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Published: Friday, Sept. 5 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jim B

When did it become OK for the people that represent the law in this country to raid peoples residents, take their property and then try to build a case to justify what they did? Didn't there used to be something about probable cause that had to be considered? Can any law agency now use telephone calls from unknown people making unproved claims to raid your and my homes also? Where is the public outcry on the violation of these people rights?


The non-suits are actually much better for the FLDS than CPS handing over incomplete discovery documents. The defense lawyers are just grandstanding. Since the difficulties of trying to do discovery on a massive scale are obvious, the judge is right not to sanction the state.


Let us cut to the chase. Texas, how much money do you want to spend, now and when the lawsuits hit?

CPS, how many of you want to loose your jobs, along with being dragged through the looming litigation?

This whole situation has exploded in Judge Walther's
face, and the Imperial Texas CPS. If I was the FLDS,
I would petition the U.S. Justice Department,over Civil Rights violations, for starters.

The ACLU could make a ton of money on this one, along with any enterprising attorney.

Regardless of the purported issues,real or otherwise
,this case will be thrown out, and the FLDS will be exonerated in court.

The whole situation has truly become a can of worms,
and Texas, in this case, has blown it.

Salem Mass.

Looks like a witch hunt to me.


Maybe Martha Emack needs to sue CPS for depriving her of her rights without cause.

shoot now ask later

When you seperate families, raid there homes, scare children, bring national attention to the state, react forcefully to a phony phone call...you don't get a do over. You get out of office, you lose your license to practice and you are excused from the bench. Not only that you owe hundreds of children an apology and in today's world that means $$.

Sagacious Inquisitor


Grandstanding??? Really?

Looks like the grandstanding is, and has always been, on the part of CPS and Judge Walthers.

May we read your last line as follows? Since the difficulties of trying to destroy an entire religion with which we do not agree are so extensive, CPS should have recognized that massive scale and avoided this entire foolish debacle. The partisan judge would have been wise and right to never have colluded with CPS in attempting to unjustifiably sanction a non-mainstream group of people who are trying to live their lives as best they see fit.

May such a politically correct grandstand never be set up at your doorstep.


Texas, we are pathetic so that is our excuse to not follow due process.


Rules are rules, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If the Court is going to grant CPS a mulligan, it must grant the FLDS community a mulligan as well.

re: Sagacious Inquisitor

No one is trying to destroy a religion.

But it sure would be nice if the FLDS would follow the example set by other polygamist groups by not conducting and condoning underage "marriages." These groups are not being investigated and charged. They are being allowed to live in peace.

Unlike FLDS apologists

All the FLDS apologists still flock to these boards is amazing - don't pretend because you post these first comments that you represent the rest of the public who is outraged about polygamy and its crimes. The FLDS are responsible for the extent of these crimes after one hundred years, and after virtually no law enforcement. To complain, balk, and commit not coorperate illegally is outrageous after all this time. The public wants this investigated and the crimes stopped - charges have been filed and persons indicted. It has nothing ot do with "grandstanding" to finally enforce the law and have victims of abuse finally removed from an organized control and abuse group. The supporters of this abuse, via their psychological conditioning, still come on these boards showing the extent of their inability to see that their acts are illegal and immoral - and the whole free world is trying to help the women and children come out from this slavery and inequality.

Public opinion as a whole

My post was perhaps not allowed, because I stated the obvious: there are supporters of abuse and crime here that are being published in total opposition to the rest of public opinion, which wanted these crimes investigated and were outraged with the rest of the free world. The extent of the crimes and the cost is on the heads of the criminals who are not cooperating after a lack of law enforcement that helped create such a large problem. That enforcement is finally taking place is great, however costly.


Why would anybody in Texas worry about evidence? There are no human rights in Texas. Texas isn't even part of the United States. Just ask any Texan and they will tell you that they live in their own Republic. Why do you think the FLDS moved there in the first place. It was to get away from the law enforcing Utahns and Arizonans.


I Beg your pardon but I am no FLDS apologist. Im a US constitution apologist, and will speak out whenever I see the constitution being trampled on, irrespective of whether or not I like the ones having their rights trampled.


The FLDS are entitled to this evidence. The reason the members haven't received it is because the case is so large that CPS is having difficulty deal with it. This isn't a reason that stands up in court. It is probably easier for CPS to non-suit cases than to come up with evidence.

CPS has stated that 48% of the men on the ranch participated in underage marriage, which could mean that they participated in statutory rape if they had sexual intercourse with their child "wives".

The number of cases that have been non-suited has been about 50%, so one could supposed that the other children have been exposed to men (their fathers) who are suspected of having sex with one or more children. The problem for CPS is that unless a child was born to these underage wives or there is a journal detailing a sex act, there is no evidence that sex occurred as no one in the FLDS is going to testify to this. It will only be suspected that sex occurred.

The court system typically removes children from sexual abusers and this has occurred.

Grandpa Phil

Hey "Public Opinion as a Whole", please speak only for yourself and not for the "public". You do not speak for me. I have watched these events from afar (NC) and vested both time and money in my attempts to garner the public outcry against the Texas/CPS abuses of power under color of law that these people have experienced. I'm as interested as everyone else that justice be done to any and all lawbreakers but, as we have noted lately, the list of those is shrinking daily. It might come down to a handful or less and, if it does, I say lynch 'em - LEGALLY. If that handful dissipates in a cloud of smoke and mirrors, then I say go after the real abusers of authority; the ones who abused the children by wrenching them from their parents who have since been fully exonerated. Accountability and responsibility are a two-edged sword. Hold the guilty accountable but do it legally. If the system fails to do that legally, hold those in authority accountable, too. CPS wants a "mulligan"; however, they would be the first to scream, wail, and knash teeth if the FLDS asked for one. Nobody should get one.

Grandpa Phil

I like what "@Unlike" said. That goes for me, too.


There was no intentional deceit, no intentional plan to deny evidence to parents or attorneys."

This says it all. In "good faith" CPS raids private homes on an unconfirned call. "In good faith" CPS sees things that aren't there. In good faith" 14 day individual hearings take a month to occur as a group.
Now we are to believe that golly gee......good ole cps is doing the best they can and realy are trying to obey the law.
Good try CPS......but almost following the law and the rules may work in Walthers court, but the appeals will bust you.
By the time this zoo full of kangeroos gets finished with the kids the children will be 45 and on their 10th pregnancy.
What a joke!!!!! Kinda sorta justice in Texas.


This whole thing is a two-edged sword. Texas and CPS are getting a come-uppance in this process. CPS's around the country often go to extremes to protect children, and rightfully so. However, in this case, Texas pressed their luck a bit far and got a whole passel of lawyers involved who will push this process to a final conclusion. Parents have rights and children have rights. Hopefully, a balanced decision will recognize both in this difficult affair.

to:Unlike FLDS apologists

It seems that you do not even realize that the FLDS religion has not existed for "over a hundred years," right?

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