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Published: Thursday, Sept. 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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chester blue

GO COUGS!!! BYU is improved and will win on the road in a hostile environment. The O-Line will get it done. BYU 31 Washington 23

Ernest T. Bass

I heard byu's 2nd team O-line was better than any other MWC teams 1st string O-line.


Twinkees,donuts & gravy. The byu fat boy club needs help. They are slow!

Show Me

Show me that they are improved don't tell me. We will know after this weekend. Go Cougars!!!


They had better improve from last week. How many more hits does the BYU brain trust think Hall can take??

They had better improve from last year, as well. They were the most overrated/under achieving part of the team.

Bad technique or bad feet?

I can't tell if Matt Reynolds has bad feet or is taught bad technique, but it looked to me he got beat by taking a bad angle. Instead of taking an angle to intercept and force the DE outside and upfield, he backpedaled, then lunged at him, missed, and Max took the punishment.

He looked a lot like his brother who got toasted both games against UCLA last year, and that doesn't bode well with two Pac-10 teams coming up.


I am confused how you credit 50% of the mistake to the defender. I am pretty sure the defender didn't make a mistake on that play. Hold them accountable for the mistakes and don't place blame on the defender. How do they expect to correct the mistakes when they won't take the blame for them?

You're right

I agree with bad technique or bad feet! It comes down to 'inexperience' on Matt's part and the fact that his brother made a 'couple' of mistakes hiking the ball. Hello??? - are the coaches watching???

Re: Mistake

He did accept the blame, but I don't think it's irrational to exculpate a player to some measure, when his opponent makes a great play. And he's obviously not saying the defender made a mistake, he's just acknowledging that a small mistake by the o-lineman was blown up (to a touchdown) by the outstanding play of the d-lineman.

Double Talk!

I would bet that the 2ed string Defensive line, could consistantly "out block" the starting offensive line. (passing and rushing)

Because they are more aggressive, athletic and lighter. There is a point at which heavier ain't always a Good Thang, and the BYU offensive line is an excellent example of Fatter means slower and less athletic.

I feel like the kid that said "the king has no clothes" Everyone sees the same poor performance out of the offensive line, week in and week out!!!

Max needs to share the blame

Max needs to bare some of the blame for the lost fumble in the endzone. He took too much time, checked off his first option. Maybe it was a bad play call as well but Max has to realize where he is on the field, be especially aware of the blindside pressure (which we know BYU has struggled to defend the last two seasons) and get rid of the ball quickly, even if it's a throw away.

Re: Re: Mistake

He took half the blame. I saw the play, the player had a straight shot at the quarterback. It looks like a great play because of how poorly Reynolds played it. The defender just had to run straight at Hall. Didn't even need a juke move or anything.

If we let the players off by saying that the defender was just too good stop, good luck getting any improvement!

I got it

How about they start letting daddy's kids play. They are obvously getting beat bad on the back side and that is always(atleast for the last few years) filled by a Reynolds. I doubt they'd be playing if dad wasn't a coach. Improve by getting rid of the Reynolds boys and save your QB some head aches. Every lineman will get beat eventually but the back side tackle is consistantly getting beat at BYU so maybe something or someone needs to change.

Hey Ted

The slim yoots are more to your liking? Cougar fans like your comments, it reminds us why we are BYU fans. Keep reading BYU articles, ol' buddy, since the ewe stories are so vapid. As a state college grad you'll probably need to borrow a dictionary.


wah wah enough crying about the line. They will do their job this week and did a fairly decent job last week. You guys sound like a bunch of babies on here.

Same old story.

Imagine that, a Reynolds giving up a sack and a fumble, sounds like a replay from last year.

Re: I got it

It isn't the fault of the Reynolds boy, didn't you read the article? It was 50% the fault of the defender. That darned guy is supposed to find someone to hit before he goes after the quarterback even if the OL moves out of his way. Didn't you know that? (Extreme sarcasm noted)

I think OL coach Weber can't blame the Reynolds boys or his job might be in jeopardy. (No sarcasm noted)


I want to know why Max Hall was even in in the fourth quarter. If you younger Qbs need so much experience let them play and hold the lead. There was no need for the hits/ bell ringer etc.

I got it

I meant to say how about they STOP letting daddy's kids play instead of START letting daddy's kids play.

TO Re: I got it

I love the sarcasm and I totally agree. Well put

Re: Cytrixx

Bell ringer was in the 3rd quarter. But with how boring that games was I can see why you thought it was later.

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