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Published: Thursday, Aug. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We were born in this country and when we first moved to Utah we applied for Housing(Subsidized and Sec. 8) We were told that there would be a year to 18 month waiting list. Good hopefully we will not end up needing it. We called after the first year of waiting, it would be about 6 months. More than 6 months past called again to see how much longer we had to wait. Another year at least. They ran out of funds. Okay then why is it that the interperter for our military from Iran was immediately given(he was invited) housing - no wait at all. Seems this happens to a lot of those who come to this country especially when they are here uninvited but yet those who are born here and white are treated more like second class citizens and as though they are the illegals.

Also why is it that those of us who only speak english can't get a job but those who only speak spanish can? I have several neighbors who have homemakers and they speak little to no english. I would demand someone who only spoke English.


USA cannot afford Illegals. They need to pack their bags and go home! We also cannot afford the crime they bring here. So nice little law breakers and leave before you are forced.


Let's think why illegal immigrants come here, because people keep hiring them to work. I'm Latino, I talk to people all the time about this.

Social Security doesn't work anymore, it is so easy to get fake SS cards, that have real SS numbers on them. SS is how everything is tracked in this country, it has been so abused that it is an inaccurate way to track anything (the number of illegal immigrants in this country is proof of that).

I don't like being discriminated against because I speak Spanish, but with all the problems immigration has caused, I understand where people are coming from. I'm all about people bettering their lives, but there are laws that need to be followed. Hopefully this great country takes huge steps to solve these problems before its too late.


That was before it was a FELONY to come to the country illegally. That's the crazy thing about this country; we establish laws to help curb inappropriate behavior. Don't apply that time and situation to the current time -- Apples to Oranges!!


One is not a person of good will if they break our laws to be able to live here. They do not contribute to society when they are enjoying health care and schooling that we pay for.


If they want to be here, then they should do it legally if not they have norights at all then they broke our laws ,. Let them be punished according to our laws.DO NOT reward them with jobs wefare or any other benefis, when you do they laugh at us .and call us stupid AMERICANS. I have heard this first hand.

Re: Duncan Idaho | 9:34

Your right. We should stop watching the news so we won't know about the crimes illegals are committing. If we ignore the problem it will go away.

Most of the illegals are not poor fathers coming over to work hard to support their families. Most are criminals and come over hear and milk us poor blind fools dry and committ violent crimes in the process.

The Deuce

I am one of those people who were hit by a car driven by an illegal who did not have a driver's licence or insurance. Their fault and my insurance paid to replace my car that was totaled. While I am in favor of a guest worker program, I am not in favor of individuals coming into the US illegaly. In Utah, the LDS Church has contributed to this by allowing illegal immigrants to be baptized members and then side-step honesty questions in order to attend the temple. True, these are all people who for the most part are trying to improve their lives. But, we are seeing an increase in crime and pressure on our welfare system and healthcare system. This has to stop and stop now. Until we have restructured the immigration laws, we need to enforce the ones we have now. Yes, we need to go after both employers and individuals who have broken the law. These people have accepted the risk associated with coming into this country illegaly. It is not the fault of law enforcement when they enforce the law. It's time to saddle up the horses and ride.


People are tired of crimes being committed against them and their families by illegal aliens. You call that racism? Far too many illegals bring crime, drugs, and gangs that kill seven year olds to our communities. People are tired of this and YOU call that racism. Get a clue on what racism is.


My ancestors came to this country speaking English 300 years ago. So why are there now people working here we cannot understand their mixed (NOT TRUE SPANISH) language? It's hard to us sign language with these illegals who do not know how to speak English. I'm quit fed-up the way things are going. I truly wished these people would clime back underneath the same fences in which they came here and leave.

Unemployed Housewives

Then who will do the jobs the illegals are doing? Unemployed housewives of Utah lawmakers? Yeah, right. I'm sure they're too busy hanging out at the mall and gossiping on their cell phones to actually get a strenuous job.

We benefit from the labor of illegals, yet we put them down. That's intelligent. Kick them out of the state, and who makes up for that lost production and tax revenue, because they add to both. Are lawmakers prepared to jack up our taxes if they kick out illegals workers and the taxes they pay?


I just can't believe the comments that I read here. It seems that most of you need a lesson in history. How about the CIA sponsored coup in Guatemala in the 50's and then 80's. Thousands of people died, and lots of them had to flee to ... the U.S. Nicaragua? Same story, first in the 20's then in the 80's. Do you remember the Contra scandal that "our local hero" Reagan backed up? Yup, that was Nicaragua in the 80's. People fleeing from Nicaragua to a safer place after our valiant ambassador in Honduras (Negroponte by the way) supplied the Contras from Honduras. How about Chile in the 70's? Another coup sponsored by our tax money; thousands killed and a military dictatorship imposed. Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panam (how to forget that one), all of these countries have suffered the anger of a foreign policy that doesn't allow for independent DEMOCRACIES to work according to the mandate of the people. Mexico is the prime example: NAFTA, and years of ransacking the country by transnational companies in agreement with the local government. Accepting immigrants is a bill that we owe that needs to be paid.


