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Published: Thursday, Sept. 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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jim bob

Hall was in because we have to look good in the bcs beauty contest and beat uni by at least 30 pts. If we don't we go down in the polls.


Big. Fat. Slow. Weak. Doesn't it say something that we can even rush for 100 yards against a D-II team! Technique is no substite for athleticism: it's more often a crutch. Listen, games are not won "on paper" The OL needs to drop 20-30 lbs of blubber per man, get lean, get mean, and learn how to play smash-mouth, run the ball down your throat football!!! Then maybe D won't pin it's ears back and run right by one Reynolds or another, untouched, en route to a backside blindside!!

WA Cougar

BYU by 2 TDs. Start crying yooties.

are you kidding me?

Nobody is impressed with talk. BYU has never beaten Washington in Seattle and usually get blown out. What makes you think this year will be any different? Beat a BCS team on the road first Cougs then tell us how good you are.

Re: Anonymous

Who are you calling fat and slow? I dare you to say that to their faces!


Too many people in this blog without a clue. Sounds like a bunch of arm-chair football players. The Reynolds are great players but not perfect (no one is!). The Y is a good team that will give it their best every week. How can anyone ask for more than that?


Dear Hey Ted

Is this what my tithing dollars have purchased in educating you at BYU Provo - someone who puts down others because of his "opportunities for learning"? I am disappointed if this is the case. If you have educated yourself on your own dollar rather than the tithes of the faithful, I apologize for the misconception.


You bloggers are pretty idiotic. We didn't rush more because the pass was there 41 of the, with 36 completions for 565 yards. Duh, Yes Max took a couple of hits, that happens in football games. Give it up on all this whining and get over the fact that NIU is not a Division I team. They played well and still got beat. And stop maligning the Reynolds family. These guys from father to sons have given a lot to BYU.


If the blind side has been susceptible for the past several years, you wonder why they don't put their best lineman there to pick it up. The QB has some chance to dodge any other blown assignments, since he can see them coming, but missing the back side is tantamount to manslaughter. If they have put their designated best lineman there, we could be in for a long season.

to Honestly

It is true the Reynolds have given a lot to BYU....especially to the BYU QBs... alot of head aches and near concussions


Why can't we all just get along? Go Utes.


The O line is good. They will be great by the end of the game tomorrow! Y by 17. These dogs should be scared of CATS!!!


BYU's quest for perfection is dumb and they think they are a great team. They lost to Tulsa and UCLA last year and in their rematch of UCLA bowl game they just barely beat a 6 and 6 UCLA by a blocked field goal and that game should have been won by the better team that night which was UCLA.

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