BYU will bring back Lavell too!

For a program like USU, brining back a previous coach would be a huge mistake. They need new blood, new ideas, a new culture. The athletic department needs to make a change.

Great Point

Things that need to change to make USU respectable

1) Coach Continuity - When kids are being recruited, they need to know that the Coach they are committing to, is also committing to them, and is gonna be there for them, and not gonna leave for greener pastures. So yes, I think the Stew Morril model is a necessity.

2) Recruitment - This is a staggering problem. Yes, only 20% of the team is from Utah, and I bet a good portion were actually just walk-ons. As a recent former Aggie Athlete, who interacted with many of the football players on a daily basis. I noticed the ones with no ties to Utah, hated being in Logan, and only went there because they had no other options, and are not invested in the team whatsoever, as long as school and everything else is being paid for, might as well just go through the motions.

How about Sky View's Coach???

Why not hire Sky View's Coach. He took the Sky View program from near death to a powerhouse this year. I saw them play Fremont. They didn't have the best talent, but work together as a team. And he's allready living in Cache Valley so the University could save on moving expenses. Logan's high school coach is pretty good too, but Logan plays 3A with a 4A population and there's the whole Riley Nelson thing that can make any coach look good.

Or they could hire the head coaches of all the cache valley high schools. Sky View (offense) Logan (head) and Mountain Crest (deffense)

Great Point (continued)

2) (continued) - It is obvious that other teams at USU who are extremely competitive in their respective sports, have a strong recruiting base in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.
If anyone has been tracking the local prep teams, and how they have fared against powerhouse teams from Ohio, Texas, Hawaii and California. It is apparent Utah football is on par, and shows there is talent in the state. Obviously, the Y and the U, will get the cream of the crop in state, but what's wrong with recruiting the kid who is the 3rd, 4th, 5th, best athlete on a state championship team? The kid loves football, wants to play, give him a shot. At least he will have an investment into the team and show some heart. Heart goes a long way in sports!

3) Culture - It makes no sense to try to change the culture of the team, when you ask them to go into conference play with an 0-3 record. Winning promotes winning, and losing promotes losing. Yeah, its nice to get $500,000 check to show up to lose, but is the loss of confidence really worth it.

Great Point (continued)

3) Scheduling - This tends to be synonymous with Culture, but instead of going to Nebraska, Alabama, and Oregon. Why not bring Weber State, Idaho State, and such in. Yes, you lose the BIG payday, but you save on travel costs, and most likely an increase in ticket sales, because the team is no longer 0-3, but 3-0. Which can make the local following want to support the team, and a home game actually becomes a home game, and it's not an empty stadium at the end of the year, which has become common place.

I honestly feel, if these things are taken care of, the program will become great and exciting for Aggies. If Boise State, and Fresno State can do it, we can too.

hsfootball fan

To: How about Sky View's coach?,

The kids that have been winning the past two years and this year at SV have ALWAYS won since they were 8 years old. That is the best four year group in a row they have ever had. The groups coming up are another story all together. Anyone can win with good kids. The kids brought this program back.


Brent Guy is a fine man and a solid coach. Yes, the game yesterday was brutal for Aggie fans, but before we cast stones just three games into the season, let's see how the rest of the season fares. I believe Brent is doing all he can to restore some pride to Cache Valley. Let's get behind him, his assistants and especially the players for the remaining of the year and then we can start talking about change if needed. Personally, I would like to see Coach Guy in Logan for many years to come assuming they can win 3-4 games this year and then build from there.


I think if USU can get John L. Smith, they should. He's a proven winner and recruiter. USU's programs has nowhere to go but up anyway, so what's the difference.

Ron McBride turned the Utes from a conference doormat to a conference contender, and Weber St. has shown a lot of improvement. He loves the area, and would be a good pick too. He's definitely the least likely of the two to be shopping around for another big-time BCS program.

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