Your rants (by posters here and by politicians in Park City) about illegal immigrants refer to an 80% latino population, anyone with a brain concludes that your rants are racist. Stop resting on your phrase about the "rule of law" and recognize and admit your racist rants. The "illegal" immigration "problem" will be eliminated by a stroke of the pen of the US congress / administration.

Time to get to know your new neighbors, and stop hating them so rabidly. Time for our gov't leaders to spend more time organizing a better education effort for immigrants (and all students), spend more time speaking out for more tolerance. Our legislative nerds who quote the present bad law need a dose of reality - the existing law needs to be changed. Put your energy and effort into updating and fixing, instead of propping up a bad law.


So if I went to Mexico illegally, took a job using forged or stolen papers, and allowed the state to pay for all the medical needs of me and my family, do you honestly think for one SECOND the Mexican government wouldn't throw my butt in jail? I doubt they would just send me home to cross back into their country illegally again. We need to take a much harder line on these law breakers. Yes, they are people....people who don't care about breaking the laws.


I love all people, no matter what a person has done (Good or bad) there is something good about them, and somewhere to start to build a friendship with them. With that said, an illegal alien is that, a good person to some degree who shouldn't be here! They came here wrongfully. It doesn't matter whether they are Mexican, or Canadian, or European, or African, Asian or from Mars, they didn't enter the country Legally or have overextended their "Welcome" by not leaving when they were supposed too. HOW CAN THEY BE WELCOME no matter how nice they are are? They broke a law and must face the consequences, GO BACK HOME AND COME BACK LEGALLY! I get a kick out of everyone who complains when there is a "Raid" or something, the fact is, they shouldn't be here, and they won't turn themselves in. WE HAVE TO CATCH THESE PEOPLE AND SEND THEM BACK! No Amnesty, just go! Poor family, the dad was abducted by the government now they don't have a dad, he was deported! Well fix it, go to the Holding center and go back with HIM! SELFISH FAMILY lets him go back alone! Some Family?

It's a Little Late . . .

Sorry, folks, but "illegal" immigrants founded the United States of America and fostered its expansion, mostly destroying the political, governmental, and cultural systems of the land's previous inhabitants. Think what you want about whether this was divine destiny, or whatever, but it is a fact.

Does this mean we should go back in the "time machine" and start over? No.

Does it mean we, today, are responsible for the acts of our forefathers? No.

Does it mean we we should disregard our laws or the rule of law in our nation? No.

Does it mean that bleeding-heart liberals have all the answers on immigration? No.

Does it mean we should learn something from history, show some compassion, and come up with a legal approach to immigration that fosters a humane attitude towards people, families, and their lives? It does to me.

It's just too easy to say, "they're illegal, they're illegal, hang tough, throw them out. . . " etc.

Complex problems require a thoughtful response, and heaven knows this one is complicated.

DCS on foreign invaders

Like it or not this is a continual invasion of our country encouraged by an inept and horribly corrupt Mexican government that thumbs it's nose at the U.S. while demanding that Americans atone for their sins. American politicians will nonetheless continue to pander for the Mexican vote and ignore the pending disaster. Most Mexicans I know are among the most agreeable, hard-working and family-oriented people I know but their political culture has produced little if anything good. If we do not drastically reduce the flow of immigrants from failed societies we will soon inherit their political cultures and values rather than assimilating them into ours. The American southwest will effectively return to Mexico.

Gus in so Cal

If you've been watching the news, you've probably heard that california has a $15 Billion dollar deficit this year. Los Angeles and Orange Counties have fired countless teachers so that the student teacher ratio is increasing from 25:1 to 33:1. 20,000 state employees had their pay reduced to minimum wage, which ends up being $266/week after taxes and benefits. These aren't rich business owners who are suffering, these are poorly paid state workers, teachers, and children.

Among other government waste, a huge part of the california deficit is due to the $10 billion per year that goes to fund welfare, healthcare, and education for illegal immigrants. I know that it's a sensitive issue because we are dealing with human beings, but if we don't take a stand now and enforce the law, the general condition of our communities will continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate and our debts will only increase.

Re: CougarKeith

Your comments really show how out of touch with reality and racist many from your University (who I've personally met) are.

True legal American

Gee, I don't need any illegal doing my yard work. I find it nice to do it myself. It's very good excise and gives me extra savings.

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