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Published: Thursday, Aug. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Federal Law

The intire State Of Utah is a Federal Law Breaker
Where are the FEDS?
The Judicial Branch of Government is like a bunch of Gangsters milking the Public
The Courts are corrupt trying to employ Lawyers
The Lawyers are innorant of the Federal laws they are required to know.

Cool down, people

Those of you convinced that illegal immigrants are a drain on our economy could stand a little homework. The Wikipedia article "Economic impact of illegal immigrants in the United States" is a good starting point. Plenty of economists argue that our economy is better off because of migrant workers.

Those who think illegal immigrants cause increased crime need to do homework, too. Your assumption is contested by studies that have found crime rates to be significantly lower for illegal immigrants than for U.S. citizens--probably because they are afraid of doing anything that will put them in jeopardy of being deported.

Those upset because illegal immigrants don't have proper identification should understand the motivation for driver identification cards.

Those who feel a pathway to citizenship would give illegal immigrants the message that there is no penalty to breaking laws do not understand the price illegals pay to be here. They live in fear of getting caught. Employers exploit their status to pay them unfairly. They can't turn to the law for recourse. They pay taxes but fear using public services.

Try Elder Jensen's council: "Meet an undocumented person and come to know their family." Their goodness might surprise you.


will solve the problem. He'll give them free medical care to encourage more illegal immigration. Hope the legal immigrants and citizens can afford their own medical care.


"wet foot; dry foot" policy look it up.

It's not just Mexico........

Jan Garbett

I applaud the Sutherland Institute for their civil and courageous stand. It is a privilege to have been born in this state and a privilege to welcome others seeking the bounties this area has to offer.

Stop the Lies

Those who say the Immigration system is broken, have no idea of how it works. The only change illegals want is for an open door to come and go as they choose. That is not reasonable, they want to live here, benefit from our social and medical services and send the bulk of their money to mexico to benefit their own country. This has to stop.

River rats

Round em up send em home... good idea! It's about time and none too soon. The ones that I have known personally are some of the rudest people that I have ever met. I am tired of them! TO-ILLEGALS---Your Mexico awaits you, so PlEASE leave. There is no place in the USA for anymore law breakers.


Kudos to all who understand that almost everyone would love to improve legal immigration. We are not a nation or state of bigots.

Shame on those who use racial politics to brand those who are simply tired of the burden illegal aliens foist upon us. And by the way, the burden goes way beyond dollars only...we are currently creating an immoral second class of people living in the shadows - most of whom are fine folks that deserve our pity. Our inconsistency in enforcing our laws is hurting them and us.

Immigrants are welcome here, but you have to do it right.


I abhor the Sutherland institute and their foolhardy pronouncements. Most of these "trust babies" need to go out and get a real job instead of sitting around trying to outsmart each other. If you read their report you'll notice how absolutely condescending it is.

For example they call illegal aliens "neighbors who live side-by-side with us" and then raise these questions "Do they have families like we do? Do they marry like we do? Do they divorce like we do? Are their family structures like ours". Does the Sutherland institute actually believe that these are burning questions which Utahns want answers to?

At the very least the Sutherland institute needs to acknowledge that they are Libertarians, not conservatives.


The Sutherland institute has it correct. They know what they are talking about.


Yes, the way to fix this is to make them legal but not citizens. Issue an id card so we know who they are and so we can keep control. Make it easy and legal to come and go as they please so they don't feel it necessary to bring their families here, but revoke the privilege for anyone getting into any trouble. At the same time treat them as welcome guests so we and they don't feel like they are 2nd class.


To illegals...JUST LEAVE THE SAME WAY YOU CAME! Thank you!

I Was There

The Sutherland Institute wanted to welcome those that are here committing ID fraud and theft, with open arms. However, they couldn't answer a question from a committee member on how many more we should accept and when and how would it ever be stopped. The Sutherland Institute was standing up the best they could for their cheap labor financial sponsors.

This hearing was not about arresting and deporting illegal aliens. It was about cutting off the magnet that draws them to Utah, cheap labor employers, social benefits and weak enforcement of our laws. The Sutherland Institute does not oppose these magnets.

There are plenty of folks in Utah that complain, but like the weather, fail to do anything about it, other than sit at their computer. Perhaps it would help to become involved with those that are doing something such as: UMP (The Minuteman Project), CCII (The Citizen Coalition on Illegal Immigration) or UFIRE (Utahns for Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement) They all have websites and contact information.

Big D

LEAVE. Most of the people that want to accept illegals and help them are those who have not had their neighborhoods infested. The problem is they come here for a better life but bring their baggage with them. If it continues, in the not too distant future, the citizens of the US will be broke from supporting leaches, and Mexico will have just moved it's borders to the north a little.


They're not "illegals." They are human beings.

Wake Up

To: How to fix Illegal Immigration,

Here is how you really fix it:

A Presidential order that gives anyone who is here illegally 30 days to get out of the country or face 2 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. You also tell anyone here illegally that if caught they will never be allowed to become citizens of this country.

So this is the message:


Tell companies who need workers to find legal immigrants or pay someone enough to live on and they will have all the workers they want. We will all be saving millions of tax dollars so who cares if a hamburger cost an extra 50 cents or a tomato costs an extra dime? Stop coddling illegal criminals and bleeding heart liberal who want them here buy everyone else to pay for it.

One more thing...

Illegal immigrants pay into social security and never get any of it out. This is just one of the many ways that the US makes money off of and that citizens benefit from illegal immigration.


The problem isn't just with the illegals. The problem is with our gutless federal government that can't muster the will to enforce the law. Far, far more applicants for legal visas should be processed and approved expeditiously, and the border should be patrolled diligently and violators punished. As it is, we can hardly blame some illegals. They can see that they would have to wait many years to come here to work legally, while their neighbors, good and bad alike, cross the border illegally and go unpunished.

Don't care...

if illegals "add" or "take away" from the economy. Don't care if they are "good people." Don't care if their families are broken up.

They are ILLEGAL. Period. End of story. No discussion.


We need a guest worker program- a way to legally allow non-citizens who want to work at undesirable jobs citizens don't want. It would go a long way to stop the exploitation of illegals, allow them to participate in legal society, pay taxes and feel like they can cooperate with law enforcement. Now, we have otherwise honest people afraid to report crime because they fear they would be targeted for deportation.

I lived along the border in Texas and Arizona and saw the sacrifices people made to give their families a better life. I didn't see a lazy, free-loader in the bunch. They work a lot harder every day than I have in my life. If I were in their shoes you'd better believe I'd do anything I could to come here. Count your blessings that you were born here and not there and quit judging people you don't understand.

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